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Gather 'Round [Iron Squad]; Winter 1267, Sundown
Topic Started: Jan 6 2017, 10:24 AM (348 Views)
Mother of Whers
I'm out of my league.

Yup. Mask lounged indolently behind her, eyes heavy-lidded. The main commons of the wherhandler quarters was big enough to allow the whers to gather without many territorial quarrels, but Malaika still kept her bronze firmly in check. His presence was necessary, if the squad decided that two former wherless with rebonded rogues wouldn't do as officers. But hopefully it wouldn't come to intimidation tactics. Relax. Mask no pick weak handler. Puff grow pair.

You didn't pick me at all, Bubbly Pie. The familiar banter calmed Malaika's nerves, as she was sure Mask had planned all along. She sighed and ran a finger over the fang in the hilt of her belt knife. Malaika of blue Malaikask might have been officer material. Brave, strong, in her prime. Mal of bronze Mask... Still riddled with anxiety and apathy. Beastcrafter turned healer turned officer. Twice a wherling. Coward. You've fought a feline hand-to-claw and lived. You managed to win over and Blood the largest and most vicious of Terema's whers. You survived. Squaring her shoulders, one of which bore the weight of a pale brown firelizard, Mal cast a glance at her weyrmate, who was leaning back against the wall to her side. Eya nodded encouragingly.

"Time to call them, Bubbly," she drawled, the picture of borderline-insolent indifference. Mask grunted, and gave her adequate warning to brace herself before his deep, thunderous roar reverberated through the wher barracks.

Oh Ironnnnn. Get forks to commons, he sing-songed in his deep, growling voice.

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Strange Bird
Zoruda had known, theoretically, that her co-leader wanted a meeting with the entire squadron. She had, theoretically, encouraged the idea. When the actual call came (accompanied by an earth-rumbling roar, no less), however, she found herself groaning as she laid her head on her desk amongst piles of hides--several of them from Crom. Zorusk lifted his heavy head from where he lay in the corner of the room, eyes whirling several different colors as he eyed his handler, looking for cues. She felt her gaze on him, saw herself fleetingly through his eyes, and let out a deep sigh.

From former wherhandler and trainer at Crom to leader of a wher squadron in Vaioa proper... it was an adjustment, and one she was not entirely sure she was glad to have made. Who else could have begun working with the former rogue bronze? Who else could have turned the snappy, timid creature into a proper working wher? She let out a deep sigh, rubbing at her temples--where her hair was now even more grey than it had been when she'd first arrived at the Weyrhold--and slowly pushed herself up.

"Come, Zorusk," she beckoned. The wher was on his feet and at her side in moments, obediently coming to stand with his shoulder even with her hip.

We go? He looked at her with softly whirling green eyes, and she nodded to him before moving in her usual smart, trim stride down toward the commons. He followed about two paces behind her, large body slung low and head close to the ground. They spoke little, but shared much; it was one of the things that had begun to sway him toward her. He did not need the confusion of words when they shared a bond and body signals.

Zoruda saluted to Malaika when she entered, barely registering the other occupants as she moved to stand by the other leader of Iron Squadron. Zorusk sat beside her, curling his thick tail around his paws as he watched, gargoyle-like, for others to come and join them.

"Hello, Malaika," Zoruda offered after a moment of awkward silence. She still wasn't entirely used to dealing with... these people, after all. Why they had chosen her to lead one of their squadrons, save for her many turns of experience with the beasts, was still beyond her grasp...

"Fine day for a meeting," she added feebly, attempting to sound at least slightly more sociable. Zorusk, for his part, said nothing.
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Nira was antsy when the call came. Granted, these days she rarely felt otherwise, but to have Nirask’s twist of emotion echo in the wake of the roar gave her pause. She glanced over at the wher, curled tight upon his bedding, eyes half obscured by the cant of his head and the meat of his shoulder. There was some flicker of colour there, gone too fast to be certain, and she found herself mimicking the angle of his head as she considered it. Wariness? That was the standby with the brown, even after working with him for so long, and a safe bet if not entirely complete. He rarely let her feel much of his state. Could be something more, of course, but she didn’t try to pry.

As far as Mask was concerned, she found herself in agreement, anyways. The bronze was uniquely unsettling in size and personality.

Twirling the brush she’d been using to comb Marva’s fur almost idly, she carefully turned her attention away from the brown. The greying canine wriggled, glancing back at her, and she smiled as she did for no one else at the pleading look in her eyes. “That’s all for now, I think. Duty calls and all. C’mon, up you get.”

It hadn’t really been calming her down anyways, she mused wryly. Not as she’d hoped, anyways. Dusting fur from her clothes and kicking fluffballs to one side to take care of later, she retrieved her belt and fastidiously arranged her meager weapons. This sounded rather more important an occasion than simple patrols schedules, if Malaika had Mask startling half the hold for it. Much as she disliked the things, it would be better to be seen with them. Be seen together, for that matter. Pretending indifference, she considered the wher from the corner of her eye as she moved, knowing full well he did just the same.

Nirask wasn’t fond of orders, and she hated to see him shrink under them. After a moment, she settled on making it a suggestion. That usually worked better. “Well. Coming?”

The sharpness of her tone earned her the slightest acknowledgement, but no more. The brown was considering it, almost unmoving. She ran a hand over Marva’s head and sighed, pointedly, staring. A suggestion that was not a suggestion, anymore. He knew sharding well how it would look if she walked out there alone. It would hurt them both, and she hadn’t the patience for this game today.

Eventually, soundlessly, Nirask stood and paced to her side. He was larger now, a better diet filling out his scrawny frame, but he had never quite lost the knack of somehow appearing far smaller- even if their gazes were on the level, when he bothered to stand straight. She brushed a hand over his scar-speckled rump, light and apologetic for forcing the issue, and led them out into the corridor. Thus flanked she joined the rest of the troop, nodding in acknowledgement to their fellows and the officers standing to the front, and retreated to one side where she might both still see and allow the brown some semblance of security by way of the nearby doorway. Marva, upon a gesture, immediately flopped down as Nirask stood, hunched, watchful, at her back.

That he noticed their position was evident in how he stood; whether he appreciated it she couldn’t be certain. His mind was walled from hers. It would have to do. She turned her attention on the women, face carefully schooled to a neutral expression. Would this be good news or bad? Oh Faranth. Please let it not be orders to go South.
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Mother of Whers
Don't. Even. Think about it, Mask. Malaika adopted the sternest tone she could, the tone that Eya had taught her. She didn't even use a nickname, letting him know that she meant business. And she did. The bronze had curled his lip in thinly-veiled disgust when Zorusk had appeared, trailing behind Zoruda. In his eyes, the other bronze's submission was the most disgusting sort of weakness, and he could just barely refrain from snapping with some smart remark. You're not starting fights today, or so help me, you'll regret it. Long gone were the days where culling Mask had been an option, but she had learned that refusing him her own company was an equally fitting punishment. The bronze had grown fond of her, and she knew how bored he got without having her around to needle.

Sure enough, her bronze behemoth lowered his lip and glared sullenly at her. Good kind Mask never say bad about Zorusk. Zorusk sooo strong, so... He cut himself off at her glare, and turned to Esk, who snorted.

Pest. "Zoruda. Zorusk." Malaika nodded curtly to her fellow officer, but her tone gentled some when she greeted Zorusk. "Hopefully we won't have any issues with the squad." Hopefully they don't have issues with people like us leading them. Another annoyed flicker of thought from Mask made her look up, and she greeted the squad members as they filed in. Nira and Nirask were among the last to come in, the brown earning another disgusted look from Mask. Again, Malaika checked the bronze, who sat up straight, towering even with his insolently-slouched posture. "Nira. Nirask, thank you for joining us." Another of the whers who hadn't recovered completely. With time, he will. Until then, they could only treat him well and hope.

Everyone had arrived. It was time to get started, and her palms were already sweating. Viseris was among them; she gave her best friend a slight nod. Mask growled once, effectively silencing the room, and she fought the urge to give him an irritated look. We don't need to sharding scare them, Bubbles. Clearing her throat, she gripped the hilt of her knife as a form of reassurance. "Alright, y'all. I really just want to touch base this meeting, see where everyone's at, what y'all have been doing since the Troop was reorganized." Since we lost our purpose in the North. "It's important to remind the Weyr and the Holds that we do still have a use. Patrols are fine and all, but I think that it might be...prudent, for our former warriors to find a new niche." Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Eya's approving nod, and her chest swelled with pride.

"Thrice-weekly fighting drills will still be held to keep everyone in practice, but I want to encourage y'all to look into something else as well. Could be joining the guard, or a craft. Eya has been working with the guard force since coming here, and I know that there are a few healers among us." She nodded to Carissa. "In fact, I'm especially interested in seeing if we can get more wherhealers. The dragonhealers at the Weyr are good at what they do, but specialized medics for the Troop would be even better. Hopefully, there will never be another mass bandit threat, but we work a rough job. Accidents happen."

Mask impressed. Puff not stutter and cower like little she-dog. Think maybe actually good for officer thing. Or not. Might still fail. There was a twinkle in Mask's eye.

Your support means the world, Bubbly Pie. Smirking, Malaika looked over to Zoruda. "Anything to add, Officer?"

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