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a desert triumvirate of Hold, Weyr, and Mine. Thread's return and bandit raiding brought strife between weyr and hold, but the bandits' recent defeat has returned the region to an uneasy peace. Now, a shipwreck on a forgotten continent and the decision to settle this rediscovered land has opened up a world of opportunity to Vaioa, if only they can handle the dangers.

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Vaioa History
Topic Started: Jan 13 2010, 05:12 PM (5,671 Views)
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Founding History Timeline

0 -

  • Foundation of Pern.
8 -

  • First Pass.
256 -

  • Second Pass.
508 -

  • Third Pass.
558 -

  • Third Interval.
562 -

  • Masterminer Vaoia founds copper mine.
579 -

  • Vaioa Mine is abandoned
758 -

  • 4th Pass.
808 -

  • 4th Interval (Long).
1029 -

  • Overflowing Igen founds Vaioa Weyr.
1031 -

  • Vaioa Mine reopened and Mine Guard established.
1064 -

  • First Garnet, Enthith, breaks shell on Vaioa's sands.
1197 -

  • Bandit attacks cease due to poor copper production.
1213 -

  • Tanilli becomes Weyrwoman with Golden Hopruth.
1255 -

  • Pertor becomes Masterminer.

  • Copper production increases.

Shortly after the Third Pass, Masterminer Vaoia took advantage of the freedom from Thread to start searching for new deposits of ores and gems. Now that shelter was not as important, he took a team and went to explore the expanse of the Igen desert.

Of the places he searched, one of the most promising sites was in the mountains at the southern edge of the desert. A crater had formed with the collapse of a volcanic magma chamber, revealing veins of copper in the rock. Samples of this ore proved it to be of exceptional quality, and a survey of the crater showed a reliable water source and natural caverns that could easily be expanded for a minehold. Even the remains of the old volcanic cone had numerous pockets, though most of them would be more suitable for dragon weyrs than miner rooms.

The Minecraft was intrigued by this find, and started a mine right away. However, others had heard of the fine copper, and the mine was seized by bandit attack after bandit attack. With progress barely even into the main cavern, the miners felt the work too dangerous to continue, and reluctantly abandoned the site.

450 Turns later, as Pern started gearing up for the Fifth Pass, Igen Weyr was filled past its capacity. There was nowhere for these extra riders to go, since with the increased clutch sizes the other Weyrs were nearing full as well. In searching where these riders could be sent, somebody stumbled across the report on the crater discovered by Vaioa. The sketches of the old cone showed it to be an ideal place for a Weyr, and several riders went to investigate.

The failed mine was well suited for a new Weyr, and construction began immediately. The Weyr was named Vaioa, after its discoverer, and took over patrol of the Igen peninsula south of Katz Field. The first few years were difficult, between adjusting to the more intense climate, the return of Thread, and most of the dragons weyring in the mine until their weyrs could be carved, but the Weyr adapted and grew.

Eventually it was realized that the proximity of the dragonriders would cut down on the bandit activity, and the mine was reopened. The dragonriders were pleased to have something to do - while they could not take on a larger territory to protect because of the stress it would put on the small Weyr, they were growing bored. The protection of the mine and the soon-formed Vaioa Hold, where the miners lived, provided an easy but important job.

The reopening of the mine drew bandits again, but they were successfully repelled by the dragonriders, and soon the raids ceased altogether. With this last barrier removed, the mine was about to operate, and soon began producing the finest copper on all of Pern, smelted and forged into ingots and practical tools in the first caverns of the mine itself. The marks flowed in; soon Vaioa was able to afford all sorts of luxuries, even with the need to purchase most of their food, and the tithe ensured that Vaioa Weyr shared in the prosperity.

Vaioa became a moderate-sized Hold, large for one in the desert, with the income from the mine and the growing of desert plants for incense, medicine, and spices more than enough to purchase enough fresh food to supplement their subsistence farming.

The Weyr blossomed as well, boasting a roster of nearly two hundred riders and having taken more of the region under their wings (now the Igen peninsula south of Big Bay Hold and the Keroon peninsula south and west of Red Butte). The mine guard was kept, but only the Weyrleaders and a few Wingleaders took the job seriously, as there had been no raids for nearly fifty Turns. The former Weyrleaders had retired, leaving leadership in the hands of the well-trained but inexperienced junior queenrider, and the dawning Red Star was a sign that her chance to ease into the role was already over...
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RP History Timeline

1257 -

  • Tanili retires and Rhyssone becomes Weyrwoman.

  • First bandit attack in half a century happens at Vaioa Hold.

  • Masterminer Pertor forms the Wher Toop.

  • Gold Lisenyth rises and is caught by Bronze Lenth, making O'zen the new Weyrleader.

  • Big Bay Hold and several other cot holds cease tithing to Vaioa Weyr.

  • O'zen and Rhyssone lead Vaioa's wings to confront the Lord Holders of Big Bay and are turned away with scorn.

  • Vaioa Weyr begins to starve. Weyrleader O'zen orders nightly food raids on local holds.

  • Crackdust begins to appear all over Pern, signifying the return of Thread.
1258 -

  • Golden Lisenyth rises again. Bronze Tytoth catches her and T'ech becomes Weyrleader.

  • Thread returns and Vaioa flies to meet it, suffering heavy casualties.

  • Weyrleader T'ech confronts the Big Bay Lord Holders and reestablishes tithes.

  • Rhyssone's health declines rather sharply and she stops being seen in public.

  • Rhyssone officially retires as Senior Weyrwoman and Talora of Gold Cirseth is sent to take her place.

  • The Wher Troop learns of new Red (Blood) and Black mutations.
1259 -

  • Vaioa's worst Fall yet happens over Keroon, sending the wings into temporary chaos.

  • Red Letorinsk's Clutch hatches, producing Vaioa's first Grey wher, Varuesk.

  • Cirseth rises and is caught by Bronze Orlanoth, making S'dax the new Weyrleader.

  • The Wher Troop raids the Bandit Stronghold.
1260 -

  • The Wher Troop defies Crom's demands to cull Grey Varuesk.

  • Golden Cirseth rises early and is caught by Tytoth, making T'ech Weyrleader once again.

  • The Rogue Handlers reveal themselves and begin raiding in Vaioa territory.
1261 -

  • Weyrleader T'ech establishes Blue and Green wings.

  • Injured during the bandit raid, Grey weyrling Puranath was unable to chew firestone. She rises early and lays a clutch of six.

  • Puranath's clutch hatches and produces two new dragon colors: Blacks and Graphites.
1262 -

  • Rogue Handlers continue raiding. They are curiously well organized and funded.

  • Rubikon Hold ceases tithing and Weyrleader T'ech rides to meet with its Lord Holder. The Weyrleader is attacked by the Hold's wher and critically wounded. No tithes are restored.

  • Crippled by his wher-inflicted injuries, T'ech resigns his position as Weyrleader.

  • The Weyr Council elects Bronzerider T'ven as acting Weyrleader until Cirseth next rises.
1263 -

  • Golden Rezeirth and Garnet Melacyth rise; they are caught by Bronze Grejoth and Brown Attikoth respectively. Attikoth carries the Puranath gene.

  • The Wher Troops continue to battle the Rogue Handlers to mixed success.

  • Brown Attikoth is transferred to Fort Weyr. He catches a young queen and produces a sizable clutch.

  • Rezeirth and Melacyth's eggs hatch. Melacyth's eggs contain numerous Black and Graphite dragons, cementing their place in Vaioa's hierarchy.

  • A Rogue Handler is captured by the Wher Troop.

  • The Rogue Handler prisoner is interrogated and confesses crucial information.
1264 -

  • Lord Warryn is arrested for collaborating with the Rogue Handlers.

  • Terema's stronghold is raided and she and her rogue handlers are captured.

  • The Weyr Council decides to turn Warryn and Terema over to the judgment of the Lord Holders. Rogue Handler leader Terema is staked out for Thread. Warryn is exiled. Vaioa secretly secretly assimilates refugee holdless and unbonded rogue whers.

  • Weyr-Hold tensions continue rising. Tithes continue but are lean.

  • Golden Cirseth rises again and is caught by bronze Inequith, making S'akh the new Weyrleader.

  • A tithe arrives completely spoiled, leaving Vaioa temporarily starving.

  • The Southern Continent is re-discovered and Vaioa plans an expedition.

  • The first expeditions south discover vast jungle areas.
  • A cove with accessible cliff faces is located, appropriate for turning into weyrs. The decision to settle there is made and construction begins.
  • Igen offers Vaioa a gold clutch to assist in settlement, Junior weyrwoman Morasil and gold Zhiarth arrive shortly thereafter.
  • A mass feline assault on Cove weyrhold leaves many injured.
  • Gold Zhiarth lays 17 eggs, including a queen egg.


  • Talora and Cirseth transfer to the South, leaving Vaioa's leadership open.
  • A massive tunnelsnake attacks Zhiarth and her clutch, gravely injuring the queen before escaping into the sea. All but four eggs are swallowed or destroyed in the battle.
  • Zhiarth's clutch hatches. Her task complete, Zhiarth goes between, finally succumbing to her wounds. As a result, Vaioa's relations with Igen become strained.
  • Garnet Melacyth rises and Rhias becomes the new Weyrwoman. Copper Eparenth wins, making Saralyn Vaioa's first female Weyrleader.
  • Construction on Cove Weyrhold's main structure is completed. Construction continues on docks, herdbeast pens, and outer buildings.

  • A Southern patrol spots signs of the beast that attacked Zhiarth, confirming it survived its wounds.
  • Brown Attikoth transfers to Ista and sires another clutch, further spreading the Puranath gene.


Prior to the 5th pass, Pern was secure in a golden age. Thread had not fallen in 450 turns, allowing holders to spread and prosper. Only the Weyrs were on unsteady ground; after such a long interval, many people believed that Pern's ancient menace was gone for good, and viewed the dragonriders with contempt.

In this time, bandit activity was a rare thing. In the absence of Thread, holdless life was not so perilous, and most were able to live on hunting, gathering, and subsistence farming. Only a very small percentage of the holdless population survived on crime. Attacks were few and far in between, and often only in the wild, far from civilization. It was enough to encourage caravans to sometimes hire wherhandlers as guards (an unnecessary precaution more often than not) but otherwise bandits were dismissed as an unlikely threat; in more populous areas, the idea was downright laughed at.

In fact, Vaioa's barren territory, it was unheard of. There had been no documented attacks since the establishment of the Mine Guard, 50 turns prior to the 5th pass.

For this reason, when wherhandler Chrys warned Vaioa's leaders of increasingly violent holdless activity, she was met with scorn. Shortly after, a band of holdless raided Vaioa's mine, making off with a fair sum of copper and leaving casualties in their wake, dragonriders and candidates both. It was summer of 1257. This event prompted the formation of Vaioa's wher troop.

As Vaioa Weyr nursed its injuries from the attack, it was blindsided again: Big Bay and several smaller holds ceased tithing. The Weyr confronted Big Bay, but was denied; the Lord Holders believed that Thread would not return, and so they no longer owed Vaioa for their protection. Spurned, Vaioa Weyr began to starve. In desperation, they staged careful raids on local holds for food.


In the spring of 1258, Thread fell for the first time in 450 turns, marking the end of the long interval. There were many casualties, but the Weyr prevailed. Vaioa returned to Big Bay, and the grateful hold reestablished tithes; the minor holds soon followed suit, and Vaioa's long food crisis came to an end.

Meanwhile, the return of Pern's ancient foe drastically increased the risk of living holdless. Pern saw a surge in crime rates, as holdless found it more difficult to fend for themselves and, growing desperate, resorted to thievery for survival.

However, with wherhandlers transferring in and with acquisition of green Andask—Vaioa's first clutching wher in turns—the Vaioa's fledgling wher troop began to grow. Bolstered by imported eggs as well as the offspring of Vaioan greens allowed to survive, the troop soon flourished. The constant presence of patrolling wherhandlers proved to be an effective deterrent for bandits; aside from a few skirmishes in the wild, Vaioa enjoyed nearly two turns without holdless activity.

But while the Weyr and Hold began to prosper again, Weyrwoman Rhyssone's health took a sharp decline, taking her out of commission for months. Finally, for the good of the Weyr, she resigned. With no experienced queenrider to replace her, it was a transfer from Benden who became Vaioa's next Weyrwoman: Talora and golden Cirseth.

In the winter of '58, a few handlers journeyed to Crom to buy half of their latest gold clutch—only to learn it was sired by a new mutation named bloods (or reds), a successful result of a long attempt to breed docile whers. Meanwhile, the rest of the troop marched to eliminate a problem wher terrorizing Kelst Hold. When they discovered the wher was black, they captured him instead. So it was that two new mutations came to Vaioa, followed by a third when a grey hatched from red Letorinsk's clutch.

The autumn of 1259 broke Vaioa's peace in the form of ill tidings from an Igen bronzehandler. He alerted the troop that bandits had formed a stronghold in Rubikon territory and planned to attack Vaioa. He also warned that Crom whermasters, already displeased with Vaioa for hatching greens, were angry that they had allowed the gray mutation to survive—and meant to come deal with the issue themselves.

The wher troop took action against the bandit stronghold swiftly. While they succeeded in retrieving a small amount of the copper stolen in summer 1257, it came at the cost of many casualties—holdless men and women uninvolved with the theft, caught in the crossfire. The event prompted the troop to reevaluate the way they dealt with holdless, and raised questions over what had happened to the rest of the copper.

Crom came later, in the autumn of 1260. They demanded to cull gray Varuesk. The gray that hatched from their half of Letorinsk's clutch had gone wild during a run, killing two whers and a handler, injuring more, and leading Crom to believe grays were too dangerous to live. The wher troop defied them however, thus securing the mutations' place at Vaioa.

That winter, a new threat emerged: a group of holdless wherhandlers attacked Vaioa's candidates during a camping trip. Dubbed 'Rogue Handlers', evidence suggested they were affiliated with the stronghold the wher troop had raided in '59. Candidates, riders, and dragons were injured in the attack, but the arrival of Vaioan wher patrols scattered the offenders before any more damage could be done.

The turn of 1261 saw drastic changes at Vaioa. In response to overpopulated wings and a couple of high-casualty Threadfalls, Weyrleader T'ech proposed new wings operated entirely by blues and greens. Though the wings were implemented with great success, the other Weyrs of Pern looked on in scorn at this breaking of tradition. Vaioa rocked Pern again when one of its grey weyrlings rose early—and laid a clutch of 6; injured during the Rogue Handler attack, grey Puranath's lessons had been set back, and she had not yet chewed firestone. The hatching revealed two new dragon colors: the metallic blacks and graphites.

As the Weyr absorbed the shock of these new mutations, the wher troop continued investigating the Rogue Handlers with little success. The bandits raided holds all across Vaioa's territory, following no pattern—except they avoided Rubikon. The desert hold had fallen into poverty, had nothing worth stealing. In 1262, tithes from Rubikon ceased completely. Weyrleader T'ech confronted its Lord Holder, but failed to come to an agreement with the combative Lord Warryn. Their argument ended when the hold's senile wher, perceiving T'ech as a threat, attacked the Weyrleader. T'ech later resigned due to his injuries.

By 1263, Puranath's offspring had grown; even the tiny black and graphite had thrived. Brown Attikoth secured the place of the new mutations when he caught Garnet Melacyth, passing on Puranath's unique genes to a new generation, blacks and graphites among them. Attikoth later transferred to Fort and sired another clutch there. So the mutations spread.

At the end of the turn, Vaioa's wher troop had a stroke of luck: they managed to capture a young Rogue Handler. He was reluctant to speak at first, but eventually revealed crucial information: Lord Warryn of Rubikon was working with the Rogue Handlers, funding them with the stolen copper; his lover was their leader, Terema; he'd set his wher upon T'ech on purpose. And the prisoner gave the location of the Rogue Handler's hideout.

Vaioa reacted quickly, riding to confront their foes just after Turnover. The wings descended upon Rubikon, where Warryn made a dramatic and desperate last stand: first denouncing the greed of the Weyrs and claiming his crimes were for the sake of his drained hold; then ordering an attack against the dragonriders. Lord Warryn was apprehended and taken into custody. Meanwhile, the wher troop, with the support of the blue and green wings, stormed the holdless base, arresting the Rogue Handlers and offering refuge for the innocent holdless.

Warryn, Terema, and the Rogue Handlers were turned over to the Lord's Council for judgement, while Vaioa covertly assimilated the refugee holdless into their population and claimed the rogue whers for retraining and rebonding. Warryn was exiled to the Eastern Ring Islands. Terema and the Rogue Handlers were sentenced to death.

The tumultuous turn of 1264 lapsed into an uneasy quiet. The Weyr and the wher troop healed. There was peace. But Lord Warryn's passionate, eloquent arguments against the dragonriders stirred discontent among some Lords, and tensions between the Holds and the Weyrs rose until one day a tithe arrived at Vaioa completely spoiled. There was no evidence to prove that this was done deliberately, but many suspected. Desperate attempts were made to scramble for food and Vaioa barely stayed afloat while many of its occupants suffered a terrible illness. It became clear that soon they would have to become self sufficient...or die.

During the rather meager feast that follows Cirseth's clutch, the news that the Southern Continent has been rediscovered rocks the Weyr to it's very foundations. Weyrleader S'akh quickly begins making plans to mount an expedition to the abandoned continent, hoping to find a source of food or trade to keep Vaioa functioning.

1265 was a year of discovery, as the first expeditions down south led to predatory confrontations for both dragons and whers. However, after much searching Weyrleader S'akh found a site appropriate for a new weyrhold. Construction began with both the clearing out of the cliffsides for dragon weyrs, and laying down building foundations. Riders, wherhandlers, and weyrfolk all began making Cover Weyrhold their permanent residence, and word began to spread over Pern of the settlement. Igen helped Vaoia populate the south with a clutch, sending down Gold Zhiarth and Junior Weyrwoman Morasil. The pair also helped the southerners fend off a feline attack on the cove of previously unseen scale. Many were injured and Cove's construction efforts went into doubletime, with plans for a real hatching grounds and other necessary structures coming to fruition.

Back up North, rumors spread around Vaioa that a leadership change was on the horizon; there was talk of Weyrwoman Talora retiring. Time proved those rumors true. In 1266, Talora and Cirseth transferred South. While Vaioa Weyr waited to see which queen would rise first to take her place, tragedy struck Cove Weyrhold. Slipping past the Wher Troop's patrols, a massive tunnelsnake snuck into the hatching grounds and began devouring the clutch. Zhiarth awoke and fought the beast, until it escaped into the sea. By the time the battle was over, all but four of the seventeen eggs had been destroyed and Zhiarth was badly wounded. The hatching of the remaining eggs was a bittersweet occasion; all four dragons hatched healthy, but Zhiarth went between, her wounds too great to overcome.

The attack and Zhiarth's death left the entire world reeling. The Wher Troop increased patrols, but no sign of the beast could be found. In the North, relations with Igen, which had always been strong, were suddenly shaky as Igen grieved for Zhiarth. While no one could have anticipated an attack by such a creature, the tragedy had happened under Vaioa's watch, and many were quick to blame the desert weyr. In this time of turbulence, garnet Melacyth rose, establishing Rhias as Weyrwoman. While a garnetrider Weyrwoman was uncommon enough, Melacyth shocked the world by choosing copper Eparenth, making Saralyn Vaioa's first female Weyrleader.

A turn later, 1267, Vaioa is still dealing with the repercussions of these events. Tensions with holders are still high, their unusual leadership and their acceptance of graphites and blacks have alienated them from the more conservative weyrs, and they do not have as many allies as they used to. And while construction on Cove Weyrhold's main building has been completed, there is no safety outside its stone walls. Wonders still wait to be discovered by the explorers, but there is a terror that one of Cove's patrols has recently confirmed: the giant tunnelsnake that shocked the world is still out there...
O'zen : Bronze Lenth
Lowen : Beryllium Lerriloth
Jerund : Brown Jerusk
Hama : Green Hamask
Eevai : Garnet Iopeth
Sh'ol : Graphite Hellioth
Kh'sev : Grey Saiyeth
Bervaidi : Blue Bervask
Syrsha : Brown Kalayth
Rosinthew : Candidate
Khola : Weyrfolk
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