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a desert triumvirate of Hold, Weyr, and Mine. Thread's return and bandit raiding brought strife between weyr and hold, but the bandits' recent defeat has returned the region to an uneasy peace. Now, a shipwreck on a forgotten continent and the decision to settle this rediscovered land has opened up a world of opportunity to Vaioa, if only they can handle the dangers.

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Brave and Braving; @ Open!
Topic Started: Feb 15 2018, 06:38 PM (42 Views)
The Bounce
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Akinyi had heard the phrase 'curiousity'll kill the feline' on more than one occasion, though she wasn't sure quite what it was alluding to. For one, how in all of Pern did a feeling kill something? A simple thought, she knew, but it didn't seem worth the effort of more complex thinking, really.

Secondly, what on Pern was wrong with curiousity as a feeling, anyway? So long as you weren't being nosy about people's things, the little Candidate didn't see how it could have any negative associations at all. If anything, it seemed like a remarkably helpful trait to have -- didn't curiousity help people find new things, think up new things, consider new things? Didn't seem like the world would function too well without it.

And of course, there was the most obvious factor, one she'd considered for a long time before biting the bullet and indulging her burning desire to know more: if curiousity was indeed a killer, it was a poor one. Because she wasn't dead yet, and should have been Turns ago if there was any logic in this whole, ridiculous concept.

Still, she had hesitated at first. Only, mind, because of the manner in which the Hatching Sands was spoken of. Reverently, sometimes in hushed tones, a hallowed, almost sacred ground where prayers were answered and shattered and instinct was lordly consort to blood's Queen. A place Akinyi had only heard of in stories about the campfire at night, some with truth to them and some clearly old wive's tales.

She'd questioned others about it, once she was certain she wasn't about to be eaten should she step foot out of the Candidate Barracks and/or the relative safety Karnial and Bremorth's presence (surprisingly) offered her. Of course she had. But even then, the diminutive girl-child had been dissatisfied.

After all, this was the place she'd be ending up at some point. And even if dragonets were far smaller than the adults she'd seen, the scout in her needed to at least know something of what was going to be put before her.

And so here she was. Peering cautiously into the empty Grounds from her vantage point at the entrance. Taking in the wide ocean of sand, the groove and dale of every particle disturbed over time by nature and, more recently she imagined, by an errant dragon here and there. Maybe a fire lizard too; if the Sands were indeed as comfortable as intended in their purpose, it wouldn't surprise her if the little draconic cousins sometimes used them too.

Kin glanced back briefly, and after a long moment and a deep breath, slipped into the cavern.

And felt she understood, if only on the most base level, why people sometimes spoke of the place in hushes.

It wasn't the immensity that did it, or even the dim lighting. It wasn't even the rows of seating, up and up and up into darkness, or the faint, mysterious burn of the sand through the soles of her boots (a precaution taken after one too many comments about the heat of the blasted place). It wasn't even quite the air itself, though that seemed the closest to an answer for the pressure of the place at present. As if lingering on stories before, and stories to come, she mused, even as she crinkled her nose at her own wild imaginings.

In fact, Kin wasn't entirely sure what it was, bar it being a feeling, one as indecipherable as curiousity. More so. It made her exhale a breath she hadn't even known she'd been holding, and lean against the wall behind her with something like wonder on her plump features.

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Istioth raised his head, slightly tilted as he considered the scene below. Weyrlings played in the bowl, unaffected as yet by the incipient famine, older dragons lounged on ledges and the rim and, at the hatching cavern entrance, a shape moved. He zeroed in on this movement, there were no eggs on the sands and it was unusual to see people just popping in and out. Aha, one of the candidates. She'd do no harm, not if she hoped to Impress but, he supposed, he should let Kirtesh know. She'd probably be grouchy as she was napping, but she should know.

Kirtesh, I hate to disturb your slumbers his voice was rich with suppressed laughter if you could stop drooling onto my back for a few moments, there's a candidate in the hatching grounds.

Kirtesh shot upright. "Wan't drooling" she stretched, wiping her mouth with her hand to be sure, glaring at the delighted blue and green eye that was turned upon her as Kirtoth fixed her with an amused gaze. "Stop that" she smacked him gently on the snout, laughing as he sneezed indignantly and withdrew his head. "A candidate in the hatching grounds you said? Which one?"

He sent her the image and she nodded. "Come on then, we'll go make sure all is ok." How long had she napped, she wondered. The sun didn't seem to have moved that much. She'd only meant to sit up in the waning sun for a little, she was so cold these days. Shorter rations would do that, she supposed. She sat up from her lounge, and snapped her chest rig to Istioth's harness, just in time as the blue threw himself off the rim, gliding downwards to land softly outside the hatching cavern's entrance.

"Wait here, I'll go in and check all is ok, don't want you trampling about and scaring anyone." Istioth nudged her in gentle rebuke and she clapped him on the shoulder. "I'll be right out."

Her soft step and wish to not disturb the candidate too much conspired to make her silent as one of the felines that slunk about, and the candidate, Akinyi she thought, was unaware of her presence. She'd normally have cleared her throat but it seemed like a solemn moment that shouldn't be disturbed. When the girl leaned back against the wall and exhaled loudly, Kirtesh spoke, smiling to ease any worries.

"It gets you like that doesn't it, all the years and hatchings past, they seem to pile up."
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