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[Oneshot] Recruitment; Winter 1267, Evening
Topic Started: Jan 4 2017, 05:13 PM (228 Views)
Mother of Whers
"Deklan, son, go get some rest." The kindly-meant words needed to be bellowed over the ringing of the hammer and anvil. Deklan paused mid-swing, glancing down at the senior journeyman. Cinyru gazed back at him sternly, and he sighed, setting his hammer aside. The older journeyman grunted and reached up to clap his shoulder. "Before you go, I want to talk to you." He used the tone that he'd often used during Deklan's apprenticeship, and even now, the big man felt obligated to obey. Offering up a nervous sort of smile, he nodded and set to work cleaning up his work station. Cinyru's eyes bored into him the whole time, and the senior journeyman didn't wait to keep talking. "Yurick and Yurisk are transferring South."

Deklan's brow furrowed, but he didn't look up from carefully organizing and hanging his tools. His first response was: Why're you tellin' me? He didn't voice the question. Cinryu was a man of great patience, but he didn't like to be interrupted. Deklan knew everything would be explained when the older man wanted to explain them. Sure enough, Cinryu went on, "I talked to the other journeymen and the master, and we decided you'd be fit to replace him. If you want. The wher officers'll want to interview you, but we've all prepared recommendations. You're almost guaranteed to be accepted."

And there it was. Deklan dropped the pair of tongs he'd been holding and fumbled to pick them up, hanging them securely before turning around. Shock was written clear on his face. Never in his life had he showed much interest in whers. Why would they choose him? There were plenty of younger men, eager boys who'd never gotten to impress, miners who'd like to get out of the tunnels.... "Aren't there any better choices?"

Cinryu smiled, lines deepening in his face. Those lines had been there since Deklan could remember. "Whers aren't like dragons. Or so they say. They don't just listen to people. You're big, lad. Big enough to put one in his place if you need to. And you're good enough with that mutt of yours. Just think about it."

Whers aren't like dragons. Deklan rubbed his beard, smearing soot and grease over the stubbly hairs. As a boy, he'd been jealous of the boys who'd gotten Searched while he'd drudged away thanks to his bastard father. He'd never been Searched, and even if he had, why would he have gone? His mum had needed him. That envy had been forgotten, right up until he'd started spending time with Nasuth and E'na... Whers aren't like dragons... He'd seen Yurick and Yurisk, seen the big wher headbutt his handler with obvious affection. It's as good as I'd get.

"I'll think about it." After a pause, he quickly added, "If that's ok?"

Cinryu nodded, and he had a knowing look in his eyes. "Let me know by the end of next sevenday, son. Now go home. Take a bath. You look half dead."

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