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-sk: Adoptable: Blue; wherling
Topic Started: Mar 10 2018, 12:32 PM (126 Views)
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always classy
Name: -sk

Age: Wherling (Hatched 3/10/18)

Color: Blue (#9900ff)


Posted Image

Were it not for the spattering of neon cerulean across his back and sides, one might be forgiven for thinking this wher to be an entirely new color as he is primarily a soft shade of purple, touched on his extremities and wingsails by a more powdery lavender. He is, in fact, a terrifically average blue in every other possible respect. His build is sleek for a wher but he his muscles are still very prominent and he's still as lovably lumpy and misshapen as the rest of his kind. At 11 feet in length, this blue isn't anything to write home about, but he's a perfectly sturdy fellow, ready to work hard.

Personality: Whers can be nearly as intelligent as dragons on rare occasions, and they're definitely far more crafty and smart than most of Pern gives them credit for. This wher...is not. In fact, he's more comparable to your average dog than a sentient draconic creature. He talks, just sparingly and in broken speech that is sometimes mixed up and wrong. New words are often picked up from his bonded's mind but he can't quite grasp how to use them in a proper sentence so if he does parrot things and he will from time to time it is totally out of place and wrong. He's a hard worker, eager to please and sugar sweet. Not a mean bone in this wher's body, and he has a unique fondness for babies of all shapes and sizes, an instinctual need to protect and mother them whenever they are encountered. This could extend to just anything he considers a baby not necessarily an adult. Fire lizards are always babies. And short humans? Also babies. He's definitely not the brightest crayon in the box.

Handler: Adoptable

Status: Newborn


Wher hatchings never lasted too long, and this one was definitely no exception. With only three eggs, the whole affair was nearly over quite quick compared to the more drawn-out and ostentatious affair that was a dragon hatching. The final egg had given a few solid wiggles while the first two had hatched, but had mostly stuck to a very slight rock. Now, it was as if the creature inside sensed that his siblings had hatched and he was alone, because the egg began to wriggle in earnest.

One claw pierced through the lumpy shell, then two, and then they punched through until a powdery lavender paw emerged. On the other side of the egg, this process was repeated, and then again with his back two feet. The egg wobbled over sideways and the result was the rather hilarious sight of a four legged egg, wiggling it's wet digits ineffectually at the world, quite stuck on its side. The egg stilled for a moment and then, as the hatchling gave a mighty arch of his back and began to writhe cracked neatly in half along the bottom.

Clawing his way free, the blue that stumbled keening and squeaking into the dimly-lit room was quite spectacularly colored....if average in size and proportion. He was mostly a stunning shade of unmistakable purple that faded into a more powdery lavender shade on the underside of his flexing wingsails and his other extremities. If it weren't for the spattering of brilliant neon cerulean across his back and sides, one might be forgiven for initially mistaking him for something new. He was, in fact, a terrifically average blue in every other respect. Compared to the brown that hatched moments before him, he seemed a bit scrawny, but those with a trained eye would recognize the strength in his stubby limbs and thick neck. He'd grow up to be perfectly capable...given the right handler.

The blue didn't need to think twice. In fact, it was debatable whether he thought much at all, as his new handler was sure to find out when he flopped across their shoes, tilted his head up, and opened his jaws wide in a demanding fashion. The touch of minds was gentle, actually quite jovial and adoring for a wher, but there was little in the way of wit or words from this creature. He managed only a simple, quiet plea:


Posted Image

Quiet, Gentle and Sweet, Exceedingly Dim-Witted
11 (feet)

Edited by Fishy, Mar 10 2018, 12:33 PM.
Posted Image
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