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a desert triumvirate of Hold, Weyr, and Mine. Thread's return and bandit raiding brought strife between weyr and hold, but the bandits' recent defeat has returned the region to an uneasy peace. Now, a shipwreck on a forgotten continent and the decision to settle this rediscovered land has opened up a world of opportunity to Vaioa, if only they can handle the dangers.

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Vaioa's Major and Minor Holds
Topic Started: Jul 2 2013, 03:09 PM (2,639 Views)
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Vaioa's Major and Minor Holds

Here is quick guide to the the Holds which lie inside Vaioa's territory. This means these Holds are the places from which Vaioa will require tithes, and also where dragonriders will perform the vast majority of their Searches. In exchange, the Holds are given the Weyr's protection during Threadfall.

The following information is Vaioa canon, and not generic Pern canon. It is not free for use.

Posted Image
(Unaltered map is from "The Atlas of Pern")

Big Bay Seahold
Posted Image

Reigning Holder: Lord Thorgan Posted Image and Lady Sien Posted Image

Local environment: Tall, craggy cliffs surrounded by gently sloping beaches and temperate waters

Hold architecture: Nestled in a natural valley between two cliffs, the Hold Proper consists of a tall tower, its peak used as a lighthouse, resting on a stout longhouse containing the Lord's living quarters, banquet hall, and Hold Records. Like other buildings in the area, it is constructed mainly of a dark slate, a material resistant to the local salty water and heavy rains. Radiating out from the Hold's premier building are rows and rows of homes and buildings, built wall-to-wall with narrow streets. All of this is protected behind an impressive stone seawall which prevents the angry sea from rushing in and flooding the homes. Venture through the wall, and Big Bay's expansive docks lie ahead. Used both for merchant space and ship mooring, they are always flooded with activity.

Major exports/Commerce: Fish, trade, shipfish, ship construction

Associated Minor Holds and Crafthalls: Sandy Bay Seahold

Miscellaneous noteworthy: A leader of the anti-tithing rebellion against Vaioa in 1257

Katz Field Hold
Posted Image

Reigning Holder: Lady Isad Posted Image

Local environment: Rich soils, gently sloping hills, and damp, temperate weather

Hold architecture: The Hold Proper is a long, squat building built from massive limestone slabs. A stone-paved market square lies in front of this building, allowing local merchants and farmers room to peddle their wares. A few short, paved streets and smaller buildings branch off in the immediate area, but these are either the homes of the very wealthy, small crafthalls, or dedicated businesses. The majority of Katz Field Hold's population lives just off in the distance on family farms, where they tend their crops and animals. Still, they frequently commune at the Hold center for varying events. Katz Field Hold enjoys fertile soils provided by the Igen River Delta.

Major exports/Commerce: Vegetables, fruits, meats, hides

Associated Minor Holds and Crafthalls: Tazan Seahold

Miscellaneous noteworthy: The local Tazan Seahold is closely allied with Katz Field Hold, which it uses as a major trade stop for its goods and a ferrying point across the bay to Keroon Hold.

Cienna Hold
Posted Image

Reigning Holder: Lord Theraleo Posted Image and Lady Lorenys Posted Image

Local environment: Sheer, cold mountains with small patches of evergreen forest nestled between them

Hold architecture: The Hold Proper is carved into the open face of a snow-capped mountain, and consists of a network of halls and tunnels, as well as some exterior towers resting on the peak. Cienna employs a large force of foot soldiers, most of whom are housed in a portion of the Hold Proper. While communal storage and residences exist inside the mountain, other, smaller buildings, varying in use and construction material, scatter the mountainside and the valleys below. Lumber mills and stone quarrying camps built nearby house civilized folk, but venture just out of sight, and the hillfolk reign supreme around Cienna Hold. They are not an organized forceónothing like Terema's infamous Rogue Handlersóbut they may sometimes commit petty crimes and cause other sorts of trouble. Their presence keeps the Hold's guard force in employ.

Major exports/Commerce: Woodcraft and building stone

Associated Minor Holds and Crafthalls: None

Miscellaneous noteworthy: None

Rubikon Hold
Posted Image

Reigning Holder: Lord Steben Posted Image

Previous Lord Holders: Lord Warryn Posted Image

Local environment: Unforgiving, barren desert and hard, red sandstone

Hold architecture: Carved into an isolated outcropping amidst a sea of sand, Rubikon's Hold Proper is a lone fortress surrounded by endless wastes. The entirety of the Hold, apart from a few wherry pens, is walled up inside a single great lump of stone. Its main structure is a wide and cavernous tunnel cutting nearly straight through the entire rock. It is wide enough that merchants and traders have set up shop along its walls, although they are more likely to get business from other travelers than natives to Rubikon. Besides this great walkway, the other most frequented structure is a massive dining cavern and open kitchen, complete with its own bubbling water pool where the building taps into a natural aquifer. There is little else to note here, since Rubikon is more of a pit stop for traders than a Hold which produces anything of value, although there are some Mineholds in its territory.

Major exports/Commerce: Wherry meat, stone, wild game, trading

Associated Minor Holds and Crafthalls: Kelst Hold

Miscellaneous noteworthy: In 1258, one of Rubikon's minor holds (Kelst) was the location of the first black wher sighting.

In 1264, Lord Holder Warryn was arrested and sent into exile for his involvement with the Rogue Handlers. He was succeeded by his uncle, Lord Steben.

Keroon Hold
Posted Image

Reigning Holder: Lord Onad Posted Image and Lady Imilye Posted Image

Local environment: Lush plains, high steppes, and gentle weather

Hold architecture: With its distinctly short buildings made from a mix of stone and clay, Keroon is an agricultural haven. It supplies grain and meat to much of Pern, much less to its protecting Weyr. Beastcraft Hall is just a stone's throw away from the grand Hold Proper, which is a manor-type building with its own runnerbeast stables and small orchard. Farmers and beastcrafters thrive within the bounds of the hold, which has both commercial and residential buildings for those who choose to live in a more urban type environment. Local businessmen thrive off the economy fueled by the incoming students, who themselves subsequently benefit from Keroon's expansive landscape, fertile soil, and plentiful knowledge. Beyond the mass of buildings which make up the central Hold, both small family enterprises and large communal farms flourish as far as the eye can see.

Major exports/Commerce: Grains, hides, meats

Associated Minor Holds and Crafthalls: Beastmaster Hall

Miscellaneous noteworthy: None

Brecca Hold
Posted Image

Reigning Holder: Lord Tanris Posted Image and Lady Eto Posted Image

Local environment: Perpetually damp grasslands and woods edged in shallow wetlands

Hold architecture: Based on the edge of some of the Igen River's largest tidal swamps, the boggy earth at Brecca's locale can only support small buildings of clay brick and mortar. The family of the Lord Holder has managed to top a local hillock with their stately home and a few municipal buildings, like a large storehouse. However, everyone else has been left to their own devices as to finding a place suitable for a home or business. While the older buildings are clay, new and poorer homes on the fringe of the settlement may be made in part, or wholly, of reeds, mud, and thatching. Locals work on paddies, tilled from the local wetlands and replanted with edible watergrain. Others grow reeds, useful for floor mats, arrows, or even boats. Many of these very reeds are re-purposed into little fishing skiffs, which catch food for the locals and can be used as a source of income.

Major exports/Commerce: Watergrain, fish, reeds

Associated Minor Holds and Crafthalls: None

Miscellaneous noteworthy: None

Stock Photo Credits Here: http://z10.invisionfree.com/Vaioa_Weyr/ind...p?showtopic=584
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