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a desert triumvirate of Hold, Weyr, and Mine. Thread's return and bandit raiding brought strife between weyr and hold, but the bandits' recent defeat has returned the region to an uneasy peace. Now, a shipwreck on a forgotten continent and the decision to settle this rediscovered land has opened up a world of opportunity to Vaioa, if only they can handle the dangers.

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12th, Turn 1269
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Winter has come with unseasonably chilliness and dampness. Frost covers the ground in the morning before the sun burns it off.

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Gwen and Eamith
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Topic Started: Jan 5 2010, 06:47 PM (9,758 Views)
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We are always looking for dragon and wher candidates!

Dragon Availability

  • Gold: Hatchings only
  • Bronze: Hatchings, Adoptables, or Weyr Store
  • Garnet: Hatchings, Adoptables (Flaming only), or Weyr Store (Flaming only)
  • Copper: Hatchings, Adoptables, or Weyr Store
  • Brown: Hatchings, Adoptables, or Weyrstore
  • Gray: Hatchings, Adoptables, or Weyrstore
  • Blue: Available
  • Black: Hatchings or Adoptables only
  • Green: Available
  • Graphite: Hatchings or Adoptables only

Wher Availability

  • Gold: None.
  • Bronze: Hatchings, Adoptables, or Weyr Store
  • Gray: Hatchings or Weyr Store (egg only)
  • Black: Hatchings or Weyr Store (egg only)
  • Brown: Available
  • Blood: Hatchings or Weyr Store (egg only)
  • Blue: Available
  • Green: Hatchings or Weyr Store

Fire Lizard Availability

  • Gold: Hatchings or Weyr Store
  • Bronze: Hatchings or Weyr Store
  • Brown: Available at Character Creation, Hatchings, or Weyr Store
  • Blue: Available at Character Creation, Hatchings, or Weyr Store
  • Green: Available at Character Creation, Hatchings, or Weyr Store

Crater Lizard Availability

  • Obsidian: Hatchings only
  • Amethyst: Hatchings only
  • Pyrite: Hatchings only
  • Citrine: Hatchings only
  • Ruby: Hatchings only

Wingleadership Availability

  • Wingleaders: Sandstone Wing (must be current character)
  • Wingseconds: None
  • Wingthirds: Granite Wing (must be current character), Squall Wing
  • Floaters: Marble Wing, Granite Wing, Sandstone Wing, Shale Wing

Administrative Availability

  • Weyrlingmasters: Available (Must be an existing character)
  • Candidate Masters: Available (Must be an existing character)
  • Headwoman: Unavailable
  • Head Cook: Unavailable
  • Journeymen Crafters: Available - Must be at least 20+ turns of age and have achieved rank before Impressing if dragonriders (Exception being Dragon Healers)
  • Master Craftsmen: Available Must be at least 30+ turns of age. Cannot be dragonriders (Exception being Dragon Healers)

Candidates are required to find a new home for canines and runners upon Impression.

Dragonriders may not own canines or runners.

If you want something that's not available please check the Adoptables, Weyr Store, or speak with a Staff Member!

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Here is extra information for those of you who don't know what the titles mean!

Please create your character and let it be approved before applying to one of these positions. Applications can be PMed to any admin.


This rider, either bronze or (very rarely) copper or brown, is the weyrmate of the Weyrwoman. The position is chosen based on the winner of the Weyrwoman's gold's flight. The rider who gains this position is shackled with great responsibility. Not only is he in charge of managing the Weyr's forces (wings) during threadfall, but he is also very involved in foreign policy between other Weyrs as well. Most of the Weyrfolk look to him, as well as the Weyrwoman, for leadership and even, at times, guidance.

Wingleader - A wingleader will often ride a bronze dragon, except in the unlikely event that there is a shortage of bronzes (or capable bronzeriders). The wingleader is in charge of leading a wing of fighting dragons during threadfall. He ultimately answers to the Weyrleader. His job is to relay orders to his whole wing.

Wingsecond - A wingsecond will usually ride copper, with the occasional bronze or brown as well. Wingseconds help the wingleaders to manage the wings by managing smaller sections of the wing during Threadfall.

Wingthird - A wingthird, most often a brownrider, holds a position only slightly higher than that of the wingrider. He helps the wingleader and wingsecond with relaying orders and running the wing. Sometimes, senior weyrlings will be appointed to this position as a kind of 'trial run' to test their leadership abilities, if they are being considered for wingleadership.

Dragonhealer - A dragonhealer must be a dragonrider who does not hold any other positions. He or she does not typically fly thread, except for on days where the wings are unusually light. Instead, he or she will wait in the infirmary to tend to injured dragons. Often, though not exclusively, this person was a healer before they were Searched. They study under a master in the second half of their Weyrlinghood, and after graduating to a full rider. Like any craft, mastery does not come overnight. Riding a dragon is essential because not only does it allow for closer study, but it also allows the rider to communicate directly with the injured dragon.

Candidate Master -This person oversees all of the candidates of the Weyr, instructs them in lessons (although he or she may ask others to come give guest lectures), and assigns them chores. She or he is also responsible for disciplining candidates who fail to complete chores, attend lessons, or break any other rules. A dragon is necessary for this position because it enables fast communication from the Master to the candidates. It is atypical, though not unheard of, for the Candidate Master to ride a brown or higher. The Candidate Master may not hold any other positions.

Assistant Candidate Master - These riders are a bit like 'junior Candidate Masters,' and help oversee the candidates and plan lessons and chores. They hold the same authority over the candidates as the Candidate Master, although they answer to the CM as a superior.

Weyrling Master - This person oversees all of the weyrlings of the Weyr, instructs them in lessons (although he or she may ask others to give occasional guest lectures), and leads them in all the training they will need to become proper dragonriders. This is one of the most important jobs in the whole Weyr. She or he is not only in charge of the Weyrlings' education, but also their discipline. Any color of dragon is fine for this position, except for gold. It is most common for this position to be held by a grey or lower. The Weyrling Master may not hold any other positions.

Assistant Weyrling Master - These riders are a bit like 'junior Weyrling Masters,' and help oversee the weyrlings and plan lessons as well as providing supervision and guidance to the flourishing young dragonpairs. They have less authority over the weyrings than the Weyrling Master, and must answer to the WM as a superior.
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Headwoman - This character, who must be female, helps with the day-to-day running of the Weyr alongside the Weyrwoman. She is in charge of the whole Lower Caverns staff, and frequently plays the part of hostess to most of the guests who come to stay at the Weyr, for all of the extra rooms are in the Lower Caverns. She is in charge of the kitchens, and usually works with the Head Cook to arrange both daily meals and celebratory feasts. She assists with running the creche and providing for the children staying there. In short, she has many of the duties of the Weyrwoman, without a dragon, and without some of the responsibilities.

Head Cook - Oversees all of the kitchen staff and drudges who work in the kitchens. Candidates who have the chore of kitchen work answer to him/her.

Journeyman/woman Healer - These characters will spend most of their days in the infirmary, working under the Masterhealer's tutelage, possibly toward their mastery (though the majority of them will not reach that point, at least not anytime soon). Like any other journeyman or journeywoman, this character must be 20+.

Lower Caverns Worker - Whether a cook or just a drudge, these characters make up the labor force of the Weyr. The dragons and riders fight thread to keep Pern going, but these characters keep the Weyr going, by preparing food, washing dishes, cleaning clothes, and sweeping and scrubbing floors.
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