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Washing Sisters; Tag Tiny
Topic Started: Jan 6 2018, 03:35 PM (75 Views)
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The Anxious One!
Seven months. Who could have guessed seven months had flown by so fast? Killaca couldn’t believe it had only been seven months since she impressed Minth, her heart and soul. She still couldn’t think about her dragon without a warm glow filling her. The last seven months had hardened her body from keeping her dragon happy and clean. Her arms were definitely more muscled, and she had more endurance when she went for her morning run. She wasn’t doing to bad with the combat lessons, she didn’t want to be an easy target for anyone that wanted to do her harm.

Minth for her part was pushing 22 feet, the size of a small green. Keeping her fed was becoming a pain and she couldn’t wait for Minth to be able to hunt on her own. Killaca felt like all she was doing was cleaning her.

Killaca sat in her room, reading a hide on history.

Minth laid on her couch dozing lightly. Her tail twitched as an itch started on her shoulder. She tried to ignore it, comfortable just were she was. The itch seemed to get stronger the more she tried to ignore it.

Killaca wasn’t really paying attention to her dragon, but when her own shoulder blade started to itch, she squirmed in her chair trying to relieve the itch. When she couldn’t get it that way she reached around with her hand and scratched at the spot. She huffed when she realized it wasn’t her own itch she was feeling. She looked up at Minth who’s tail was twitch from irritation at the offending itch. You could have told me you had an itch! she said to her, getting up to grab a oily rag and get the itch.

You were busy and I am comfy She said, sighing as Killaca scrubbed at the itch.

Killaca noticed the skin was getting dry which was causing the itch. She sighed and said Either way you need a bath and oiled so we might as well get to it before it gets to late in the day. She turned to get her stuff gathered up, and also braid her hair out of her face.

Minth stretched as she stood, yawning. I'm sorry I disturbed you! I was listening to you read, I quite enjoy listening to you read to yourself. she said, looking as contrite as a dragon could.

Killaca rubbed under her jaw lovingly and said You are never a disturbance! I wish you would just tell me you itch instead of letting me feel it like it was my own itch. She leaned her head against her dragons cheek, sharing loving feelings. Dazzle chirped at them, bringing them out of their moment. “Let’s go then!” she said not only to her dragon but to her Crater Lizards who would enjoy the bath just as much.

They walked out of the barracks and headed to the water cavern. Once they were inside, Killaca shooed her dragon and lizards to the water. She striped off her shoes, rolled up her pants, and striped down to her undershirt. She wasn’t as afraid to show off her body as she once had been, and she knew her garnet would not tolerate any insult or slight to her from anyone.

Minth splashed into the water, spraying water everywhere. She didn’t mind that Dazzle and Meatroll used her as a diving board, and she rumbled in amusement at their antics. Why don’t you come in? Minth asked, looking at Killaca on the bank.

Killaca laughed and said I don’t have to like cold water like you do! But once your wet enough I’ll walk in and clean you.

Minth snorted at her and continued to play in the water.

Killaca sat on the bank, well away from the tidal zone. She smiled as she watched them play in the water.
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TW: Panic attack

Avyn, are you busy? Philiath said, shifting her weight to another side while she rested in their room, I...know it's less than ideal for you, but I would appreciate a bath.

Avyn put some hidework down. She had been snooping in the records room to study some more, and because she was curious. It was relaxing to read about the Weyr's history...of the queens before the ones currently living and what happened....threadfall accounts...everything. Maybe Pyrtia would enjoy it, Avyn had thought, or maybe she just felt guilt for having less time to be around her.

Speaking of guilt, 'Please, Philiath, tell me you haven't been hiding your feelings from me.' She didn't think she could bear it if philiath didnt feel comfortable to disclose or demand attention. especially bathing; it was important. Even if....Avyn would rather not do it.

No, Avyn. Never will I hide something from you. You do not need to feel guilty. You've done all that you can. Like I've said before, take this one step at a time, okay? We cannot even fly yet. Every day you are becoming more and more like the great weyrwoman that I envision you to be upon graduation, but it's a long process. And no, before you think it out loud, you do not annoy me with your feelings of guilt or fear.

'Right. Thanks.' Avyn said, fighting back some tear and sadness that she thought came out of nowhere. maybe it was a habit. She wiped at her face absently, trying to appear deadpan as she passed various lower caverns workers and some other dragonriders.

Soon enough, they were both at the mouth of the water caverns. It wasn't hard to appreciate Philiath's beauty in any kind of lighting, but she really did look like a brand of fire in the sunlight. The kind of fire that didn't kill people, of course, but inspired passion and willpower. yeah. the poetic kind.

The poetic kind, Philiath murmured, slightly amused, but mostly flattered. The queen was a good foot or so over the average length of a blue, and Avyn now had to regularly look up to see her dragon's elegant, wedge-shaped face. Avyn couldn't wait for the time where they would be up in the air.

weakly, Avyn gestured to the entrance. 'let's go, I guess.' She shooed away Philiath's comment of 'What do you mean, 'you guess?'' and silently chanted to herself that she could do this. It would be so much easier with no-one there, of course.

but apparently luck wasn't in her favor today. There they were, the weyrlings she was arguably 'closest' to. There was that guilt again. It's been seven months. What did Killaca think about her? Probably thought that Avyn was too stuck-up to interact with her, since was going to be a goldrider and all. she wouldn't be surprised.

nonsense! she's just here to bathe Minth, and you know how sweet Killaca is. Minth wouldn't have chosen someone with such a bitter, cold heart.

'Then why did you chose-'

You know full well why I chose you. I know it's hard to realise, and I will repeat the fact until we both go between, but you have a burning passion and desire to better yourself and the people around you. You understand people. You will be such a wonderful rider, and such a wonderful addition to the current cast of junior weyrwomen. Come along then, let's go greet them, shall we? Philiath's sudden fond sternness left her as she bounded towards her garnet sister and into the water, playfully aiming a splash at Minth's torso, careful not to accidentally splash Killaca, too.

Minth! Killaca! Good evening to you both! It looks like you're here for the very same reason me and Avyn are. How are you?

"hey there, Killaca," Avyn tried to say casually as she removed her boots and rolled up her trousers, being very deliberately slow. She wished Killaca was already in the water, so that the garnetrider didn't have to watch Avyn stand next to the water's edge and be pathetic for an entire five minutes before she could start swimming.

"...how were chores? And uhm. Do the lessons...you think you're doing okay enough in them?" The sooner she got in the water, the sooner this awkward exchange could be over, and then she wouldn't have to touch the water for at least another day. Perhaps a bit too quickly, Avyn pushed herself to her feet and relaxed against the cavern's wall.

'What if she can see right through me.'

Well, if she can, i hope she doesn't get sick at the sight of blood and innards!

'That is not what I meant.' Avyn shot back, casting a quick glare at the gold, who was still romping about in the water, causing rather large amounts of water to come over the normal rim of the pool.

Pfft, even so, I don't think Killaca is thinking too deeply about your personality or history, dear. She's probably thinking about Minth. Maybe she is also scared of water. Why would she think poorly of you?

Avyn had waddled herself over to the edge of the pool, blinking when Philiath's splashing around finally ceased. 'Thanks for being concerned, I guess.'

That is what I knew was coming when I chose you. and that is okay. Take your time, Avyn. The gold was genuine. She swam not too far from Avyn, in case she needed to grab her, but she always waited there to see if Avyn needed help swimming.

Avyn's throat started getting tighter the longer she stared at it. She thought she could feel her heartbeat in her head...could Killaca hear it too? Faranth, what would she think now? Unsure of what to do, the weyrling picked at her trousers, trying desperately to steady her breathing. Everything was starting to get all blurry; her eyes were wet. This was the last thing she wanted.

...Avyn? Please. Deep breaths for me, okay? Sit down, so you don't fall. Philiath said all of this aloud, and quickly glanced from Minth to Killaca for some assistance. Although this was unnerving to say the least, the last thing Avyn needed was for her to also panic. Quietly, and trying her best to not disturb the water, Philiath waded out and sat as near to her rider as she could.

Avyn cursed herself for being afraid. It was so long ago, too, that she and Cayliss had fallen down that ravine. Why? why was she afraid? Why wasn't she over it? Avyn let out a strangled half-scream, half-sob, and collapsed, exasperated, to the ground. Then again. She could've died. She could've never seen Pyrtia again, and Pyr would've been upset and....then Avyn would never be with Philiath. She could've never been able to see N'myl or N'avyr again.

"I don't..." Avyn said raggedly, "I don't need your help," the woman hissed in Killaca's direction. "This is pathetic," she spat, "I. I am pathetic." Desperately she clung to Philiath's crimson legs, relishing in her gold's wealth of calm and charity. Where would she be without her.

"I just...am so tired. I hate it. I hate being afraid of something so...trivial. I'm supposed to be better than this." Avyn grunted in hushed gasps, wiping tears from her cheeks, "just...go bathe Minth.."

Edited by tinyelephant, Jan 29 2018, 07:12 PM.
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Killaca didn’t have a clue about Avyn’s fear of water. She had grown up swimming in ponds and little rivers. She did have her own fears though, and many people wouldn’t guess it by where she came from. She wrapped her arms around her knees slightly zoning out while her dragon played. She was startled out of her daze when Minth crooned a greeting to someone. She turned in time to see Avyn and Philiath walk into the water cavern.

Hello Philiath! Hello Avyn! We are doing well, if a bit itchy. You are looking remarkable as ever, sister! Minth said, stretching herself out of the way so her golden sister could join her. She rumbled when Philiath sent a splash at her sending Meatroll tumbling back into the water with a squeak. Minth tried to imitated Killaca in smile, rumbling the whole while with humor. Perfect shot! she said, as Meatroll crawled her way out of the water.

Killaca waved to Avyn, saying “Hi Avyn!”. She saw her ruby craterlizard fall into the water from the splash, and laughed. She stood, scooping up Meatroll and depositing her onto her pile of clothes.

She heard the indecisiveness in Avyn’s question, making her pause and glance at her. She decided to ignore it and turning back to grab her bucket of soap sand, saying “I'm doing okay, I am still having some troubles with politics and such but chores and most of the lessons are fairly easy.” She wasn’t bragging just chatting.

Killaca watched the water lapping at the edge from the dragons play. She shook her head in amused annoyance. She didn’t notice Avyn panicking until Philiath said something. She moved towards Avyn worried for her. “What’s wrong?” She asked, careful of Philiath moving to comfort her rider.

My love please let the water calm down. Killaca said to Minth, flinching at the sound from Avyn in her exasperation.

Minth carefully stepped out of the water, settling to lay on the bank, watching with concerned eyes. We are here for you both. she said softly.

Killaca slightly recoiled in her progress of walking to the other woman when she raged slightly at her. She settled on the ground, a short distance away. She started to connect the dots and said ”Your fears are not trivial, everyone has fears. Shards I'm afraid of runners!” She would have gone to wash Minth but she wanted to comfort Avyn, even if she didn’t let her close. She instead faced Minth who put her head on her lap, letting her rub her eye ridges.

Every time I had to take a message to the Sharding Beastcraft hall I would try to find any reason to get someone else to take it. I didn’t care how many marks I missed out on, I couldn’t be paid to go near those darn runners.” She said, over her shoulder, giving Avyn privacy but also trying to comfort her.
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