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Threadfall 8: Sandy Bay; Coal Wing
Topic Started: Apr 14 2016, 11:17 PM (365 Views)
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Midway through Threadfall, Coal Wing appeared, rising up to take the place of the weary riders and dragons in Flint. They had done well, but even the largest blues and greens could not last through the whole fall, and Coal was fresh and rearing to go—Hellioth especially. She unleashed a roar when she first caught sight of Thread, a bellowed challenge that brought a thrill to Sh'ol's chest as he felt it rumble beneath him. He grinned against the wind.

First Threadfall of the turn! Let's show them how it's done, Hellioth!

No, I'm just going throw myself into the first clump I see. At odds with the sarcasm, Hellioth's voice was bright with excitement, and Sh'ol just laughed.

That's the spirit, he remarked ironically.

Following Ebylin's lead, Coal transitioned into place. Hellioth did throw herself toward the first clump she saw, but her jaws opened wide, releasing a burst of flame that charred the silvery menace to black in an instant.

A favorable start, Sh'ol thought, watching the skies above them carefully. The weather was decent—but he did notice the wind was higher that early forecasts had reported, and clouds were starting to blow in. With any luck, the good weather would hold. If it did not... well, he and Hellioth would deal with that when the time came.

((I know this is super late, but Coal Wing is up!))
O'zen : Bronze Lenth
Lowen : Beryllium Lerriloth
Jerund : Brown Jerusk
Hama : Green Hamask
Eevai : Garnet Iopeth
Sh'ol : Graphite Hellioth
Kh'sev : Grey Saiyeth
Bervaidi : Blue Bervask
Syrsha : Brown Kalayth
Rosinthew : Candidate
Khola : Weyrfolk
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The Viridian Mistress
K’dern had quickly grown to love flying with Coal wing. The maneuvers were quick and dangerous, using Chenth’s speed and agility in a way that flying with Granite hadn’t. It also seemed that a greenriding Wingleader was far less stuffy than the copperrider he had flown under before.

The hard part was coming in at the end of the fall, but there wasn’t much he could do about that. Chenth reared on her hind legs and might have knocked him out of his straps if he wasn’t used to her pre-fall antics. She gave a high pitched bugle and a breakneck takeoff as Ebylin signaled them into the fight.

He gave a cheeky wave to a Flint rider as Coal zipped into formation to replace the weary wing. Chenth surged toward a nasty clump of Thread and dispatched it, but K’dern quickly noticed the slight wobbling of her wings as the winds took their toll on her delicate silver body. Steady Chenth, that’s it.

Steady, my tailfork, the graphite snapped, calling out a Thread to one of her wingmates. Who needs steady when you have speed?

So it went, the fight with their ancient enemy as well as the teasing back-and-forth between dragon and rider. Neither could ignore the increasingly swift winds though, especially when an ill timed one nearly blew Chenth straight into a clump.

She righted herself with difficulty, craning her head back for another piece of firestone. Her eyes widened as they met her rider’s, a horrible screech coming from her mouth and a wild cry of K’DERN!

The momentary confusion is what hurt him in the end; if K’dern had understood what scared his dragon so he would have sent her instantly between and possibly escaped a score—instead he froze, Chenth’s panicked scream ringing in his mind until it hit him, literally and figuratively.

“Chenth!” he cried as the clump ate through his jacket almost instantly and seared into hs back. The graphite needed no further prompting and betweened on instinct, staying in the dark a second too long for her jump to have been perfect. It was on the count of five that they reemerged, too low and to the left of the rest of their wing. The left side of K’dern’s back, shoulder, and neck burned with an agony he’d never imagined, before it all went black once more.

They did not linger between this time, appearing above the Weyrbowl on the third breath as usual. Chenth dropped like a stone, landing too hard outside the infirmary and wincing at the impact.
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~*Candidate Mervi*~~*Candidate Cyaryn*~

~*Granite Wingrider G'ran and Brown Jairth*~~*Marble Wingrider Pi'ren and Blue Yorith*~~*Squall Wingrider Zinna and Green Telnith*~~*Apprentice Dragonhealer E'son and Green Eevith*~~*Miner Oreb and Blue Oresk*~~*Master Beastcrafter Cornelio*~
~*Weyrfolk Sonya*~~*Drudge Arlia*~

The sky's not the limit, 'cause there's footprints on the moon.[/align]
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