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Litost; Tag Ebby's Dilani and Misty's F'en
Topic Started: Mar 10 2018, 08:27 PM (218 Views)
Rubbing lightly at his temple, K’sav let out an aggravated sigh against the headache that was blooming squarely in his skull. He should have headed straight to the infirmary after he’d woken up, got some numbweed for the back of his head rather than making his way straight to dinner.

The dining cavern was thankfully fairly quiet though. Even quieter in the corner near the hearth that the trio of them usually occupied. He kept his back to the hearth as well, the warmth soothing some of the strain from his tense shoulders.

Not that his skull or his back were the only parts of him that were more than a little uncomfortable right then. Shards he should have taken a proper bath too for that matter. His hair felt greasy and he was sure it was more of a mess than usual. Even his clothing was in unusual disarray, his normally clean cut tunic swapped out for one of his own slightly faded and obviously well worn in sweaters, trousers replaced by sleep pants.

But his stomach had demanded food and he was running a bit late for dinner as it was so he’d washed as well as he could from his basin and thrown on the first comfortable things he could find.

Though despite his hunger once he’d sat down he found himself merely poking at his meal, now more tired now than hungry. His thoughts were wandering back to Kyth’s flight, the images that had played in his mind still haunted him. He was almost tempted just scarf down what he had on his plate and make a hasty retreat before he had to face F’en. Shards or Dilani for that matter. How was he supposed to look either of the eye after he’d let his imagination get carried away as he did. Flightlust be damned.

He needed to see Dilani though. If not for that simple desire he might not have even made the trek down to the dining cavern. He knew she’d probably see right through him. Be able to tell immediately that something was wrong. He couldn’t possibly tell her the truth though, that was just far too much. But feeling as unbalanced as he did, he just needed to see her face, then maybe he’d feel slightly more steady and maybe his hands wouldn’t shake quite so hard.

His sharding dragon certainly wasn’t helping matters.

Truly, if I had told you would it have changed the circumstances? If I’m not mistaken, you did quite enjoy yourself and so did I. No harm done. Lou’s thrumming laugh echoed painfully through his skull. Well besides your head. And well, y’know.

’Not helping.” K’sav growled, hand reaching to the back of his head, touching the wherry egg that formed there with a pained hiss.
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Dilani had been hiding out since Aileenth had announced to her that Kyth had taken Flight. Though she didn't have a dragon to chase the other Grey, it didn't stop people seeking company from looking at her as potential for it. Flights had made her uncomfortable since she learned they were a thing. Thankfully she hadn't felt 'Flightlust' yet and wasn't sure she ever wanted to. If anything, when the day came, she knew she had the option of locking her door and hiding in her room. After the Flight had concluded Aileenth had let her know but she didn't come out quite yet. Just in case.

Only with some encouragement from Aileenth and a bit of deep breathing, did she come out of hiding and start moving about again. Leaving her weyr she realized that it was already dark outside. Aileenth happily reminded her that she needed to eat and it was about that time anyway. The pair made their way down and Aileenth let out a delighted trill toward Illumeth as he came into view. Landing delicately nearby she let Dilani down and gently nudged her little Rider toward the Caverns. While her Rider went inside, the Grey moved to Illumeth with soft coos and nuzzled against his strong neck.

Good evening my friend! I'm sorry you did not win today. But I am truly glad to see you tonight! My Little Light hid the day away. She thought of Yours many times. Aileenth said while moving to snuggle up against the bronze.

Dilani paid little mind to what her dragon was talking about. Focusing more on getting into the Dining Hall, grabbing herself a tray of food, and a drink. Her meal was stew and bread, drink a hot mug of Klah. Pretty typical. Yet she'd barely noticed what she picked up. When she'd entered the Hall her eyes spotted K'sav and her brain decided to shut itself off. Filled with a strange haziness that refused to go away. Making her way toward their usual sitting area she realized he was sitting where SHE normally sat. Frowning, the haziness lifting as concern grew, she moved to put her tray on the table. All the while she was keeping eerily silent, nothing new, but her actions were pretty different.

He looked disheveled. His hair unwashed. And when he had his hand on his head she noticed him wincing. Looking at where he touched she saw it, the massive knot on his head. Growing worried, without really thinking, she reached out and gently brushed her fingers through his hair to feel the bump.

Aileenth was almost holding her breath as her Rider actually initiated touch. It was what? The third or fourth time? This time she had done it without thinking. Without worrying about it.

"What...happened?" Dilani asked softly and pulled her hand away to look at K'sav's face to listen to his answer. Only then realizing how close she'd put herself to him and the only indication she realized this was her cheeks burning as she blushed.
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Despite his chiding there was an undercurrent of concern to Illumeth’s behavior. Generally he kept himself further away, or remained on his own ledge, giving the significant space he would otherwise take up to any smaller dragons that might want to linger. But his presence so close to the entrance of the lower caverns, truly looming for once should K’sav need him for any reason made him rather obvious to any who might know him.

There was a visual shift to his demeanor once he spotted Aileenth, further more when she pressed herself against him. K’sav needed to see Dilani, know that despite the trials of the day she would still share space with him. Knowing that relief to his anxiety was on its way Lou was able to ease his stance, focus on something besides being a calming presence to his rider.

That’s the nature of flights isn’t it? That just means I get to spend more time with you on this fine evening. He thrummed lightly, twisting his neck and body around to effectively wrap himself around her.

Hmm.. Did she now? Certainly K’sav thought of yours as well though he’d be embarrassed to admit that himself given his state of mind at the time. He was teasing of course, K’sav’s thoughts on Dilani remained innocent. He respected her far too much for anything beyond that.

If you consider thinking about kissing and cuddling something to be embarrassed about. Which apparently he does. Of course he kept his conversation with the lovely grey private from his rider. No reason to fuss him further about discussing his personal matters with another. But Lou trusted Aileenth and there was certainly a bond between their riders that cemented that trust.

K’sav had his eyes closed, not really paying attention to what was going on around him. He hadn’t noticed Dilani’s approach and was nearly startled by the sound of her setting down her tray. Looking up at her and giving her a slightly watery smile but she surprised him again by reaching out and lightly touching at his hair. He froze, his hazy tired brain recognizing what she was doing before she seemed to. He could feel himself already relaxing, just her proximity to him enough for his nails to stop digging into his palms.

Her touch was gentle enough, but it still hurt, his eyes narrowing slightly against the pain. His eyes flicked up, meeting hers, heart rate spiking a bit at her question. How was he supposed to explain that he’d bashed his head back against his door in the throes of self induced passion without sounding like a teenage boy? It wasn’t as though him and Dilani had ever discussed anything of that sort in the months they’d known each other. And well, this seemed like the wrong moment to broach the subject. If there could ever possibly be a proper moment to begin with.

”I, ah.. did something stupid and h-hit my head?” His explanation had sounded far better and more sure in his head.

”During the flight I mean. I’m okay. Just, head hurts.” He waved off her concern, rubbing at the back of his neck nervously, trying to dispel some of the tension. Not that he didn’t appreciate her consideration or the contact she’d given him, he just didn’t feel comfortable going into detail or really showing how much of an effect her contact had on him. He was still on edge. He couldn’t help it with the events of earlier that day still playing so clearly behind his eyelids.
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Flatterer.~ Aileenth cooed and hummed as Illumeth wrapped himself around her. Perfectly happy to cuddle with the big bronze and feel a touch smug that he was hers for that evening. For a little while at least.

Kissing and cuddling, the kissing part I never understand. The cuddling though, I get that. I like that one. Though mine has not had such thoughts before.
I have seen other humans do it. It always looks like they are trying to catch each other's tongues.
She thrummed and chuckled privately to Illumeth. Wanting to give Dilani the privacy she needed for the moment. Kissing I mean. Though...I've been told there are more ways to 'kiss' than that. A green told me once. I think she was green...I don't remember.

Dilani winced herself realizing that she was probably hurting him by touching the bump on his head. But didn't want to break the eye contact. When he gave his answer she raised a brow wondering what the 'something stupid' was. Then again...considering what was happening previously in the day...Her cheeks burned and she moved to sit down slowly next to K'sav. Her imagination getting away from her as he confirmed that the 'something stupid' had been during the Flight. Right...didn't Aileenth mention that Illumeth had chased? What if K'sav...and...no. Illumeth hadn't won. So that wouldn't have happened. But...flightmoths were a thing. She had no idea till one time at her old Weyr someone explained it. Her mind was starting to spiral into thoughts of K'sav being with someone else 'like that' and her lack of experience was blatantly clear as even in her own head it was all happening behind a curtain she didn't dare peek behind.

Stop that. I don't think he was with anyone. Otherwise he wouldn't look so grumpy. Aileenth said as Dilani started going down that unwanted tunnelsnake hole. It snapped Dilani out of it though it caused her to look a little more closely at K'sav. He DID look a bit uncomfortable. She had thought it was due to his injury. Frowning, Dilani kept glancing at him wondering. Aileenth just softly sighed at her Rider's unwillingness to just ASK.

"Ok...still worried." She somewhat mumbled while starting to spoon her stew into her mouth. Eye darting sideways toward K'sav. Wanting very much to know what was wrong but...at the same time too scared and embarrassed to find out what. Especially if it involved the Flight.
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The best descriptor for F'en's state was disheveled, though he wore it in a rather relaxed fashion. Comfortable clothes carelessly pulled on. Hair, that had been damp before the flight kicked off, managing to dry in all sorts of disarray from the events that had followed. An obvious drag to his feet too as he finally made it to the dining hall.

He'd not bothered his tuckered out grey where she happily snored in their weyr. Leaving him to make the lengthy trek down through the inner workings that connected the rider's weyrs. The journey leaving his already shaky legs even worse off than when in the thralls of flightlust. Even with all that had happened, he'd be hard-pressed to complain.

F'en hardly needed to look around the crowded dining hall to seek out the familiar faces near one of the large hearths. The two quieter riders partaking in their evening meal, and quite available to have his presence crash in. Striding over and gratefully flopping down onto the bench opposing the pair. Sitting in his usual odd way, this time tucking a lanky leg under it's mirrored counterpart. Placing his forehead down on the tabletop in a dramatic fashion and proclaiming into the surface.
"Thank Faranth we don't have fall tomorrow. I feel like I could sleep for a sevenday." Peeking up at K'sav with a cheeky wink. "I'm sure the feeling is mutual for you big guy."

He chuckled and rolled his head over to lay his cheek on the cool wood surface. Looking between the two. "My apologies to Illumeth by the way. He flew magnificently, it's a real shame he didn't win. Kyth may be my better half but even I can't say I have any real grasp on how she came to conclude who won. Not that I was particularly in a state to." He flashed a wry grin. Reaching out and dragging away an edge of K'sav's mashed tubers. Popping the finger into his mouth. Now that he was down in the dining hall he was hungry but too tired to go gather his own plate of food without a short rest. Leaving him to plague his friends once more with his chatter.

Turning his attention to Dilani with his an expression of ease. "Well I know he had a time today, so how about you Dilani? Did you have an enjoyable afternoon? Get yourself into any trouble?" He'd lifted his face when he'd stolen some of the bronzer's meal, his selection not exactly needing chewing, he instead rested his cheek on his hand while his elbow stationed itself on the table. "If you don't mind me prying of course."
He said with a little wink. He'd noticed the slight awkwardness, most of all from K'sav's posturing as he'd wandered over. A slight spark of little ideas starting to form in his head. They formed an itch he just had to scratch.
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Oh I’m certain there are. Illumeth chortled, Humans are quite.. creative when it comes to sharing their affections. He rumbled again, tail flicking against hers playfully.

Of course she was still worried. He didn’t blame her. If their situations were reversed he’d be beyond concerned. She deserved an explanation. But he was in no state to offer it to her. He took a breath, glancing towards her, meeting her eyes and attempted to give her a reassuring look, ”I’ll be alright, just need some sleep.”

Whatever ease he’d felt with Dilani’s presence was immediately stripped away as F’en approached. His flinch visible when the other man took his seat with all the flair K’sav had come to expect from him and just as disheveled as the bronzerider. When F’en looked up he found himself unable to meet the greyrider’s eyes, focusing instead on his plate, fingers clenched tight around his fork as he half heartedly stabbed at his food.

A flush colored his features, accompanied by the slightest of scowls when F’en rattled off about the events of the day. ”S’ better he didn’t win. He mumbled, tempted to chase away the other man’s finger with his fork but instead he found himself glancing up. Fully intending to openly glare at him but found himself drawn into watching F’en lick his finger clean. With nothing short of an annoyed huff he tore his gaze away and shoved his tray in F’en’s direction, part of him remembering that his friend hadn’t eaten since breakfast, the other deciding he wasn’t hungry after all.

He could have been nicer about it though. But he couldn’t take it back, between his headache and the lingering shame his anxiety was quickly turning into something else entirely at F’en’s teasing. It wasn’t right that they had to put up with his shuffling about in a constant state of being on edge, them getting to witness his normal flight state shift into something defensive wasn’t good for anyone involved.

Oh but of course F’en then turned his attention on Dilani next and K’sav’s earlier train of thought and the events of the day did nothing but spur assumptions of what the brunette could possibly mean when he mentioned ‘trouble’.

”She hid in her weyr all afternoon.” He snapped, Lou was at least helpful with providing some information even if he tended towards being a sneaky bastard when it came to his conversations with Aileenth. He found himself automatically turning his body towards Dilani as though to protect her. His shaking hand unclenched and left his lap to rest lightly at the small of her back, all but glaring at the greyrider seated across from him.
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Aileenth was settling quite nicely against Illumeth and cooed as his tail flicked against her's. Then F'en arrived. She had spotted him going into the caverns and thought nothing of it till she felt the discomfort coming from Dilani. Her Rider was suddenly on edge and listening in on what Dilani was hearing from F'en she could understand why. It made Aileenth huff and tap her claws on the ground with irritation. Her eyes swirling from calm blues to agitated yellows.

Dilani was happy to see F'en...but knowing what he'd been up to and the way he looked and the way he was talking made her squirm. She could have been fine and laughed it off to herself...if she hadn't noticed how much more unhappy K'sav got. She raised a brow as she watched how he was reacting to F'en's words and actions. Why was he so upset? Many different reasons went through her head and a couple of them actually made sense but made her squirm some more. Sexuality wasn't something she ever worried about...but while thinking of reasons for K'sav's sour mood she started to wonder. Her train of thought got completely derailed though when F'en started insinuating things.

Her face flushed and she visibly squirmed in her seat. Before she could try and defend herself though, K'sav was doing it for her. His words were appreciated and had her face burning even more...but his touch sent her body into a rigid state. The stiffness lasted only for a moment as her fears screamed in her ears, then she began to relax just a bit. The touch was light but she felt every inch of it. Panic was just under the surface as she tried to force herself to keep relaxed. He wasn't going to hurt her. He was a friend. He was a good person. The sky wasn't going to start falling just cause he touched her. She repeated these things in her mind and it seemed to work, though she still kept hyper focusing on the contact.

Meanwhile Aileenth was growling softly toward the cavern's entrance. She was NOT pleased with how the boys were making her Dilani feel. K'sav she could forgive at least a bit, he was defending her Little Light. Still, the whole situation had her ready to try and squeeze herself into that Dining Hall and bite some tailforks if she had to.
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