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[CANDIDATE LESSON] How To Save a Life.; First aid - All welcome
Topic Started: Dec 21 2017, 06:48 PM (460 Views)
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Oh Candidates! Istioth's voice trilled out through the barracks and, judging by the startled looks turned their way that Kirtesh noted, most of the Weyrbowl too. Time for your lesson of the day, and go easy on Kirtesh please, she's new to all this.

Kirtesh thumped the blue shoulder, hissing under her breath. "Don't you start that nonsense, how do you expect I'll gain any respect with you telling all and sundry that I'm scared as a newborn canine"

I never said such a thing Tesh! Istioth turned to look at her in consternation. Perhaps you should get your ears checked out. All innocence, he turned his head to stare towards the barracks.

A little unorthodox, she was sure, but with there being dragon first aid included, Kirtesh had set up some trestle tables out on the bowl in front of the barracks, far enough away that Istioth's twisting and turnings wouldn't catch the building. rather than have her walk, he'd offered to call the candidates in, last time she trusted HIM!

Still, the fact remained she WAS nervous. She took a quick count of the chairs, hopefully they'd brought enough, then turned to the table, bottles of redwort and fellis, tightly stoppered, sat next to jars of numbweed, a rolled up piece of fabric with stitching supplies, a basket full of bandages. Some hides, each with a drawing of a wound on it, were carefully covered with another hide. There were brushes and swabs and a few of the sharp tools which, in need of sharpening, had been loaned to Kirtesh by K'thar, under strict instructions to return them in one piece. She didn't have a full kit but he'd loaned what he had spare and it would do for a start.

Sure, now, that her tables were neat, and hearing noise from behind as people started moving about in the barracks, she turned, crossing her arms in an effort to hide the nervously moving fingers.

You'd better behave yourself today Istioth, or so help me... I'll think of something...

You wound me.
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A new candidate master then. Did they often change or was this just a rare thing? Pyrtia hadn't been there long enough to really know but a lesson was a lesson. Besides, who didn't like getting a chance to learn new things. Most of them were centered around dragons, of course, but they ranged on topics which made it all the more interesting for her. She did wish she knew more about what they would be covering today so she could prepare but oh well. Probably a bit too eager, Pyr smoothed her clothing out and headed out of the barrack to find this Kirtesh and her dragon.

With Avyn busy with her gold all the time, not that she could blame her at all since Philiath was much more important that she was, these lessons were basically the most exciting thing she had. What she didn't expect was to find a blue pair not too far from the candidate barracks with tables and chairs already set up. Oh! This should be very interesting. "Hello Kirtesh." Pyr greeted with a cheerful smile, she would've greeted her blue as well but unfortunately she couldn't remember ever catching his name. So instead her eyes shifted to the tables as she moved closer to get a better look.

Hides, bandages, several bottles and jars filled with several different things. A healing lesson perhaps? Which would mean those were full of numbweed and redwort...and fellis? Was that wise to have out of the infirmary? Oh well, she wasn't the one in charge. Despite the fact that she was apparently new to this Pyrtia was sure the candidate master knew what she was doing. Besides, a lesson on healing would be a good benefit. She had yet to get a rotation in the Infirmary but she certainly looked forward to it.
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O'wen - Tag: Kirtesh

O'wen slid his arms through his jacket sleeves as he pulled the extra layer on. Wandering his way out of the lower caverns and into the brightly lit bowl. He had set his extra layer aside when he'd managed to ease his way into lending a hand or two in the hot kitchen, not wanting to overheat. His extensive amount of free time that many would have loved to have, instead felt like a burden. He was healed but North's progress had left them still uncleared to fly fall or full drills for that matter. So the brownrider had been keeping himself busy.

Without the need for further cleaning their weyr or gear, he kept retreating back to the lower caverns. O'wen had haunted the halls to the point he had become a familiar face always eager to help out. More people took up that offer now that he didn't look like he'd been sat on by a wher and lived to tell the tale. The exercises he'd been doing with North to get the healing dragon back to his former strength and endurance were short and spread out through the day in order not to over strain the now functional wing and leg.

O'wen narrowly avoided a collision with a pair of candidates who were obviously running late from the last meal as they were booking it towards the barracks. His gaze trailing after them he paused, curiosity piqued. There seemed to be quite the set-up done in the free space near the barracks. Pulling his eyes away, he looked at the pockmarked stone face, seeking out any sign of the pale brown on their weyr's ledge.

North had been happy to leave their makeshift ground weyr behind. He had an easy, quick retreat into the mouth of their weyr if anyone noticed him, or worse, tried to interact. His innate discomfort in talking to others was daunting even as a though. This being said, he did like to watch the world below from afar, and the moving about that had taken place near the barracks had caught his eye. Though he'd been careful to keep his observation as hidden as he could. Cautious to the point that O'wen's sudden question made him jump.

'Any idea what's going on?'
'A lesson I think?'
'Huh...Well I'm curious enough to take a closer look.'
'I don't have to come down there do I?'
'No, if you're only comfortable with spying from there, then you can stay put.'
'I'm not spying. Just watching without them knowing.'
'I'm sorry to break it to you, but that's essentially a simplified definition of spying.'

He smiled and chuckled to himself over his dragon's shy attempts at knowing what was going on around them without getting involved. O'wen knew he had been far too lenient during his recovery, but he wasn't going to go straight back into forcing the brown to be social just yet. Setting himself to stride in the tracks of the candidates, he reset his destination to be the barracks.

As he got closer his pace slowed, his nearness allowing him to make out the gist of the lesson at a glance. Eyes lighting up as he saw an opportunity to get some information that had been eating at him. He wanted a refresher. He'd kicked himself for not utilizing his time to learn and hold onto what he'd been taught, by both his mother and his own lessons. The excuse that he'd impressed in a different time wasn't exactly good enough for the sort of situation he'd found himself and North in. Times had changed, and it was never too late to relearn. Most of all since candidates now got exposed to the horrors and reality of threadfall.

Approaching the blue rider and her dragon with a courteous nod of his head in greeting.
"Candidate Master? I know I've more than aged out at this point." He joked in his soft-spoken way, offering her a warm smile. "But would you mind if I sat in on your lesson? I've been meaning to try and sneak my way into a refresher without bothering anyone in the infirmary itself and you've laid out a rather ideal solution. I'd be a dimglow to not at least ask." Holding up his hands in a show of good faith with a gentle raise of his shoulders. "I completely understand if you'd prefer not of course, I don't want to cause any unwanted problems."
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Tag: Pyrtia. O'wen

Look, here's our first one now! The blue's excited tones rang through Kirtesh's head and she winced at the strident excitement, before turning to look, a smile pasted on her lips, only faltering as she realised she'd have no idea who was who. Istioth, you had best try and help me remember names, I haven't had time to learn anyone's yet. She took a step forwards, nodding to the girl, well young woman, who had left the barracks.

"Greetings, as my dragon mentioned, I'm Kirtesh, and the blue lump jigging up and down over there is Istioth, we're one of your new Candidate Masters" Way to go Kirtesh, just rush in with both feet and blurt out the obvious... "and we're giving a lesson on basic healing today." She turned again to look at the tables as the candidate did the same, a critical eye noting everything's place. No, she'd not forgotten anything, she was sure. "When you've had a good look, take a seat please, I don't suppose I'll have to explain today's lesson to you" She smiled at the younger girl.

She was distracted by another voice, deeper than she'd have thought would belong to a candidate. She turned again, ah yes, no candidate this, did he have a message for her? She blinked in surprise at his query, though she tried to cover any confusion, returning his greeting with a wave of her hand and a smile.

"Well, you're a little older than the usual candidate" she grinned to take the sting from her words, "but with things the way they are, well..." her eyes clouded a little, Fort still stung. "I think that anyone willing to learn is more than welcome to sit in. It's not much more than the basics but it all helps... If the basics is ok with you, well I'm ok with you sitting in to learn!" She gestured to the mostly empty seats before remembering her manners. "I'm Kirtesh, of Blue Istioth"

Istioth, never one for sublety, had already chimed in with the first candidate to arrive. Hello, I'm Istioth. My rider hasn't learned who is who, I'm going to be her memory and help her learn you all. Which one are you? He turned his head to regard the two lads approaching. And which ones are you?

The youngest gave him a cheery wave. "I'm Marlach. Hi Pyrtia, you beat us to it! Nice to meet you Kirtesh, your blue is Istioth isn't he? I think I've washed him!"

The tallest lifted a gangly arm. "Porictir here, ready for duty most esteemed Candidate master Kirtesh" he gave a sweeping bow.

"Istioth, where ARE your manners? Marlach, I think I have seen you in a crowd around Istioth a time or two, Porictir, yes, I have heard of you, let's try and keep our balance today, shall we?" She gave the tall lad a mock stern look, nodding her head in approval as he made a great show of choosing a seat and very carefully sitting in it, as much to avoid himself jogging his craterlizard awake as to avoid falling over himself. Marlach took a seat next to him, looking happily about.
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O'wen - Tag: Kirtesh / Open

His smile only grew as she retorted in kind. She seemed to be in good humor and spirits at least for what could be pretty heavy subject matter. Dipping his head again in a slight bow as she accepted his integration into her class. "O'wen of Brown North. Basics work well enough for my needs. Thank you Kirtesh, I promise I'll be well behaved."

Backing off as the Candidate Master's attention was drawn on to her gathering class. Taking a moment to look at the tools and items that were laid out. Sure he could name them all, but the applications of some and other information was what he wanted to refresh himself on. He'd hardly immersed himself in the infirmary like his brother tended to do for every little thing. Most of his issues back at Benden had been seen to by his mother, and she was more interested in chatting than taking him through things step by step.

Satisfied with his brief close look, he moved for the seating Kirtesh had gestured towards he offered a warm smile to the nearby candidates. The jacket he'd pulled on only a few moments before was shrugged off and slung over one of the empty seats as O'wen sat himself down.

_ _ __ _____ __ _ _

Keer - Open

"Sharding spit it out already." Keer pleaded with the amethyst crater lizard. It stared at them, boxy little body taunt in preparation to jump away from the candidate's next attempt to grab at him. Keer was half laying across one of the dining hall tables attempting to retrieve the fork that Scatter had stolen and been running about within his maw. Their biggest concern about to come true as the creature jumped away with his prize. So focused on retaining the utensil and the movement of getting away that he seemingly forgot to open both his wings. Fork and Crater went bouncing off of the bench and skittering across the ground.

Keer winced but rolled over the table to scramble for both Scatter and the fork before the dim little thing went for it again. Scooping both up and almost pressing the wrong handful to their chest before adjusting. "See, now what if you had landed wrong." They scolded, striding over to return the stolen property to the pile of items needing to be washed. Keeping a firm grip on Scatter, feeling him lean towards the plates that had yet to be scrapped. "Not a chance."

They were heading back towards the barracks when the lesson was announced. Conveniently enough. Letting Scatter take wing with the simple command of follow, the little creature complied happily. His ability to focus was commendable, it was just multitasking that had the amethyst crater completely fall apart.

They were quick enough to find themself a seat. Hand delving into their pocket as they wrapped a well worn thick strip of leather around their finger, working on settling Scatter with a distraction during the lesson. His weight reassuring on their lap as they happily gnawed at the strap.

_ _ __ _____ __ _ _

Raynor - Waiting Tag: Denina, Tava, and Vaako

His wounds had been healing up well enough. His small ensemble looked less like a of a visual example of the definition of messed up. Anything that drew less attention was ideal in Raynor's books, and he felt like his busted lip and black eye had ruined a few chances at opportunities for him already. If he looked the part of someone ill-behaved, it was more likely his actions would be watched and regarded by others.

Raynor haunted the outskirts of the lesson, the tiny young man not about to find a seat without at least one of his usual partners in crime. Not that he'd let all of the close clusters of seating be taken, he really had no interest in sitting apart from his friends. Their chores and rooms were already separated enough to his tastes.

His amber eyes weren't darting around to seek out any of them as per usual, instead, they were pinned to the table of supplies. Chewing at his cheek thoughtfully as he went through a mental checklist of his current stock. This might be a good opportunity to gather a few needed things that wouldn't be easily accounted for. Easier than him pretending to be in Tava's chore to get what the little group needed.

Eyeing up the Candidate Master as well. A calculating stare in her direction from a fair distance. He still didn't trust Vaioans as far as he could throw them, and considering his size that was a difficult task. Niceness could always be a backhanded thing, he'd be foolish to think otherwise. He was also suspicious of the rider that had planted himself in amidst the candidates. Raynor made a note to steer clear of him as his mind bubbled with possibilities as to why someone who wasn't obviously part of the teaching, nor one of the candidate masters, was sitting in on the class.
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Character: Wyn.

@ Kirtesh & Istioth, Open.

"Oh Mother, can we please?"

"You want to spend time off...doing more work."

Nespeth's rider's tone was a prize winner in the deadpan, and there was a glint of reproach to her gaze even as it suppressed something like amusement and pride. All of it put together though made for a weary woman, and though she personally didn't fancy spending time with Candidates, of all the humans in the Weyr, in her time off (certainly not a group of them, Faranth spare her), there was an odd kind of satisfaction in knowing that her six year old was eager to educate himself when the opportunity arose. Even during their free time. Together.

She supposed she deserved it, though, for meandering a path anywhere near the Barracks with an inquisitive child.

Besides, the kid was a little too darn cute when making those great grey eyes look like...that, up at anyone really, and while Wyn could gather a group of fellow riders when the fancy struck her, entertaining a child for hours on end could be a daunting task. Even one as erudite as Riryn was for his age (something else she couldn't not be a little smug over, a smugness her dragon echoed). So one had to figure...no harm, no foul, if the kid wanted to learn biology, or anatomy, or healing...whichever it was. Probably wouldn't kill her to listen in again, either. Even if she'd ingest lumpy klah before admitting that.

The little one wishes to watch. My Wyn says to assure your rider that he'll be under her eye at all times, so he shan't grab anything he shouldn't." A yawn followed on the tails of Nespeth's explanation; she'd woken from a nap to join them, always as eager -- if on a far more aloof and considering level -- as the little boy to educate herself...even if she was far less likely to retain what was learned beyond a sevenday. But that was what she had Wyn for, thankfully.

"We're not actually here if anyone asks, got it?" Wyn's remark aloud to Kirtesh was as dry as the very desert in which Vaioa Weyr was nestled, though her lips couldn't quite resist twitching at the edges as she was led in by smaller hand in hers. Riryn, for his part, offered a polite, if slightly shy smile to the newest Candidate Master, even offering a little bow before leaning against his mother's legs.

"Congratulations on the promotion, by the way." Not her cup of klah personally, but if it was something Kirtesh fancied enjoyable, then good for her.


Character: Kirran.

@ Open.

"Are they taught to sound irritatingly perky when they become a Master's dragon, or is it already a prerequisite for the job?"

Lissy, of course, didn't quite understand what her human was muttering under his breath to her. But she did understand the sardonic timbre of the comment, and thus retorted with a cheep that attempted perpetually to be chiding and yet always ended up sounding as though she were about to dissolve into giggles. If a fire lizard could, indeed, do such a thing.

Kirran fancied they could, himself. In their own draconic way.

Habit had him slouching a little as he ducked through the entrance way, and the same habitual routine had him affixing a lazy, feline in the sun-like smile that he didn't feel underneath for the Candidate Master in charge -- whichever one it was. This one was new, and though he knew they'd likely all been introduced to the idea of new Candidate Masters at the least, Kirran himself assumed he'd been elsewhere at the time. Infirmary, most likely; he didn't actually mind working chores in there, and so that was where he didn't mind spending his extra time. He liked watching the Healers at work, if he was honest; there was a similarity, hard as some might find it to believe, in the intricacy required in their own work and the same that was needed to make one's self into a reputable Smith.

Maybe that was what it was. He was missing his Craft.

Realising it was medicinal supplies to some degree before them did take the bite off his wry mood and the mildly unimpressed glance threatening when it was turned to what was clearly the lesson today, though, and the fact that it wasn't his first steer ride, so to speak...not where first aid was concerned. If it had been, one would have to ask many questions of the Candidate Masters he'd been dealing with for...what? Ten Turns now?

Fardles, has it really been a decade?

"Don't even. No. No Lissy. Not right now." That was said tartly, then with some semblance of a command, as the tall Candidate slipped around O'wen so that he could take one of the chairs at the back of the room. The green fire lizard, for her part, cheeped in something like disappointment-- she'd been looking so forward to rearranging all those supplies into something like order, after all. It was the best part of her human working in the Infirmary at present, after all!

Even if her idea of order was something...well, not always the same as others saw it.

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Tag Raynor, Tava, and Vaako

Denina heard the call for a lesson in her head, only slightly tensing. She wondered why the dragon admitted the Candidate Master was new. Sounded to her like a good way to get destroyed by rowdy candidates. She mentally shrugged to herself and headed to the lesson. She had no intention of causing trouble, though she wasn’t so sure about her ‘brothers’.

Her bruises had faded from dark to a yellowish green. They would soon be gone, much to her relief. She didn’t like being looked at like she was a trouble maker. She was far from being a trouble maker and tried her hardest to keep her family out of trouble. She still wanted to thump them for getting her into the fight, but she instead was trying to keep as close an eye as she could on them. A near impossible task because she was placed in different chores, and rooms were apart.

She saw the blue dragon and the gathering class of candidates. She saw Raynor and sidled up as quietly as she could. She stopped to stand next to him and asked, “Being good, right?” she wasn’t sure if he said he was, but she missed him. She looked up at the table full of infirmary instruments. So, they must be learning basic healing today. She hadn’t put herself forward for learning healing, having Tava acting as her healer. She didn’t try to question how Tava got his supplies, but she had a feeling it wasn’t a good way. She bumped her shoulder into Raynor’s sharing a smile with him.
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Cayliss: Tag Kirran

Oh Candidates! Time for your lesson of the day, and go easy on Kirtesh please, she's new to all this.

A snort issued forth even as she rose from her chair, swinging her hair (currently loosely braided) over her shoulder. "Not a confident recommendation," she said aloud to Calliope as she began to get ready, pulling on a jacket and wiggling into her shoes.

Calliope gave her a Look, and then very pointedly Looked away, in what Cayliss could only assume was the firelizard equivalent of rolling her eyes.

"Fine then, you stay here," Cayliss responded flippantly, although she had to hide the small twinge of pain at those words. It was embarrassing, because before she had Impressed a firelizard, she preferred solitude at all times. She prided herself on it. But little by little, almost without noticing, Cayliss had come to prefer Calliope's company. Not that she would have readily admitted it. Nor did the firelizard ever grace her with her presence more than half the time anyway.

Despite herself, Cayliss was interested - if only slightly - by the unfamiliar name. There had been a recent announcement of a couple of new Candidate Masters. That Karnial had been the one to lead the cleaning-the-sands lesson, and Cayliss hadn't thought much of the lesson nor the rider's words on that day. Whether this Kirtesh would be any better remained to be seen...

Upon exiting the barracks, Cayliss was surprised to find the lesson set up right there, right in the Weyrbowl. She glanced around and then up at the sky. These days, rain was always a hazard, and this summer had been noticeably cooler than recent ones. But today looked clear.

She was no expert, but she'd had enough chores around the Weyr now to be able to tentatively guess Infirmary after scrutinizing the layout. Jars, fabric, swabs, and tools lay across the tables. Then there were chairs.

Cayliss sighed. She had no interest in the Infirmary, frankly. She'd helped Becca birth her child and that had been more than enough Healer work to last her the rest of her life. But a lesson was a lesson. She glanced once at the blue dragon holding court nearby. He was a handsomely marked thing, with a tan stripe down his torso, and a ghostly white belly. But she didn't want to linger, nor be caught out of a seat once the lesson began, so she forced herself to stop looking and shuffled down the nearest row of seats... which just so happened to bring her to Kirran.

A conundrum. She wouldn't have admitted it aloud, but interacting with him on the Hatching sands had left her... rattled. Since coming to the Weyr, she had kept to herself, and largely passed under the radar of most people watching, from fellow Candidates to the Candidate Masters. Cayliss liked this; she was used to not being noticed. It was what had kept her alive and out of trouble, before she'd come to Vaioa.

Kirran had noticed her, never mind that she'd been the one to approach him. She got the distinct and unnerving sensation that he understood her-- or rather, that he understood something about her, at least. And that was more than most others. And Cayliss didn't like it.

Even a similarity as seemingly shallow as, We're both older Candidates and we both stand a half-decent chance of Aging out was discomforting. She'd never had anything really in common with anyone before. At least not that she'd noticed.

Still, despite this, there was something compelling about Kirran. Something drew her toward him and she couldn't quite explain it.

(A stray, distant thought from Calliope made it quite clear what she thought that Something was.)

Cayliss nearly swatted at the firelizard that was not there. Catching herself just in time, and being aware now of a slight warmth in her cheeks, she finished her journey down the row of chairs and settled in the one next to Kirran.

"Hey." That would have been all that was called for, but a quick sideways glance showed her Lissy, and so she reached out with a quiet croon to offer the firelizard a friendly scratch.
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Growing up in the Weyr had its perks. A candidate master's dragon summoning you out of your daydreams was much easier to gracefully take in stride when you'd had dragons barging into your thoughts for as long as you could remember. Ailwyn would sometimes notice the other candidates startling, occasionally dropping things, and always took care to hide her smirk behind her hands. It was one thing to be prideful, and yet another to be outwardly obvious about it.

Ailwyn entered the lesson room and quickly found a seat, crossing her ankles and tucking them under her chair, folding her hands demurely in her lap. She smiled sweetly at Kirtesh before taking a brief inventory of the items laid out in front of the candidate master, nodding slightly to herself as she recognized them. Infirmary tools were at least somewhat familiar after shifts taken there during Threadfall, as well as from when she drew Infirmary chores. Those usually consisted more of washing linens and organizing jars than anything else, and what Kirtesh had planned for them today looked to be much more hands on. Ailwyn tensed her folded fingers, willing down the bubbling nervousness that had risen in her belly. She ... did not have a particularly strong constitution when it came to looking at or treating wounds. Blood tended to turn her stomach, and the thought of stitches or needlethorn made her want to scream. (Quietly, of course. Internally. Internal screams.)

Ideally there wouldn't be much of that. She'd just have to wait and see.
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Rosinthew @ Porictir, Marlach

Ros was deep in concentration, cautiously poking a needle through his trousers and sewing crude little stitches, little by little mending the worn seam of his pant leg. In all other ways the trousers were still good, even if the sturdy cloth felt a little thinner than it used to and the knees already bore mismatched patches. He just couldn't bring himself to throw away a perfectly good pair of pants, not when he could stretch it a few more turns with some clever needlework. He'd likely wear them until he outgrew them, and from here on out it was probably only possible to grow sideways.

Eyes down close to his work, he placed the needle for the next stitch—and when the dragon's voice rang through his head he expertly inserted the needle into the tip of his thumb.

Following a yip and a fair amount of cussing, Ros made his way out to the weyrbowl, index finger pressed firmly down on his wound. He took it away after a moment, and a bright red point sprang up on his thumb. Resuming pressure, he joined the other candidates in gawking at the dragons and the set of supplies laid out on the table.

Ros also eyed the chairs with a measure of distaste. Ugh. A sitting lesson. Even if all the stuff on the table was intriguing, chairs usually meant boring, a claim he could support with a lifetime of evidence.

With a resigned sigh, he picked a chair at random and flopped down next to a young man who had to be, by his rough estimate, a foot or so taller than he was. The boy on his other side was tiny by comparison, but then, Ros figured this gangly bloke could make anyone look small.

"What'd'ya make of our new Candidate Master, eh?" Ros asked the pair of them softly, with a slight jerk of his head toward Kirtesh. Of course, they were all new to him, him being new himself.
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