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Sheets of Black & Blue; @Open
Topic Started: Feb 4 2018, 02:35 AM (120 Views)
The Bounce
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note. Listening to this cover of Kiss the Rain by Yiruma if you're interested, because I am determined to get this gorgeous aforementioned cover out there for other people to enjoy. <3

It was the ultimate fit of irony to...anyone, really. That he liked the rain. But hated getting wet.

But there it was. S'an was not a fan of getting wet, and only ever did so willingly when he needed to bathe Pliadeth. He'd have happily avoided bathing himself if he could have, but if nothing and nobody else could make him do so, it was the completely contrary dislike for covering his belongings in dirt, oil and muck that forced him into taking baths-- usually when Pliadeth did, mind. But the black dragonet had learned young not to provoke anything remotely resembling a water fight, just as his fire lizards had (though Joss, as per usual, liked to test the...er, waters, on occasion still).

But for the most part, they'd figured it out. There wasn't a water fight worth the between black foulness of mood that would come over their human if he was wet outside of the need to be.

And if looking doubly conscious of his dragon's hygiene and needs because of that kept others off his back was one of the side effects of all of the aforementioned, then so much the better.

Thankfully, his diminutive life mate was both endlessly forgiving and a mish-mash of traits that made him as easy-going as they did rife with personal insecurities, and so Pliadeth seemed neither ruffled by S'an's preferences nor did he seem inclined to try at all to change the aforementioned about his 'rider. If it had provoked a long chat that had been required so that the Black dragonet would neither take such pet hates personally nor think he himself had to be deprived of what he deemed fun, then so be it. And it had, one among many such chats.

S'an smiled wryly to himself, his head lifting from his knees from where he had been watching the rainstorm with half-lidded eyes from the barracks entrance way. It had been unsettling at first, to be so easily swayed by the feelings of another, and he imagined if it had been anyone else, he'd have been nowhere near as tolerant for so long of their myriad concerns. No, he knew he wouldn't have been, but as with most things when it came to his dragon, he'd learned to accept without thinking too hard on the many things a man was willing to accept when it came to life with one of Pern's protectors.

'Even if you don't much look it yet,' S'an observed, not quite masking one of his own myriad concerns as Pliadeth came bumbling up, still sleepy from the morning class. The little dragonet peered at the rain before snorting in the same soft, if more mildly derisive manner, he'd picked up early on from his surly rider, shifting closer so that he could place his head first on S'an's shoulder, and then more impudently on top of his head.

I couldn't do this to you when I hatched. Pliadeth rumbled with amusement when S'an's hand swatted at him, nipping playfully at the protesting fingers before lowering his head back to his favoured place upon the lad's shoulder. I know I will definitely never be as large as Minth or, well certainly not Philliath, but I find I am okay with this. It is not the way of a black dragon to be large and slow.

'Don't you mean large and strong?' That was said with a frown, but there was no denying the malicious grin, if kept hidden outwardly, that circulated through S'an's thoughts at Pliadeth's words. That elicited another soft snort from the dragonet, the shake of his head both at his rider's off-key sense of humour and at the query.

No, large and slow. I will be large enough to carry you in time, and I will always be fast doing so, if not always graceful. The self-depreciating comment amid the show of confidence was familiar but no less unsettling, and S'an's frown was easily seen outwardly as he gently knuckled a cheek that was still, he felt, far too easy to reach for a dragonet that was pushing the latter half of the Turn in months. There was no point arguing the matter, though, or not when Pliadeth was in good spirits; he was right, anyway, for though it was only a meagre eleven feet at present, the Black was nowhere near the diminutive size he'd been when his new 'rider had literally carried him off the Hatching Sands.

Can I go out, by the way? I know you hate getting wet, but-- Pliadeth shuffled his wings, attempting to look blithe even as his jewelled eyes whirled faster with a pleading that could only be described as puppy-like. It took all of a minute of such a staring contest for S'an to give in, though he'd likely not admit even to himself that it had been his intention in the first place. Pliadeth shone with both health and the oiling he'd had earlier in the day, but even a quick touch to check evidenced to the weyrling rider that the oil had long since dried, and would not be ruined by such a jaunt.

'I think you're strange for wanting to do so...just don't get too muddy.' That was greeted with a croon and a happy little jig, Pliadeth waddling out into what seemed immediately to become a deluge of sky water. As if to welcome the little dragonet as he promptly began pawing at the nearest puddle he could see...or making him even more difficult to dry off later on, S'an thought with sour amusement.

When the little Black pounced for the ripples in the puddle, though...well, it'd take the hardest heart on all of Pern not to smile at the squeaky growl that followed.

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Don't fall asleep, Avyn. I don't think that position would be very comfortable for you. Philiath mused calmly, slowly turning her head to gaze down at her rider, and blow a puff of hot air into her hair.

'Mmm. I'm not.' Avyn responded, laying precariously on top of the gold's back, 'This sevenday has been exhausting and I'm due for a break.'

Weyrwomen never take breaks, or sleep. Don't you know that? Philiath snorted teasingly.

'Good thing we're not weyrwomen yet. And by that standard, you haven't exactly been dutiful, Miss 'I've outgrown most of the Weyrlingmasters' dragons and used to sleep every few hours'.' Avyn rubbed at Philiath's neck affectionately, trying to slide off of her gracefully, and failing. The goldweyrling let out a small yelp as she landed half on her back on the floor.

Philiath recoiled in mock hurt, Oh, you wound me!

'On that note...maybe I'm not fit to be a junior weyrwoman..' She righted herself to sit on her haunches, fiddling with her thumbs.

What makes you say that? This was a conversation with which Philiath was familiar. That did not make her tone any less genuine or calm.

'Do I seem like leader material? A woman who hides in herself? Who doubts other people's intentions every time? I haven't even formed any worthwhile bond, Philiath!' She threw up her arms in frustration, deciding to take off her boot at throw it at the door. She winced, and hoped no-one heard that.

Well....yes. You do. That's why I picked you, dear. Golds don't pick people who can't lead. and it is not your fault that people have treated you poorly to act this way. And you have formed bonds. You've talked to Syrsha, and you've found a friend in Killaca and Minth; A friend that will no doubt be useful after you graduate. You have the core of a leader, and empathetic and kind one. A diplomatic one. Is that not what the Weyr needs?

'Yeah, guess so.' Avyn admitted, frowning. She hated thinking this way about herself. but...she had made progress over the almost eight months. She was more confident, arguably. Avyn had also learned a lot about the Weyr and the other Weyrs, their history...dragonhealing...It was progress. and She would work hard to make more. Anything to get away from this miserable self-loathing that had been a part of her for so long now.

The weyrling jumped when Philiath abruptly rose, nudged open the ajar door, and calmly made her way through the corridor. Avyn blinked, perplexed. 'What.'

because we are not Weyrwomen yet, not only do we get to sleep...we get to have a break! come on. you can hear the rain better in the commons; it's so relaxing. I think there's someone else out there, too.

Avyn gave up arguing, and followed her gold all the way into the commons room. She gave a brief greeting to S'an, but was interrupted when Philiath continued her way outside of the barracks.

Hello S'an, I hope you are well. I wouldn't stay outside for too long if you do go, I think I remember Avyn telling me once that people get sick when they get cold and wet. of course she remembered. Avyn had a rather poignant experience with water that involved moderate hypothermia and a sprained ankle, but Philiath would never give away secrets that Avyn wanted to keep. Avyn smiled gratefully at the gold, and finished making her way to the blackweyrling.

"Yeah I guess not dying is kind of recommended. Dying via rain is rather unheroic, though." It...wasn't anywhere close to a good conversation topic, so maybe she could try connecting to S'an more, "Do..uh...are you afraid of storms? or rain? My big brother hates them. when we were little he tried to keep me inside all the time during a storm, insisting that he was keeping me safe from some weird beast that only came out when it rained." She laughed lightly, frowning upon remembering how strong her connection was to her brothers when she was little, "I mean, he doesn't anymore. Just...people have their issues." At this point, Avyn was certain that S'an thought she was weird, or socially awkward all the time.

Pliadeth, hello, brother! May I join you? Philiath asked tentatively, keeping her distance from her smaller brother. Not that she had any siblings larger than her. Playfully, she rose to her feet to pounce on some other, larger puddles, covering up to her elbows with a mix of mud and dirty water. this is fun! We must do this more often!

"She. is going to take forever to clean off."

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Though it was partly his fault, what with the not quite paying attention to the world beyond the rain and his dragon, S'an also wasn't expecting a female voice to suddenly dominate his mind. Philiath was quite a bit more strident than his own soft-spoken, contemplative life mate, ironically drowning out any notice of Avyn's greeting in the process; the phantom prickle at the back of his head letting him know he'd thwacked it lightly on the arch way, and the queen's rider was given quite the reproachful stare in lieu of Philiath herself for having notably startled the pants off of him.

But then they both seemed to be talking, or perhaps that was his mind simply catching up with the shift in the present environment. Suitable effort was exerted on the Black weyrling's behalf to not snip back testily, mind, to at least remember that Philiath was as much a baby as Pliadeth (and not his responsibility to be firm or cranky with anyway), and though he tuned out the first sentence or two from Avyn almost automatically, S'an took pains to at least consider what the Gold was saying to him.

'Mine calls it...uh, hypothermia. And that you have to be disgustingly unlucky to come down with that on a day like today. He couldn't say he'd ever experienced it himself, mind, though he'd wondered on occasion if he actually could, considering the environment he'd spent his childhood in. Of course, that was a stupid notion, though one that made Pliadeth giggle mentally before the young man was able to mask it from any prying dragon minds entirely; S'an wrinkled his nose at his dragon before deciding to tune back into the human company present.

Wow, she's still going.

And looking fit to burst already, so perhaps reconsider frightening her off. Pliadeth wrinkled his nose in a reasonable facsimile of the same expression his rider had worn previously, before fluttering his starlight-burst wings happily to Philiath. She was indeed a lot louder than he was, but she was ever so kind to him whenever they were in each other's company...and there was something novel, really, about a shining, elegant gold being so willing to play in the mud with him.

It has been so icky lately that I just had to come out here. The water is cool *and* warm at the same time; isn't that fascinating? Pliadeth balanced on his hind legs, though he still didn't quite escape the small deluge her antics splashed him with. Not that he seemed to mind, even chirping a little before lowering himself once more. There's one forming over there! Get it!

"That's your *issue* then, isn't it." S'an couldn't quite keep the smirk from his face, content to be self-satisfied in the notion that, in this at least, having a pint-sized dragon was not a bad thing. It faded some as he considered what he had heard of her attempts at conversation-- or at least, the behaviour behind it, and though S'an himself was no observant savant when it came to others, the words at least were contemplative...if very honest.

"But I suppose so. You blithering and twitching there is an issue," he shrugged a shoulder idly, "And I'm sure someone around here would find it an issue, but I can't say I'm bothered enough about it to make an actual issue out of you doing it. Everyone's got to have an opinion though, unfortunately. Don't worry about it."

He blamed the weather for it. Maybe Pliadeth's happy presence.

Not for the honesty, mind, or anything related to it. More for the fact that he was bothering to even remotely encourage engaging helpfully in the first place. I think it was a miscommunication on both sides, looking at it though; I was under the impression Philliath had spoken
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