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Redamancy; Tag Ebby's Dilani
Topic Started: Feb 20 2018, 09:28 PM (353 Views)
That night. It still wasn’t fully clear in his head. He remembered hiding, remembered being unable to catch his breath, sliding slightly in and out of consciousness. But what he did remember was the warmth of F’en against his back, the gentle, also warm touch of Dilani’s small hand clasped in his own. How good it had felt to have his them there, to take such simple but profound comfort in the physical touch of his his friends. Truly, it was embarrassing how much he’d needed them. And yet he was grateful.

He’d woken feeling peaceful for once, if still emotionally exhausted from the previous night. Dilani had been curled so gracefully in his chair, wrapped in blankets, sleeping as best one might expect in a vertical position. F’en had been awake, he wasn’t sure the other man had slept judging by the bags under his eyes. But any concern he’d expressed had been brushed off with a dimpled smile and a wave.

He needed to thank them both, the urge practically ate at him beyond what simple words could express. It had been a few days, enough for him to overcome the mental exhaustion and come up with an idea for Dilani. He did remember upon their first meeting at the night hearth that Aileenth had mentioned how beautiful the stars were here in Vaioa. Though he wasn’t certain they were much different than they were in the high mountains, there was something about the cool desert air and the twinkling lights above in the moonless sky that sparked a familiarity to K’sav. Something about the idea of spending the evening with her had a slight blush warming his features as his long legs made the trek across the bowl to the entrance to the series of stairs and corridors that honeycombed the interior of the rock that held the weyrs belonging to the riders of Vaioa.

K’sav kept the teapot of near boiling water balanced carefully on the tray he’d pilfered, it was joined by two of its matching mugs as he made his way, gently, gently up the stairways and corridors. By some instinct or careful observation he made his way to the doorway of Dilani’s weyr, taking a moment to itch the fingers of one hand towards the center of gravity of the tray before his free hand knocked gently at the wood.

”Dilani! It’s me, K’sav!” He called lightly, shifting his hands so that the wavering tray wouldn’t escape him as he waited. "I brought tea if you'd like to share."
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Dilani had focused heavily on not driving herself insane with the intrusive thoughts that plagued her since that night her and F'en helped K'sav. Then the following day and night where she realized something very important. A growing fondness for K'sav that felt so unexpected and terrifying. What could even DO with such feelings? They'd only known each other for a short time in the grand scheme of things and she highly doubted he'd ever see her like that. Then there was the fact she didn't know why she worried about it so much. It was just a 'crush'. She'd seen how often 'crushes' came and went for other people. It wasn't like it was anything serious. Right?

Yet since her self discovery she couldn't stop thinking about it. Or HIM. It was incredibly distracting when all he had to do was smile at her and her head turned to mush. The whole thing seemed highly entertaining for her dragon though. Aileenth often put her two marks in about how 'adorable' it was. Dilani didn't think so. Dilani was scared to death of how he made her feel. Though she could hesitantly admit that not all of it was scary. Some of it was actually nice, if overwhelming for someone who had little experience with 'crushes' or the like.

That evening she'd tried to clear her mind so she could think and relax. Deep breaths and listening to Aileenth's soft humming. Then there was a knock on her door. It made her jump and she felt panic rising till she heard K'sav's voice. Then the panic wasn't just rising. It filled her brain with frantic buzzing. WHERE WERE HER PANTS?!

Aileenth watched with amused rumbling as Dilani jumped from her usual spot against her to running around the weyr for her clothing. Thankfully she kept it all in a neat stack. Not taking time to put anything else on she'd thrown on a somewhat loose blouse, and pants. THEN went for the door. Slowly. Hesitantly. It took some heavy nudges from Aileenth for her to grab handle and open the door.

Dilani peeked out and seeing K'sav really standing there with a tray full of things for tea she squeaked in surprise. Then felt her face already start growing warm as a blush spread across her cheeks. Still somewhat hiding behind the door she opened it further for him to come inside.

Sweet One! Do come in! She was JUST thinking about you.~ Aileenth burbled and got her Rider blushing even more.
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He could hear motion beyond the door, faint scuffling then silence, then the unmistakeable creak of the heavy door opening. He smiled warmly, seeing Dilani’s face peek out from behind it, her little squeak of surprise certainly catching his attention. Some small part of him wondered if she’d immediately slam the door on him. He’d arrived unannounced, again, shards he’d really need to break that habit. But to his relief she opened the door in invitation.

Nodding his thanks he carefully stepped into her weyr, maneuvering the so that it wouldn’t jostle or catch on the doorframe. Shards, if he dropped the darn thing in the final few feet to the nearby stand he’d never touch a teacup again. Besides, he’d spent far more on the beautiful brown and blue glazed set than he really should have. But he’d seen it and knowing Dilani’s growing fondness for teas, he just couldn’t resist.

”I… ah, well I thought we might as well try out the new tea set I got at the Gather. Mint and chamomile, hope that’s okay?” K’sav was floundering a bit, his original plan falling apart at the seams, his back now turned to her as he placed the tray down. ”Sorry for just showing up but,” He paused, pouring two generous mugs and adding a spoonful of sugar to each before stirring each in turn. ”Also… I wanted to, thank you. For the other night.” He spoke softly, turning to face her and pressing one of the mugs lightly into her hand.

”So, thank you. Truly. I know that must have been hard for you. And, I’m sorry you had to see me like that.” His soft smile faded replaced by a flush. He ducked his head, averting his eyes from hers, expression a mix of pain and guilt before he shook his head. He shrugged his arm, bringing attention to a thick woolen blanket he had thought to bring along and collected his own mug.

”Stars are nice tonight. Care to join me?” He questioned and gestured graciously out towards Aileenth’s ledge. A small nervous smile played across his features but his eyes were bright with hope that she might be so inclined.
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Dilani was glad Aileenth at least had the sense to welcome him in while she tried to hide her face in embarrassment. Why did he dragon insist on trying to give her a heart attack by saying things like that out loud? As K'sav entered she closed the door behind him and her hands fidgeted together watching him. The tea set looked amazing and it made her lips twitch into a ghost of a smile thinking he wanted to use it with her first. When he apologized for just showing up she bit her lip and tried to think of what to say when he thanked her. Her cheeks grew warm again and as he turned to give her one of the mugs she looked up at him. It always seemed that when words were needed most her courage faltered.

The mug felt warm in her hands. Looking into the still swirling liquid she tried to find her voice once again. But nothing sounded right to say. Looking up at him again she saw his smile falter and his cheek flush. The expression she saw there as he averted his gaze made her chest squeeze painfully. Before she could even try thinking of words again he was picking up his own mug and moving. All she could do was nod as he pointed to Aileenth's ledge.

They moved to the ledge and Dilani took her usual spot. Her legs comfortably dangling over the edge once she sat down. Aileenth was tempted to join them...but she felt they needed some privacy. She chose to send her Rider feelings of encouragement and courage. Nudging her to speak her mind. Dilani took a deep breath as K'sav sat near her and side-glanced at him.

"D-Don't be...sorry. Was h-happy to help." She clutched her mug as the words came out and she kept glancing between the tea inside it and K'sav from the corner of her eyes. "I-I know..." For a moment she paused and took another calming breath. "I know how it f-feels...I-I never h-had anyone to h-help me though..."

That's my Little Light! Aileenth said softly with great pride to Dilani alone. Her girl was opening up! This was such a big moment! It took everything to keep from humming loudly with delight.
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Following Dilani out onto Aileenth’s ledge, the bronzerider allowed the greyrider to pick her spot, K’sav settled next to her after placing the blanket between them with a pat. The nights were getting cold and acknowledging loose blouse she wore, he was glad he’d brought it for her. The red sweater he’d donned, one he’d carefully kept out of F’en’s hands, would keep him plenty warm. He let legs swing easily over the ledge, placing his hand behind him on the stone and reclining his weight against his arm, the other holding his tea resting lightly against his thigh.

He kept his posture relaxed as she started to speak but leaned in to listen, his full attention trained on her but careful not to stare. His soft easy smile faltered when she quietly stated she knew how he felt, concern flooding him even further when she admitted never having had any help. Part of him was relieved she understood but having intimate knowledge of the pain and fear that she’d gone through struck a blow. He had to quell his urge to reach out a comforting hand to her, tempting though it was, he had no desire to make her feel uncomfortable.

”Me neither, not until Lou. If not for him I’d still be alone. Never would have met you or F’en.” He paused, taking a quiet breath, his intent gaze searching Dilani’s face.

”Hey, you’re not alone anymore, if you ever need me, I’m here for you. Don’t be afraid to call me, okay?” This wasn’t just him being the good guy he was, wasn’t the offhand offer he’d given her when they’d first met. He meant it, if she called, if she needed him he’d drop everything and come running. He could feel the flush rising up his neck, thankfully the ruddiness of his skin would otherwise be masked by the darkness but he still nervously directed his attention back to his mug, taking a quick sip, attempting to hide the sudden nervousness.
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She'd had Aileenth. Like K'sav had Illumeth. But not for her whole life. Impressing her dragon had eased the frequency of her attacks greatly, but didn't stop them. She hadn't had one since moving to Vaioa. Which she was glad for but there were days she'd come close. Glancing at K'sav again she realized he was staring very intently at her. Looking back at him with a growing flush to her cheeks as he spoke of her not being alone anymore. Offering to be there for her. To just call him when she needed him and he'd be there. What a thought...To have someone willing to be there for you no matter what.

Isn't that what she had done? The moment she'd known K'sav was in trouble she'd dropped everything to help him. Exactly what she'd always wanted a friend to do for her. He was wanting that. To be that person for her too? Truly? It felt too good. But she had Aileenth in her head keeping her from denying it. Nudging her to accept that he meant it. She wanted to. Perhaps she would.

And he wasn't just a 'friend' to her now was he? No. She couldn't deny that either. He'd become something special to her. Thinking about it she felt her own face grow hot as a bright blush spread on her face. The lack of proper light and her own dark skin kept it from being very obvious but it was most definitely there. Glancing at him she tried to think of how she could express how important his offer was to her. What could she say? Her mind raced trying to find something and a memory sprung up like a beacon. Turning toward him and realizing he as...a lot closer than she'd normally let someone already she bit her lip and held up a hand to wave him closer.

It was a slightly jerky movement since she was extremely nervous but she was determined to do it. And in case he didn't quite know what she was saying...

She wants you to move closer and lean toward her.~ Aileenth chirped helpfully at K'sav. Dilani was unaware of her dragon's 'help' and simply waited for him to move himself closer before adjusting herself to press her forehead to his.

Dilani held that position for a far longer moment than he'd done the first time. But she still pulled away quickly, face burning hot, and trying to hide it with her mug of tea she started sipping at with great intensity. And only after a moment of her heart calming down from it's rapid beating did she speak in an incredibly soft voice.

"Thank you..."
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K’sav waited patiently, what exactly he was waiting for he wasn’t sure, some sort of acknowledgement, a flash of a smile, a nod perhaps. He hadn’t expected her to turn herself towards him and gesture him forward. Even without Aileenth’s explanation he was already shifting himself closer, his own eagerness to close the distance between them catching him off guard. He ducked his head lightly as he leaned in, eyes searching hers for any signal he might be doing something wrong. He stopped as she closed her eyes and moved forward, the next moment her forehead pressed to his. He closed his eyes and let out a breathy little noise, half laugh, half relieved sigh.

It struck him in that moment how far she’d come in such a short time. From hissing at F’en, flinching whenever in arms reach, silent except for when Aileenth spoke for her. The way he’d thought he’d messed up so bad when he’d done the exact same thing she just did when he’d thanked her for his necklace. The cactus incident. The warm comfort of her slim fingers entwined with his. He never could have imagined sitting on her ledge, their foreheads pressed together, breath mingling between them. He felt slightly giddy and he could feel Illumeth’s amused hum in the back of his mind, buoying the feeling to the forefront.

Warmth welled up in his chest as she pulled away, a sweet, slightly painful clench that left him lingering close, a soft smile etched on his face and eyes trained on her as she worked to calm herself. Her quiet thanks seemed to snap him out of the moment and he finally pulled away slightly with a shuddery breath though kept himself angled towards her and his hand remained resting in easy reach between them.

”You’re welcome.” His grin suddenly turned from sincere to cheeky, his tone of voice following the same trend. ”You know F’en is never going to let me live this down if he finds out. We need to think of something I can tease him back about.”
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Dilani felt her lips tug up into a small smile hearing him say 'you're welcome' and then turned to look at him when he mentioned F'en. The other young man had grown on her. He still got on her nerves sometimes but far less than when they first met. He'd helped her find sleep, he'd helped them when K'sav had fallen into the cacti, K'sav's attack...so far he'd proven time and time again that he was a truly good friend. Dilani could admit that she really cared about F'en too, even if his somewhat flamboyant nature made her want to groan at times.

Unable to think of anything else to say she just shrugged her shoulders and took a long sip of her tea. There was a tickle in the back of her head and she paused to listen.

You should ask him questions about himself! Get to know him! You know you want to.~ The meddling grey said with a gentle mental nudge at Dilani who looked at K'sav nervously.

'Nothing to fear...' The thought echoed in her head and she sipped her tea to give herself a moment to think before speaking quietly and carefully.

"What...what was your home like?" It as the only, and first thing, that popped into her head to ask. Was that a good question? Would he be upset? Aileenth soothed her but Dilani sat and worried till she got an answer.
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”Ah, Balen Hold, well it’s far different from Vaioa that’s for sure.” He took a sip of his cooling tea, glancing back over towards Dilani, his expression soft and his voice fond. ”It’s wet, cold, windy, winters are absolutely brutal. The people there are hardy and more optimistic though, if they are more than a little stuck in their ways.” His face soured momentarily before he relaxed again and gestured vaguely out into the bowl. ”Still getting used to all this. But I’m glad I decided to transfer here, if I hadn’t I might never have-”

He found his gaze meeting hers again and both his thoughts and words ground to a halt. His heart gave another slightly painful clench and he unconsciously bit at his lower lip as he gazed at her, lit by nothing but starlight, loose dark hair cascading over slim shoulders. Her clean white blouse standing in stark contrast to the warm tone of her skin. And her eyes… What had he been about to say?

Illumeth hummed quietly somewhere in the back of his mind but otherwise kept quiet. But the intrusion was enough to snap him out of wherever his thoughts were going. K’sav shivered slightly, having less to do with the cold and more with the feelings he’d need to sort out later.

”Ah, it’s getting cold let me...” Setting aside his mug he reached between them for the blanket, unfurling it with a quick flick of his wrist, he carefully draped the thick woolen fabric around her petite form. He was, as always, careful not to touch or jostle her and had to briefly resist the urge to wrap a strong arm about her waist and pull her to him.

He rubbed at the back of his neck before retrieving his mug once more, thoughts still scattered. ”So,” He began awkwardly, ”Anything you miss about your old home?”

Back in his weyr Illumeth snorted but otherwise didn’t stir, still there was an obviously amused tone to his voice as he reached out privately to Aileenth. All that fuss and that’s the best he’s able to come up with.
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Dilani was watching K'sav and listening to his words carefully. Wanting to soak up and hold onto all the information she could about him. Living in Ista she didn't experience the same kind of 'winter' as K'sav did. Her home was of a warmer climate and what little snow she'd EVER seen was short lived or more like really cold rain. She definitely understood the whole 'stuck in their ways' thing. Her parents were the same. So had been everyone else. She had hated it. When she heard his words cut off she glanced at him with a raised brow. Was something wrong? Why was he looking at her like that? For some reason it made her cheeks grow warm and her brain feel like it was chasing it's own tail in circles.

In the back of her head Aileenth was chuckling and keeping her calm with soothing thoughts. Her blush remained as K'sav seemed to snap out of it and mentioned it being cold. It WAS getting nippy out...which...reminded her that she wasn't wearing her wrap or undies under her current clothing. That made her blush even worse. How embarrassing! No wonder he was staring! As she felt the urge to cover herself K'sav was putting the blanket he brought around her. She took note how he made sure not to touch her and as the blanket settled around her shoulder she felt a smile tug at the corners of her lips. To try and hide how pleased his consideration made her she went to take a sip of her tea...and then nearly choked.

His question about her old home made her wince and she lowered her mug to look down at it with a clearly sad look on her face.

"No. There isn't. My...my home wasn't nice. It was...cold...but not like yours was. I..sometimes miss my old Weyr...but...I prefer here." It was all she could think to say about it. Perhaps she could have given more details but she wasn't sure how.

Aileenth cooed from where she was in the weyr and then hummed hearing Illumeth's message. He's doing fiiine. At least Dilani hasn't kicked him out! She needs...encouragement though.
She's trying really hard not to show how much she likes him. It's rather amusing.
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