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Why's the Rum Always Gone? [Ylanna]; Summer 1268 - Late Afternoon [Pre-Fort]
Topic Started: Aug 12 2017, 08:56 PM (62 Views)
Mother of Whers

Eana had spent much of her first sevenday at the Weyr in varying stages of unconsciousness. Sleep and time healed all wounds, but she suspected that the healers might have kept her under fellis just to shut her up. Awake, she was restless, distrustful, disrespectful. Survival was guaranteed here, safe in Vaioa Weyr's infirmary. She no longer needed to curb her tongue around these people. Especially when they tried to deny her her lifeblood. Waking from her nap, that was the first thing to come to mind. Thirst. Licking her lips, the cheap guard gingerly sat up, holding her breath as her broken ribs twinged. Three of them snapped by the Gray's fall, and she'd been lucky, according to the healers, to have all of her organs intact. Apparently, surviving a fall with a runnerbeast wasn't exactly common. Or maybe those raised in stable homes were just weak as all shards.

The infirmary was quiet beyond the curtains around her cot. Healers all at lunch, then? It seemed the perfect time to try and root around for something good to drink. Maybe she could run--metaphorically--to the dining hall and back before anyone caught her. The fact that they continuously kept trying to catch her would have been laughable...if their success record wasn't so high. Every time Eana wanted to try and get out for a bit, these people inevitably forced her back into bed. In her state, fighting them only led to intense chest pain and headaches. Fardle 'em. Can't catch me now. She felt good this afternoon, besides her sharding thirst and the subtle aches in her broken ribs and leg. A good omen. She reached for her crutches, standing gingerly, and hobbled to the small chest where her belongings were. Someone had been nice enough to wash her dirty travelling clothes, and...were they folded on top of her pack? Eana snorted, struggling into the pants, giving up entirely when the left leg kept getting stuck around her cast. Pants were stupid anyway. Underwear was more than fine. She had more success with the shirt, though buttoning it was a pain, and she gave up after enough to keep it shut.

Barefoot but triumphant, the guard took up her crutches again and peeked out through a gap in the curtains. It looked like the coast was clear. Time to get rolling. With only a fraction of her normal stealth, crutches clattering staccato-like on the stone floor, she hurried as best as she could towards the infirmary doors. It hurt, more and more with every step. Her ribs did not agree with this sort of movement, and her head. There was nothing good about concussions, nothing at all. Worth it. It'll all be worth it, you fecking puss. Just keep going. It looked like she was in some sort of storage area now, and she slowed so that the clacking of her crutches would soften. Most of the doors were shut, but she wouldn't take any chances when it came to freedom.

Unfortunately, her slowness was her undoing. A shape approached from the doors at the end of the wide aisle, and Eana stifled a groan. Even a raised holdless knew knots, and this woman was a sharding journeywoman. An apprentice she could have fooled, but the real healers knew better. Kill me... When in doubt, lay on the charm. If this little healer lady played the right team, she'd get flustered. If not, she'd get embarrassed and want to get far away. "Hey there, pretty thing. Just passing through. Enjoying the weather." She flashed her a crooked smirk, eye glinting as she looked her over. Nothing like a good ogling to make someone uncomfortable enough to leave her alone. She is pretty. Maybe she should invite her to come along...

"Wanna help lil' ol' me get a lil' ol' bit of rum?"

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Ylanna, preoccupied with taking inventory for the day, noticed neither the passage of time nor the general departure of most of the healers for the midday break. Only when she finally stood from the cold stone floor and registered the ache in her body that usually accompanied sitting on the hard ground for extended periods did she realize how much time had passed.

Well, at least this is all done, she thought with some satisfaction, stretching and ignoring the twinges it elicited. I suppose I should go get some food, while I have time... It would do her no good to earn a reprimand for returning late.

Ylanna returned the wax tablet to the desk at the station and turned to head out, but a noise distracted her.

Clack.... clack... clack.

For a moment, Ylanna stood, unable to place the particular sound without further context. She was not naturally curious, by any means, and yet... she couldn't help but check it before she went. She would hate to leave the Infirmary in a state of disarray, so it was worth checking things out.


Ylanna crossed her arms as the source of the noise became immediately obvious. This patient-- Ylanna didn't know her name-- had been brought in recently and she had a serious set of injuries, among the more serious that Ylanna had seen since her first days as an apprentice. It so happened that Ylanna had apparently caught her red-handed, trying to sneak out.

Wanna help lil' ol' me get a lil' ol' bit of rum?

It wasn't that Ylanna had trouble being assertive over patients exactly... it's just that it was much easier to be assertive over ones who were unconscious. Telling a patient no and looking them in the eyes while she did so? That would probably be considered a professional weakness.

Add to this the fact that the patient had just sized her up, probably to try and fight her if she refused, didn't reassure Ylanna one bit.

"You're really not meant to be out of bed right now, you know." Ylanna crossed one ankle behind the other, eyeing Eana warily. For the first week they'd brought her in and cared for her, she had reeked of alcohol, the smell seeming to come from every pore on the woman's body. It had quickly become apparent that the girl was an addict, although at least it wasn't to fellis or something truly horrible. Still, Ylanna could neither condone nor support the habit. "You're still on the mend, and you should only be walking during supervised therapy sessions."

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