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Weyrling Lesson: First Flight; Sardonyx Class, Month 7
Topic Started: Jan 17 2018, 08:44 PM (362 Views)
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The Celibate Scientist
You told them not to-
None of the weyrlings have eaten this morning, Elokith confirmed, a little waspishly. I reminded them twice.
His rider was being awfully fussy this morning, and the brown was growing increasingly irritated as the morning wore on. He and J'nai had taken countless classes through their first flights, over the years, and they'd never had any trouble. Why J'nai thought today might be any different-
We've been lucky not to run into any problems, J'nai interrupted, frowning up at his dragon. Unmanned flights weren't as risky as manned ones, for the weyrlings, but he'd been a weyrlingmaster long enough to know there was always something that could go wrong.

Making one last adjustment to Elokith's harnass, he clambered up to sit on the brown's shoulder, which wasn't as easy as it used to be. He was feeling his age a bit, this morning, and he settled onto El's back with a sigh.
Okay, we're ready to go here. Call 'em over.

Sardonyx class, J'nai and I are waiting for you, Elokith said, broadcasting an image of the path that lead up to Vaioa's mine. He was laid out a short distance away from it, easily visible in the open expanse of the weyrbowl. Please assemble quickly. We will need to make the most of our lesson time, today - you will be learning to fly.

✓Avyn & Gold Philiath
✓Killaca & Garnet Minth
✓Singrid & Copper Wiliath
Syrsha & Brown Kalayth
✓Miyaro & Grey Feliceth
✓R'vis & Grey Alasanth
A'shir & Blue Kasmyth
T'vil & Blue Eazarth
--- & Green Talath
✓S'an & Black Pliadeth
A'den & Black Ezvanth
B'wen & Black Tristonth
Minoh & Graphite Tirath
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Caylan & Grey Parath | El'jir & Blue Morrith
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J'phel & Black Davoth | I'vend & Graphite Rerioth
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The Anxious One!
-Killaca and Minth

Minth sat in the morning sun, soaking in the rays while she occasionally glanced at the food ledge. They had been told not to eat this morning but that didn’t mean she wasn’t getting hungry. She let her inner eyelids close, sighing deeply.

Killaca was walking out of the barracks, having changed from her oily shirt into a cleaner one. Keeping Minth clean and oiled was becoming a bigger chore. Her dragon now about the size of a small green.

When Elokith called to the class, Killaca barely had a chance to get to her dragon before Minth was trotting off.

Minth had sprung up like a coiled spring, her eyes spinning with excitement. Hurry Mine! We get to fly today!!!! Well I get to fly today she said, breaking into her odd draconic run. She could see were Elokith was a wanted to get there as fast as she could.

Killaca jogged after her dragon, a grin tugging at her lips. Don’t hurt yourself before you even get there! she said, trying to not laugh at her dragon’s gait, since it would wind her before they even made it to where the lesson was. Minth normally was quite graceful on the ground, but not running. Her oddly gangly dragon, who was getting goofy growth spurts, had some trouble keeping from over her own feet at times. Hopefully once she was done growing she would be able to be graceful anywhere, but then again some dragons were just klutz.

Minth rumbled at her rider, almost tripping in a divot in the ground in the process. She caught herself before her nose hit the dirt but it was not a very graceful thing to do.

They walked the rest of the way up the hill, Killaca finally close enough to place her hand on the base of Minth’s neck. Killaca smiled at the Weyrling Master and said, “Good morning, Sir!” she couldn’t help but feel herself wiggling her hand that wasn’t on Minth, with excitement.

Minth crooned a greeting to the Weyrling Master and said, Good morning, Elokith! A fine day to learn to fly, if I do say so myself. Her tail was twitching with excitement, practically prancing in place. She rustled her wings, ready to use them instead of her feet for once.
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The Bounce
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.:. S'an & Pliadeth .:.

But if I fall, or can't get off the ground at all...

You're being daft. S'an's voice was clipped as he gave one last swipe of the cloth over Balu's perpetually itchy stomach, but he'd long ago learned (all seven months of that long ago, was the wry aside) that even when it sent his Black partner into the occasional sulks, responding directly and sharply was the only way to head Pliadeth off when he was headed into the tangled clump of his mind-- their mind-- that was riddled with every possible thing that could go wrong and lead to potential failure.

Yet despite the harshness of the remark, the lad's hand was gentle on the warm hide of the dragonet, scratching along the ridge of Pliadeth's nose in a manner that immediately turned a wounded snort into a heaving sigh, the effect immediate in the manner in which the Black's entire form loosened to the very manner in which he walked, cautious but no longer hunched into himself as they followed the semi-distant form of the Garnet class mate that S'an could only identify with a question mark as Minth (if not the rider) and which Pliadeth absently confirmed while he sorted through the last dregs of the concern that had plagued him the moment Elokith had revealed what today's lesson would bring.


I'm not--


Pliadeth sighed. I suppose so long as I pay mind to the air currents and avoid the down drafts...

You also have wings, you pillock.

Right, those too. The black dragonet had the grace to look sheepish. He still continued with his quiet talk of wind currents and drafts and things only a dragon's eyes could see -- half to himself, though S'ain tuned out mostly to the rest of it with a roll of his eyes as, finally, they came to a stop where the Weyrlingmaster and his dragon now waited. It was tempting, once there, to make use of Pliadeth's growing form -- much larger every day, but it made for a comfortable place to sit against -- but a glance at J'nai made even S'an reconsider the idea and stay standing straight -- indolence, he figured sourly, even against one's own's dragon, would earn him trouble with this particular gnarly old stump, and he wasn't overly feeling like dealing with that today; if only because while he'd kept it securely to the back of his mind and away from Pliadeth, he was just as concerned and anticipatory as his dragon for what was to come.
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"Now you just wait a minute Feliceth!" Miyaro grabbed the suddenly in motion dragon, although her weight would hardly make a difference to the youngster. At nearly 16 feet long she was long enough to dwarf Miyaro but at only 4 foot at the shoulder, she was short enough that Miyaro could at least get her attention. The grey stopped, craning her head back to look at her rider in surprise.

But we're going to FLY! I can't be late, everyone will be upset if I make them wait. A note of uncertainty crept into the grey's voice. What if I can't do it?

Miyaro hurried to catch up with Feliceth's head and hugged it to her in a gentle embrace, smiling as her bonded relaxed, the uncharcteristic worry melting away to be replaced with a bubbling excitement that percolated through to the rider.

"Now, just let me wipe off the last of that oil and we'll go." She swiped at the grey muzzle with her cloth and then dropped it next to a wall, she'd get it when they got back. She stepped backwards, looking critcally at Feliceth who lifted her neck, deepened her chest and stood as straight as possible.


You look wonderful to me my love. Come on, let's get going!
Infected by the excitement from her dragon, Miyaro took off at a very un-Miyaro-like run, with Feliceth swiftly overtaking her.

They arrived with a few others before them and Miyaro was first to slow, causing Feliceth to nearly run her over, sliding to a stop on her haunches and rearing above her rider.

Well done on that stop Feliceth

Feliceth snorted, nuzzling at her rider's hair, nudging her forwards.

We're here, I have not eaten, I was told. Hello everyone!

Miyaro took in a breath and stood beside her dragon, looking to the left and right. "Good morning Weyrlingmaster, Elokith, Classmates."

When do we start?
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R’vis scanned over Alasanth’s 17.5 foot length, and a shoulder that still only came up to his chest, and felt a distinct pain of worry over the lesson planned for the day. He felt sure that if he were a dragon he’d have been muscular and flying before all the rest, but his Alasanth was a lady, dainty and proper, even if she was also going to get potentially twice as long. Was she really up to the precarious task of flight yet?

“You know, if you want I’m sure we could ask the weyrlingmaster to give us another sevenday of..wing exercises.” Which now seemed awfully important in a way they had not before. Now he was eyeing the heights that dragons were regularly launching from as the weyr’s morning progressed, and fear for Alasanth’s safety stayed any enthusiasm he might have had.

Alasanth, meanwhile, always placed importance on her exercises, and had done plenty. While she was somewhat hungry given Elokith’s instructions, that was a sensible precaution for their lesson. A grumbly stomach was worth going airborne for the first time. R’vis’ apprehension washed over her but had no effect on the grey. While the human side of the weyrling’s pair might be there for support, the real work would come from her today, and she had plenty of confidence in herself.

Pick up the pace, we can’t be late. She said shortly, the silhouettes of the brown who would teaching them and her siblings in view but still too far to make out precisely who had already arrived.

"But what if you fall? What if you get hurt?" This was a new set of emotions for R'vis. His sister he'd protect if necessary, but also knew for a fact she could take care of herself in a scuffle. Alasanth was...well, she was closer then that, somehow, and the idea of her experiencing pain struck fear into him in a manner he'd never felt for himself. The idea of losing her (like he'd lost so many others now) was simply unthinkable. "Maybe we could wait until I can fly with you." Because if he were along he could stop anything from going wrong, somehow.

Alasanth stopped, sighed, and turned to look at the unlikely man who she had chosen. Trust me today. I trust you to succeed even when you forget certain lessons as soon as we're done with them, you'll remember the important things. I will fly and fly well, and if something were to happen Elokith would help me. It'll be okay.

After that they walked in silence until they reached the group, where R'vis make polite greetings all around, if while looking paler then usual. Alasanth did the same, with a cheerful Good morning everyone! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone soar through today's lesson. She only had to repress a mild chuckle over her pun.

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Are you ready, Avyn?

'I'm hardly the one who needs to be ready, Philiath.' Avyn remarked, searching for the boots she knew were in her quarters somewhere. She was genuinely excited to see her Gold fly finally, even though she could've sworn that would be a month from now, and not on the seventh month. Whatever--Philiath was already pretty muscular, even only blue-sized she could probably wrestle most blues and small browns to the ground. not that she would.

She was going over 31 feet now, but it would probably be her next month when she finally reached into a brown's size range. But for now Avyn was comfortable with her dragon's growth. It was obvious that she was not going to be dainty. She wondered if at this rate Philiath would outgrow her mother. Either way, Philiath would be a strong flier. That's what golds had to be.

"I can't wait til I get to join you," Avyn said as the two exited the barracks, trying to ignore Philiath's hunger pangs.

Maybe, when you graduate, you'll be able to fly with how much work you have to do. Philiath mused as they made their way up the hill towards their classmates.

'In my dreams, maybe.' Avyn responded cordially, gently nudging her gold's crimson legs with her arms. 'I'll be content when I'll be on your back and we can just. fly. I'll have more free time, too.'

What, you mean you don't enjoy shoving large pieces of meat into my mouth? every single day? How dare you.

'you have no idea how many new shirts i'll have to buy because the blood didn't clean out all the way, Philiath. Besides, I'm quite excited to see how graceful you'll be in the air.'

Philiath snorted in amusement, taking her place beside Minth. Avyn, 'big Gold' and 'graceful' generally do not go well together. I am meant to be a powerhouse. and I am quite happy with that. Give the bronzes a run for their money, right?

'no bronze in their right mind would upset a Queen.' Avyn said, and nodded respectfully to the weyrlingmaster in charge of their lesson for today. It was nice to be in a good mood for once. Philiath was happy, she was happy.

"Hey Killaca," and for once, the weyrling turned to look at her fellow classmate in the eye and smiled brightly, "Excited to see Minth fly? She'll do great."

Excuse me, but I do believe encouraging Minth is my job, Philiath cast her mock-stern gaze down at her rider, before beaming at her garnet sister, I think it is about time that we learned how to make use of our wings, hmm? I for one think you'll do wonderful. Even if this is probably just going to be gliding.

Philiath turned her head around to gaze at her other siblings: Alasanth, Feliceth, Pliadeth. She wondered when the rest of them would make their appearance, but nonetheless the gold hummed with pride. Today is the day that we all get to pass with flying colors! Unlike alasanth, she didn't bother biting back a cheeky grin.
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Wiliath wasn't in any great hurry, and for that Singrid was grateful. He was surprisingly agile, for such an ungainly-looking creature, but she still worried - particularly on long treks across the weyrbowl.

He'd hatched slender and lanky, large for his color for all that he'd been crammed into a too-small egg, and Singrid had been waiting patiently for him to fill out ever since. Get a little taller, grow into his ludicrously-long tail, etc. She'd been beset with worry from the moment they walked off the Sands together - he could trip over that ungainly limb, or trip her. What if he lost track of the sharding thing and hurt himself? Faranth knew he could cause untold property damage simply by turning around too quickly.

But no matter how much he ate - and he ate a lot, Faranth, he was a bottomless pit - he didn't seem to be growing in any of the directions she might have hoped for. He got a little round about the middle after a meal, as all the hatchlings did, and for every foot he gained in height, he quickly grew another in length. He was every bit as ridiculous-looking now as he'd been on Hatching Day.

But there was still time. He had a turn left of growing to do, or so the weyrlingmasters said. She'd just have to wait it out and hope for the best - and hope Wiliath didn't catch onto her less-charitable thoughts, too, whenever he happened to look particularly ungainly.

Judging by the haughty looks he kept sliding in her direction, she wasn't having much success with that second thing, this morning. Nevertheless, there was a spring in his waddling step, and excited blues dotting his eyes.

Are you sure you're ready, love? Singrid asked, fretting now for a different reason. She rested a hand on his shoulder, looking over his freshly-oiled hide with a frown. Your wings are sort of, um. Narrower than the other weyrlings'. Do you feel like they can hold you?
There isn't a doubt in my mind, was Wiliath's arch reply. And if there were, it wouldn't matter. I will not, under any circumstances, stay grounded while the rest of our class goes flying, thank you.
Singrid snorted, amused in spite of herself.
And how long have you had that little speech prepared?
You've been worried about this lesson, he accused, a sullen note in his voice. Did you think you could hide it from me?
Well, no, Singrid admitted, a little sheepishly. But I'll bet most of the others are worried, too, you know. It's not like I think they can all do it and you can't, or anything, I just... It's not like with the food, or the bathing and oiling. I can't really help you with this. At all.
Well, lucky for us, I won't require your help, the copper declared, not a little smugly, as they arrived at the mine path at last.

They weren't the last of their classmates to show, but it was a near thing. They hardly had time to offer everyone a 'good morning', in fact, before J'nai cut in, calling for everyone's attention.

Standing up on Elokith's shoulder, he surveyed the gathered weyrlings with a stern frown - his usual expression, which they'd no doubt be accustomed to by now.

"All right, everyone, listen up. As you know, your dragons are gonna be flying today - and I hope you all set aside some time this morning for those wing exercises we've been on your case about. If any of you have been slacking on those, it's gonna show - and I don't want to hear any complaining about pulled muscles, either."
We understand you're very excited, Elokith cut in, tone gentle. But your first attempt at flight will surely be clumsy, so we're going to need to do this one at a time.
"Dragons - you'll be flying, in as straight a line as you can manage, from here to the herdbeast pens," J'nai continued, waving towards the corrals on the far side of the weyrbowl. "Take as much time as you need, but try to stay airborne as long as you can. I suggest you get a running start, before you try'n take off."
Riders, you may stay here if you wish, or you can walk down to meet your dragons at the pens. Once we've all flown the length of the weyrbowl once, we'll turn around and come back.
"There's gonna be a lot of waiting around, folks, so get comfortable. You can talk amongst yourselves, just keep the volume down. Any questions?"

*Feel free to lob any questions J'nai's way, but the flying starts now! The class isn't lined up in any particular order - first come, first serve!

Posted Image

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"Okay, buddy, today's the day! You get to really use those wings!"

Tristonth threw his head back and bugled, lunging from his little stone couch and out the door in an impressive feat of draconic agility.

"Good form! You're going to be amazing!" B'wen cheered, hopping up and down in order to firmly plant his foot into his boot. He didn't really know much about the mechanics of flight, but it couldn't be too much more complicated than just throwing yourself headfirst in the direction you wanted to go, and his Tristonth was great at that.

By the time he got out into the hallway Tristonth was already half way down it, scuttling with vigorous speed. B'wen jogged to catch up, noting that weyrlinghood had done much for his general stamina. He was just starting to get winded and puff for breath when they arrived at the lesson's meeting spot, while Tristonth had dropped himself into a little pile near his classmates, sucking wind.

"Dragons aren't really meant to run along on the ground, I guess," B'wen mused, laughing when his dragon squawked at him.

I'm an amazing runner! I'm so fast, sometimes the walls get blurry! Tristonth declared, pleased that he didn't need to breathe in order to declare things. I bet I'll fly that fast, too! I'll fly so fast that I will get blurry!

B'wen thought that being 'blurry' probably wasn't very healthy, but it also didn't seem physically possible so he wasn't going to put a damper on his dragon's dreams just yet by saying so. Instead, he decided to grin at his peers, and then smile more sheepishly at J'nai, aware that he'd been one of the last to show for their lesson, despite Tristonth's headlong charge. But the event hadn't seemed to start yet, so they couldn't really be all that late. It was probably fine.

By now, Tristonth had gathered himself and had scrabbled back to his feet, arching his neck and flexing his toe-claws. He was ready. Good morning, everyone! He broadcasted to the group, giving his wings a brisk shake to wake them up and get them ready. Are we all ready for this action?!

"I think they are," B'wen said, noting that J'nai was gesturing for someone to go first. Weyrlings were already fitting themselves into a line. He eyed his dragon, noting that, for now, Tristonth was in a spectacularly good mood, but was worried that he'd quickly overwhelm himself when faced with the new sensation of flying. It might be best to get it out of the way, before the dragon got a chance to have an inkling that he should be nervous.

"We can go now, Weyrlingmaster!" B'wen called out, and padded after Tristonth when the dragonet darted for the starting point.

I know exactly what to do! His dragon assured him.

He then proceeded to give B'wen the largest scare he'd ever had in his entire life by promptly taking off at a gallop and throwing himself off of the ledge at, by B'wen's best estimation, light speed.

His heart and soul had just careened off of a sharding ledge.

B'wen almost went running after him, since the little black dragon was still technically small enough to wrangle in his arms if he really tried, but instead forced himself to swallow his panic and sprint for the herdbeast pen to wait.

It was difficult to run with his torso twisted so that he could watch Tristonth's descent, but he managed it. Tristonth, for that matter, was also managing just fine, snapping his wings open to catch the air and having a grand old time rocking from side to side, wobbling through the air like a drunk firelizard.

He hit the ground hind-paws first before tipping over with an alarmed squeal, fanning and batting his wings to try and retain his balance. B'wen was there to steady him with hands on his shoulders, staring into his eyes and doing his best to gauge the dragon's mood.

That was ... a lot to think about at once, Tristonth informed him. I think I'd like to just sit down for a minute.

"You did an excellent job, Tris. You did great! Sit as long as you'd like." B'wen crooned, gently herding him off to the side so that he wouldn't be in the way.
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Feliceth was all but vibrating with excitement (and possibly a touch of nervousness) as the last of their classmates made their appearances. She sent a feeling of affectionate amusement towards Alasanth and Philiath for their jokes, and nodded to the other arrivals as they turned up. At last their Weyrlingmaster was looking at them, and Feliceth nuzzled Miyaro as she stiffened under the gaze. She'd never get out of thinking that frown of J'nai's was aimed at her and Feliceth knew it.

You know he looks at us all like that. be happy, today I will fly! The grey shuffled across into a line, listening carefully as she did so, taking special care to heed Elokith's words. Miyaro smiled and stroked the sleek neck, frowning herself as Elokith bespoke them all.

Would you rather I stayed or waited down below for you? Miyaro looked down at Feliceth, who looked back at her, carefully considering. I think if you wait up here, it means you won't have to come back up when i come back,so up here will do. She reared up to peer down at the Weyr bowl, almost readying herself to move, until Tristonth beat her too it, and she flared her wings in sympathetic support as he barreled off the edge, watching until he landed safely down below.

Well done Tristonth! I'll see you down there!

With no further ado, no ceremony or pomp, Feliceth took off for the ledge at a dead run, throwing a glance over her shoulder as she did so. See you when I get back Miyaro! she sent to her rider and then she was gone.

Any pretence at waiting was dashed from the grey weyrling as her dragon disappeared over the ledge. At a dead run herself, she took off for the path, throwing an apologetic glance at her classmates as she went by and gasping out "She just took off, didn't even tell me!" as she passed them.

She was heading down the path at a sprint when she looked up and there was her grey, quite clearly having the time of her life, hanging in the air it seemed. Feliceth, for her part, didn't even see her rider, she'd quelled the momentary panic that flushed through their bond and, after a drop off the ledge had opened her wings and soared towards the weyrbowl. She was dropping faster than she liked, so flapped her wings a few times, levelling out her drop and regaining a little bit of altitude as she did so. She could feel the wind beneath her wings, around her, the air currents holding her up and the stretch across her chest that made her realise that she wasn't practiced enough for a long flight. She set her wings and glided for the weyrbowl, flapping when needed, and then she was at the bowl, the ground rushing up to meet her. She put her hind feet down, backwinged and... Entirely misjudged her landing, dragging her forearms on the ground as she tried to put them down for support and ending up rolling head over tail, before winding up in a heap on the floor. A heap from which she swiftly uncoliled herself, before leaping to her feet.

I did it Miyaro, I... Oh there you are, you came to watch me land!

Miyaro had watched as she ran, how she didn't trip and kill herself she'd never know, but she'd watched as the grey had levelled out and flapped, a grin springing to her face. She was FLYING! She had nearly been at where she felt Feliceth would land when she looked up, watched her dragon misjudge her landing and crumple into a heap on the floor as she tumbled across the floor, raiding a cloud of dust as he did so. Heart in her mouth, she ran towards the crumpled pile of grey dragon, tears starting up... and then the great ninny had sprang up like there was no tomorrow...

Bursting into tears, she threw herself at Feliceth, arms aroudn her neck, worry and pride warring with each other.

Don't be worried, I did it! Now I just need to get back up. She looked up and her eyes flashed with yellow as she realised how far she'd come down. Maybe I'll go to one side, I can watch the others from there and also catch my breath. She threw a backwards glance over her shoulder as she turned, leaning into Miyaro's touch for comfort as the realisation she'd flown and had made it down. She threw out a general message to everyone gathered up top. Remember everyone, don't drop your forelegs too fast! She nuzzled at her rider and, as they were near the wall now, Miyaro stooped to check them. A little grazed, but nothing that won't heal.

They were near enough to B'wen and Tristonth that Miyaro could throw a smile their way as she checked Feliceth for any sore spots. "Well done to you Tristonth, B'wen. Nervewracking or what?"
Miyaro, Grey Feliceth, Blue Fitch and Green Fliss : P'tir, Bronze Jaerth and Obsidian Spook
M'thos, Blue Sidaminth and Blue Cullie : Tr'fen, Blue Tunith and Green Chitter : F'tir and Blue Kirtoth : Kirtesh and Blue Istioth : K'thar, Green Yravith, Brown Flip and Pyrite Glint : M'ran, Brown Wrath and Green Mimic : G'rev, Green Beeklath and Blue Sky
Riza, Blue Risk and Brown Reese
Wher Candidates:
Maren and Green Whisp
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The Anxious One!
Killaca smiled to each of her fellow classmates as they showed up in turn but when Avyn actually smiled and looked her in the eye, it thrilled her. She grinned saying, “I have been looking forward to this! Soon we won’t have to feed them.” She loved her Garnet but her ever growing appetite was becoming difficult. She shifted on her feet feeling the nerves.

Minth pressed her wing to her sister, saying I completely agree! I feel like I could be so much more graceful in the air than I am on the ground. Though you will do fantastically when you go, I am just sure of it!

She rustled her wings against her sides, looking at her rider. Why are you nervous? I am the one who’s flying!

Killaca pressed her hand against her dragon’s shoulder saying, You could hurt yourself if you are not careful. I wouldn’t want you to get hurt.

Minth pressed her nose to Killaca’s cheek before paying attention to J’nai and Elokith. After their lecture on the lesson, Minth waited for her turn. She cheered her brother and sister on, her eyes whirling with worry when her sister crashed a bit in her landing.

It was her turn to shift on her feet with nerves, now slightly worried about her flight. She huffed to herself, shaking the feeling. I shall go next! She said boldly. Stepping forward, she let her tail brush gently against Killaca in a comforting gesture.

Minth opened her wings wide, giving them a few flaps to stretch them. She took a deep breath then plunged forward as fast as she could. She leapt from the ledge, letting her wings fill with air.

Killaca tensed as Minth jumped from the ledge, one hand going to her throat. She gave an apologetic glance to Avyn and jogged off after her dragon. She watched Minth as she ran, her heart in her throat.

Minth bugled happily as she took a few flaps with her wings to help her gain a little height so she could make it to the beast pens. This is so much fun! So much better than running on the ground! she said, letting herself slow as she got near landing area. She back winged, carefully panting her hind feet on the ground first. Then with a few more beats of her wings she lowered herself down the rest of the way, for a textbook landing.

She folded her wings with a smug flick, looking across the bowl to where her rider was coming from.

Killaca arrived and wrapped her arms around Minth’s head saying You did Beautifully! She scratched at Minth’s favorite spots glad she was ok.

Minth rumbled at her rider saying, Of course I did! I was never in any doubt. She still happily took the attention while she waited for the rest of her siblings.
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