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a desert triumvirate of Hold, Weyr, and Mine. Thread's return and bandit raiding brought strife between weyr and hold, but the bandits' recent defeat has returned the region to an uneasy peace. Now, a shipwreck on a forgotten continent and the decision to settle this rediscovered land has opened up a world of opportunity to Vaioa, if only they can handle the dangers.

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Other Weyrs of Pern; A Diplomacy Primer
Topic Started: Jul 31 2016, 10:37 PM (804 Views)
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The Celibate Scientist
Foreign Weyr Leadership


Fort Sr Weyrwoman
Lorissa, Gold Neliath

Fort Sr Weyrleader
Pi'rran, Bronze Venorth

Benden Sr Weyrwoman
Mirandre, Gold Selenith

Benden Sr Weyrleader
T'rent, Copper Ibelth

High Reaches Sr Weyrwoman
Tyrene, Gold Aymith

High Reaches Sr Weyrleader
K'ton, Bronze Rototh

Igen Sr Weyrwoman
Shaina, Gold Lorinth

Igen Sr Weyrleader
D'bar, Bronze Ospath

Ista Sr Weyrwoman
Katelin, Gold Yueth

Ista Sr Weyrleader
Z'lex, Bronze Alaskath

Telgar Sr Weyrwoman
Carenys, Garnet Essimath

Telgar Sr Weyrleader
R'noka, Bronze Grelth

Fort Weyr

It blew up, lol

Fort was Pernís first established Weyr, and they are as proud of their heritage as they are committed to their traditions. With age comes superiority, in the minds of many of their riders, and this is reflected in their homeís very construction: though knowledge of the tools has long since faded from Pernese memory, the original colonistsí plasma stonecutters were used to carve out the halls and chambers of this Weyr, making it vaster and more elegant than those that came later.

Fort's attitudes tend to be extremely conservative, and they maintain the belief that oneís rank is proportional to oneís worth. They adhere very strictly to traditional notions of Weyr hierarchy: not only are the queens and kings the only fit leaders, golds and bronzes are still considered to be more suited to these positions than garnets and berylliums. Riders of other colors are not seen as vital contributors to the Weyr, or at least not on an individual basis. Fort's current leaders are Lorissa of Gold Neliath, and Pi'rran of Bronze Venorth.

Benden is their strongest ally; their relationship with Vaioa, by contrast, is extremely antagonistic. Fort looks down on Vaioa as the newest and most unconventional of the Weyrs, and can be counted on to refuse their support for any of Vaioa's endeavors.

A recent source of tension has revolved around Brown Attikoth, who transferred from Vaioa Weyr to Fort in 1263. Shortly after his arrival there, he sired a clutch that produced several black and graphite dragons. Garnets, berylliums, and greys have become well-established in Weyr hierarchy, but these more novel mutations found that they were far from welcome in such a hidebound environment. The majority of that weyrling class - not only the blacks and graphites, but also the browns, bronzes, and copper that might have gone on to sire further clutches - were asked to leave after graduation. They were banished to Vaioa, and many of their other classmates elected to join them in a show of solidarity.


Benden Weyr

Benden considers itself to be above inter-Weyr politics, and historically their leaders have seen themselves as detached arbiters, helping to mediate whatever conflicts arise. The reality, of course, is that they are no different from any other Weyr, pursuing their own self-interests and courting alliances. For this reason, they have cultivated a reputation for being somewhat self-absorbed.

Benden tends towards conservative ideals, though they are less hidebound than their close allies at Fort Weyr. They do not consider a dragon's color to be indicative of its worth, and believe that all dragons and riders have something important to contribute to the Weyr.

Lately, however, relations between Benden and Fort have grown somewhat chilly. Beryllium Ibelth has won Gold Selenith's most recent Flight, securing the Weyrleadership for his rider T'rent. He currently serves alongside Selenith's Mirandre, and Fort has since withdrawn some of their typically very vocal support, considering the appointment of a copperrider to be a breach of the natural Weyr hierarchy. Nevertheless, Benden has fought to re-strengthen ties, as they consider Fort to be a crucial ally. They continue to put a great deal of effort into maintaining that connection, and their relationship with Vaioa, as a consequence, is fairly tepid.


High Reaches Weyr

High Reaches boasts the youngest Sr. Weyrwoman currently serving on Pern. Tyrene (b. 1248) was Searched out of Nabol Hold, and it was her Gold Aymith's maiden Flight that won her the senior position in 1265. Fortunately, Weyrleader K'ton of Bronze Rototh is twenty turns her senior, and has a considerable amount of experience under his belt.

Nevertheless, Tyrene has enacted some fairly significant changes during her tenure. She is determined to augment High Reaches' reputation, and has begun to mimic Fort, adopting their principles in an effort to earn their approval and achieve similar prestige for her Weyr. So far, K'ton has supported her efforts, and the Weyr is becoming increasingly conservative. Wingleaders are under pressure from their leadership to push the new agenda, and Tyrene herself is known to be extremely hidebound, frowning upon promiscuity and diverse sexuality in the Weyr. This may be a holdover from her upbringing at Nabol, but regardless, many feel that she is over-compensating in her efforts to strengthen ties with the more conservative Fort and Benden.

High Reaches can now be counted on to oppose any motion that Vaioa makes. While they do not have the entrenched disdain for Vaioa that Fort does, they nevertheless do not consider themselves to be on friendly terms with the Weyrhold.

The shift in attitude at High Reaches has not been a beneficial one to nonranking riders, who are increasingly seeking more welcome environments in Ista, Igen, Telgar, and Vaioa.


Igen Weyr

Benden may consider themselves to be above Weyr politics, but it is in fact Igen that has the greater claim to neutrality. Far from isolating themselves from conflict, however, they are instead extremely invested in 'playing nice' with others, and often go out of their way to help to settle any disputes that crop up. They are very forgiving of other Weyrs' faults, and as a result Igen can boast a genuinely good relationship with each of the other Weyrs. This charitable attitude extends to Crafthalls and Holds, as well.

Igen's policies are quite liberal. You might find a few conservative folks in the wings, but the prevailing attitude is that rank and color don't matter as much as the effort you put in, and hard work here is rewarded. Igen's current leaders are Shaina of Gold Lorinth, and D'bar of Bronze Ospath.

Igen has twice gifted clutches to Vaioa as a gesture of good faith. The first clutch was laid by Garnet Tuath, who was sent with her rider Marcha in 1257 following Rhyssone's promotion to Weyrwoman. More recently, in celebration of the founding of Cove Weyrhold, Morasil and gold Zhiarth traveled to the southern continent, where Zhiarth laid a clutch of 17 eggs.

However, tragedy struck in the form of a monstrous tunnelsnake, who crept into the half-constructed hatching grounds one night and laid waste to the clutch. The majority of Zhiarth's eggs were eaten or trampled, and though she was eventually able to fend off their attacker, the gold was mortally wounded in the fight. She lived to see the hatching of her four remaining eggs, but was lost between that very evening. Though Vaioa and Igen have long considered each other allies, the full diplomatic ramifications of this tragedy remain to be seen, but tensions between the two Weyrs are currently running high.


Ista Weyr

Vaioa's closest ally is Ista Weyr, currently under the leadership of Weyrwoman Katelin of Gold Yueth, and Weyrleader Z'lex of Bronze Alaskath. Ista's policies are forward-thinking and very progressive, and the color of a dragon's hide carries much less weight here than in more traditional settings.

Z'lex has come to be known as a firm but respected leader, commanding his Weyr with a heavier hand than most. He runs a tight ship, and Ista's mindset has become more militaristic as a consequence, though this has served them well in the Pass. Kate Impressed very young, and for years found herself ill-equipped to stand up to the more experienced leaders around her. Even now, she is reputed to be something of a pushover, but her good temper and nonjudgmental attitude help to balance Z'lex's stricter approach.

Though Ista can generally be relied on to support Vaioa, their leadership disapproves of current efforts to colonize the South, considering the expedition to be a waste of time. They are unlikely to ever develop an interest in the project, and have have no intention of contesting Vaioa's claim on the land.


Telgar Weyr

Carenys of Garnet Essimath and R'noka of Bronze Grelth are currently in command of Telgar Weyr. The former is in her late thirties and has over fifteen Turns of riding experience, though she did not achieve the Senior position until 1260.

However, despite her long tenure, Carenys - and Telgar as a whole - are looked down upon by the more conservative Weyrs. Fort in particular disapproves of Telgar almost as much as they do Vaioa. Though they continue to view Vaioa as the 'young upstart', Fort is scandalized to see a Garnet presiding as Sr. Weyrwoman when Telgar has a number of clutching golds occupying junior positions. As a result, Fort often refers to Carenys and Essimath as though they are newly appointed Seniors, even though they have served in the position for nearly a decade.

Consequently, Telgar considers themselves a tentative ally of Vaioa, if only because they share a common enemy. However, this relationship has yet to be explored in depth by either party.

For the most part, Telgar strikes a balance between conservative and progressive attitudes. They are less concerned with traditional notions of Weyr hierarchy than Fort and High Reaches, but they do have a somewhat stuffy attitude with regards to manners and decorum. They maintain a level of formality that has become downright unusual in the more liberal Weyrs.
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