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Cruickshank, Amber-Lee age 2 10/17/92; New Zealand
Topic Started: Sep 27 2008, 09:19 PM (1,834 Views)
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Tuesday, 16 October 2007
Amber-Lee Cruickshank Dead or Alive?

After saying in last week's Jayne Furlong recap that the first half hour of Sensing Murder is tres boring, Miss Prozac was excited to find that tonight’s episode of Sensing Murder, A Mother's Worst Nightmare, kicked off with predictions that stated that a clairvoyant provided advance warnings that the family, and in particular the daughter, was facing danger.

Nikki Cruickshank (click here to read about latest drug charges) lost her daughter Amber-Lee on October 17, 1992. Nikki, partner James and children moved to Kingston at the southern tip of Lake Wakatipu in the hopes of starting a new life and turning their backs on drugs and a turbulent home life and constant fighting.

Psychic Warning?
Prior to moving they received information from a clairvoyant that they would have car trouble, that the letter K is significant, that Nikki’s partner James would break his arm and gave warnings to watch her little girl.

James did break his arm, and the letter K became very significant when Amber-Lee went missing from Kingston. Intriguing. Miss Prozac wonders why this gem of a psychic was not contacted as s/he sounds amazing.

Amber-Lee goes missing
The family and friends had a good old kiwi barbeque by the Lake for dinner and then took Amber-Lee for a ride on a boat after dinner. There was a lot of activity, cleaning up the housebus and beach, and hunting for drugs. As it is explained to us everyone’s attention was divided and each thought someone else was minding the three children.

In what can only be a move that she would later regret, Nikki goes back on her promise to turn her back on drugs and was picking wild poppies in the hopes of scoring drugs. Partner James came out to talk with her, and see how the drug score was coming. At this point they suddenly realise no one is watching Amber-Lee and start calling for her. Miss Prozac was very impressed with Nikki’s openness in fully disclosing the circumstances of the disappearance. This must be heartbreaking for her.

Nikki raises the alarm about 45 minutes after Amber-Lee was last sighted. Family and friends swing into action and start hunting for Amber-Lee. At around 9pm they contacted the police who organised further searching. Kingston is a small area and Nikki had high hopes her daughter would be found.

When the search team couldn’t find her, the police thought she may have drowned, but mother Nikki was adamant that she wasn’t comfortable with water and unlikely to be in there. Police explored many possibilities including abduction, hit and run, being lost or drowned. Police divers checked the lake and ruled out drowning. There was one person that they were suspicious of, but could find no evidence linking Amber-Lee’s disappearance.

Police believe they are dealing with an unsolved murder, but Nikki is convinced her little girl is alive somewhere, and hopes that she is living a happy life.

Psychic reading
Tonight ‘psychic detectives’ Kelvin Cruickshank (who is not related to mother Nikki) and Deb Webber start with a downturned photograph and both say they are getting female energy, probably a child. This phase is observed by a retired detective who worked the case (His feedback is at the bottom of this post).

Deb comes up with letters and forms the name Amber. Later comes up with Lee and the name Amber-Lee. She picks up on her favourite toy, a pink bike. Kelvin says the name Cruickshank is coming strong and that her name is the same as his. He also picks up that she is one of three children.

Deb says she feels Amber-Lee being taken away from her mother and has picked up that the mother was out of it on drugs a lot of the time. Both sense that Amber-Lee’s biological father is not around (they split when Amber-Lee was a baby) and pick her age as 2½ years.

Deb picks up that Nikki wasn’t watching Amber-Lee at the time she disappeared, although this is probably obvious.

Deb and Kelvin feels she was grabbed or abducted and not returned. Police considered this possibility but could not see how this could have happened.

Kelvin believes she was scooped up from under everyone’s nose. He says she did not wander off. Both believe she was taken by someone she knew and was covered in the vehicle which they describe as an older van or 4 wheel drive.

Both feel that she has a sore or broken neck or a pain at the back of the head. Kelvin says her passing was swift and she didn’t suffer.

Kelvin says the person who took her was on drugs or chemicals and can also smell cigarette smoke. Deb sees jeans and a winter jacket, a youngish man of around 5’8” or 5’9”. They both feel Amber-Lee was taken for a reason connected to someone else in the house. Kelvin says it is some sort of payback.

Kelvin is convinced there is some sort of family history provoking this payback, possibly hurting the family because of something the father did, although it’s not clear if this is the biological father or Nikki’s partner. He believes it is a vendetta against the family.

Psychic Numerologist
A psychic numerologist is consulted. This is a new one on Miss Prozac. She has heard of numerologists. These are people that reduce dates, names and places to numbers and analyse them. After frenzied googling it turns out that a psychic applies their intuition or psychic skills to the resulting numbers.

Australian Scott Russell Hill was apparently so traumatised by the last case he investigated that he quit working murder investigations and asks to do the reading from the safety of his home.

Based solely on her date of birth he suggests that she was abducted and believes the culprit is a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and is familiar or known to the mother. He is a married man, who is fit, athletic and strong, but also grows dope and is involved in drugs. He is convinced that it is someone who knows Amber-Lee and the mother, and is aged late 30s to early 40s.

Kelvin confronts the mother
Kelvin tells Nikki that the abductor/murderer is someone she knows and it may be someone that she ripped off or did a bad deal with who wants revenge. He asks her to search her memory for who it may be. Nikki asks if it is someone with facial hair and Kelvin says he may have a moustache.

Nikki wants to know how he can be certain that she is ‘on the other side’. Kelvin tells her that she was strangled and died quickly without being sexually insulted. Amazingly he says some pretty blunt stuff but manages to sound sensitive at the same time. That’s quite a talent.

The follow-up investigation
As usual Duncan Holland investigates the leads provided by the psychics. According to Duncan, Nikki had already raised the possibility that she may have upset someone who had taken revenge. A few days after her discussion with Kelvin, Nikki recalled that there had been a major falling out with someone that they grew mary-jane with. He accused them of stealing the plants from the plot only a few days before they left for Kingston.

Duncan says the man is a Sagittarian who drove a 4 wheel drive, and was in his late 30s at the time of the abduction. Each of the details match the man that Nikki and James had the falling out with including the letter K which is the first initial of one of this man’s names. The height, age, physical description and smell of ciggies on the man all match.

Duncan’s investigations reveal that the man travelled out of town at the same period that Amber-Lee was abducted and has never been interviewed by the police. This information has now been passed on to the police.

This appears to be the most promising investigation to date with a promising lead coughed up by Nikki after prompting from Kelvin.

If you have any relevant information contact:
Det Sgt John Kean
Invercargill Police
Ph 03 211 0400

There was no feedback from the detectives currently handling this case but, retired Detective Senior Sergeant Warwick Walker, who sat in on both readings, stated that both psychics independently gave the same readings.

He went on to say that both psychics mentioned that Amber-Lee abducted from behind the house, put in the front seat and covered with something. Both said he had dark hair and an association with hunting. This was something that police had previously investigated. He did not comment on the new leads that came about a few days after the psychics did their readings, and Duncan Holland's team investigated the man who argued with Nikki and James.

It would have been great at this point to get comment from both the retired police detective and the current team investigating the murder/disappearance.

The fine print:
This is an entertainment and gossip site written by several independent authors.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~Edmund Burke
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Sunday, 21 October 2007
Police Pursue Sensing Murder Psychic Clues

Could Sensing Murder soon have its first solved crime?

This week's investigation into the disappearance of Amber-Lee Cruickshank provided some concrete leads into Amber-Lee's disappearance and presumed murder. After prompting from psychic Kelvin Cruickshank (no relation to Amber-Lee) that Amber-Lee was snatched in retribution for a drug deal gone bad or someone feeling that they had been ripped off by mother Nicky and her partner James, Nicky recalled an incident that occurred in the weeks before the family relocated to Kingston. James and Nicky had a fight with the co-owner of a cannibas patch who believed that they had stolen the crop and cheated him out of money.

The Southland Times report that police are following up leads produced by the Sensing Murder program including the leads provided by Nicky and the psychics. These leads were followed up by a team of private investigators and passed on to the police. Additional information was also provided by the public - at 18th October the police had received six calls from members of the public offering information.

The head of the investigation into the disappearance of toddler Amber-Lee Cruickshank is hopeful fresh leads will unlock a case he has described as the most baffling of his career.

Detective Sergeant John Kean, of Winton CIB, yesterday said police were following up on information after Amber-Lee's disappearance was the subject of TV2 programme Sensing Murder on Tuesday night.

Mr Kean said the psychics had identified a person of interest in their terms and police would treat that as another line of inquiry.

"We're always hopeful that we'll get that piece of information that will lead to her (Amber-Lee) or find the person or persons responsible for her disappearance." Police were still looking at the information garnered from the show and resulting calls to Invercargill from people who saw the programme, he said.

"I can't say if it's anything of significance at this stage," Mr Kean said.

There is now optimism that the police may solve this disappearance. Amber-Lee's grandfather Denis Cruickshank told The Southland Times he was "almost certain" the case would be solved. We'll keep our fingers crossed for Amber-Lee, but after all these years it may be difficult to find sufficient evidence to make arrests.
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All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~Edmund Burke
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Mother of missing Amber-Lee on P charges
| Friday, 26 October 2007

A Christchurch woman facing charges of producing methamphetamine is the mother of a child who went missing in 1992.

Nikki Cruickshank, 39, has appeared in Christchurch District Court charged with producing P and will reappear next month.

Two-year-old Amber-Lee Cruickshank went missing from Kingston, near Queenstown, in 1992. Her body was not found, and no-one has been charged over her disappearance.

Her mother was arrested three days after featuring on TVNZ programme Sensing Murder, in which two psychics tried to solve the mystery of Amber-Lee's disappearance.

The psychics identified a new suspect whom Invercargill police say is a lead they are now following up.

Christchurch police say Cruickshank is the first woman in Canterbury to face charges of being a "meth cook".

The charges relate to an incident at her home the day after the show was broadcast

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~Edmund Burke
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