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a desert triumvirate of Hold, Weyr, and Mine. Thread's return and bandit raiding brought strife between weyr and hold, but the bandits' recent defeat has returned the region to an uneasy peace. Now, a shipwreck on a forgotten continent and the decision to settle this rediscovered land has opened up a world of opportunity to Vaioa, if only they can handle the dangers.

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Secret Santa 2017
Topic Started: Nov 19 2017, 04:09 PM (803 Views)
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It's that time of year again! Time for another exciting round of Incognito Claus.

We've had this little tradition going practically since the site started, and this year's gonna be another good one. So show some Christmas spirit, down some eggnog, and get those creative juices flowing!

The rules are as follows:
1. Post in this thread if you would like to participate.
2. Sunday, November 26th is the deadline for signups.
3. On Sunday night, I will randomize the list and send you the name of the person you are making a gift for. Don't tell anyone who it is! Keep it secret; keep it safe.
4. On Sunday, December 24th, post your gift and who it's for in this thread. That gives you four weeks!
Bask in the glory of all the gifts and a job well done!
5. Gifts can be pretty much anything, so long as there is thought and effort put into them. They could be art, pixels, fanfiction, crafts, baked goods—anything! It shouldn't be marks or a new dragon/wher/firelizard (unless you'd like to dish out the marks on it.) It's expected that gifts should be thoughtful, not thrown together last minute. Gifts don't necessarily need to be related to Vaioa!

If you have a gift that you would like to mail to your secret santa and need an address, contact me and I'll ask them for you. That way it stays secret.

Also, if you are unable to make a gift for your secret santa for any reason, please let me know. I'll make sure your person gets a gift.

Edited by Iradial, Nov 24 2017, 10:37 PM.
O'zen : Bronze Lenth
Lowen : Beryllium Lerriloth
Jerund : Brown Jerusk
Hama : Green Hamask
Eevai : Garnet Iopeth
Sh'ol : Graphite Hellioth
Kh'sev : Grey Saiyeth
Bervaidi : Blue Bervask
Syrsha : Brown Kalayth
Rosinthew : Candidate
Khola : Weyrfolk
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Spreadsheet Admin

Posted Image
Junior Weyrwoman Zahrai of Gold Nazteth : Wingthird Dinion of Garnet Chinesith :
Wingrider Mie of Brown Eybith : Wingrider and Healer Viviette of Blue Tarth :
Wingrider Irinei of Black Zandath : Wingleader Marios of Graphite Nynalth :
Weyrling R'vis of Grey Alasanth : Journeyman Beastcrafter Aeron : Journeyman Harper Tarik
Quick Character Reference
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If there is uneven numbers I am 100% in for doing two.
Posted ImageBankPlotTrackPosted Image
Posted Image

Posted Image-.-C'nar ‣ Granite Wingleader ‣ Bronze Dyath ‣ #666633-.-Posted Image
Posted Image---Ry'ker ‣ Basalt Wingsecond ‣ Copper Tath ‣ #E99334---Posted Image
Posted Image----O'wen ‣ Marble Wingrider ‣ Brown North ‣ #9c8969----Posted Image
Posted Image------F'ell ‣ Basalt Wingrider ‣ Grey Kiivath ‣ #7c473e------Posted Image
Posted Image------F'en ‣ Granite Wingrider ‣ Grey Kyth ‣ #423B3C------Posted Image
Posted Image-.---N'thain ‣ Flint Wingrider ‣ Blue Omeirth ‣ #6aaad1-.---Posted Image
Posted Image---.--Rohan ‣ Master Healer ‣ Blood Rohsk ‣ #560808-.----Posted Image
Posted Image-------------------------Keer ‣ Candidate
-------------------------Posted Image
Posted Image------------------/-----Raynor ‣ Candidate---------/--------------Posted Image
Posted Image-----------------Caeldrin ‣ Journeyman Trader-----------------Posted Image
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Make someone laugh. They might give you cupcakes.
Asgard wishes to participate, yes.
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

.|. Plotter .|. Tracker .|. Bank .|.
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The Celibate Scientist
I’m in!

Posted Image

Elmi & Garnet Basteth | Az'riel & Copper Liyanth
Singrid & Copper Wiliath | J'nai & Brown Elokith
Caylan & Grey Parath | El'jir & Blue Morrith
Savka & Blue Ripariath | N'din & Green Ingalath
J'phel & Black Davoth | I'vend & Graphite Rerioth
Sankal & Black Sansk | Avry & Blue Ask

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Friendly Neighborhood Spider
This seems fun. Count me in
Posted Image--R’ok ‣ Wingrider ‣ Bronze Grejoth ‣ #8d6f2a--Posted Image
Posted Image-Karaya ‣ Wingthird ‣ Copper Alduth ‣ #FF9900-Posted Image
Posted Image- E’ias ‣ Wingrider ‣ Brown Zooketh ‣ #674825-Posted Image
Posted Image--Zaurak ‣ Wherling ‣ Brown Zaurask ‣ #652a02Posted Image
Posted Image------.---------- Vaako ‣ Candidate--------.----------Posted Image
Posted Image ------.-—------Saiph ‣ Candidate-——-----.----—---Posted Image
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always classy
Yeah me i guess
Posted Image
Wingsecond RhiasGarnet Melacyth#ccoo3d
Weyrling T'rinnBrown EncantothperuPosted Image
Wingrider BikGrey Auralyth#7a7a7aPosted ImagePosted Image
Wingrider JiirBlue OkouthmidnightbluePosted Image
Bluerider LairahBlue Elbereth#0f1155Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image
Candidate SorrinPosted Imagex10
Posted Image
~Thread Tracker~
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Site Mom
Me please :)

Posted Image
Amber Wingsecond Aniese of Gold Rezeirth :: Marble Wingrider Vyra of Grey Theteth :: Granite Wingrider Karen of Blue Ienirth :: Weyrling Master Mai of Green Laeitath :: Candidate Master Kari of Green Seliath :: Sandstone Wingrider Natalia of Green Priyeth :: Sardonyx Weyrling A'den of Black Ezvanth :: Amber Weyrling Cayliss of Garnet Avraith :: Candidate Mirana :: Candidate Piper :: Journeywoman Healer Ylanna :: Weyrfolk Becca

Hurricane Wingrider Seneca of Blue Roryth

Sandstone Wingrider Dacielle of Copper Vylendrieth :: Granite Wingrider L'del of Grey Xakoeth :: Searchrider & Marble Wingrider M’ril of Blue Notalith :: Shale Wingrider K’dyn of Green Scherezath :: Baby Azora

Current Thread Tracker :: Plotter

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Teeniest Transman
sign meee uppp
Buy my art?

Posted ImageDalia and Brown Avrioth Posted Image Posted Image Sykeia and Brown Savvth Posted Image Posted Image Apprentice Dragonhealer Morevia of Graphite Fastoth Posted Image Posted Image Shale Wingsecond Zuryl of Garnet Oxith Posted Image Posted Image Coal Wingleader N'myl of Blue Tesseth Posted Image Posted ImageAv'del of Blue Elnath Posted Image Posted Image S'yr and Bronze Shaingoth Posted Image Posted Image Journeywoman glasscrafter Serol and Brown Serosk Posted Image Posted Image N'avyr of Black Favonith Posted Image Posted Image L'gar and Bronze Brenath Posted Image Posted Image Avyn of Gold Philiath Posted Image Posted Image Fort survivor C'vier of Brown Gierth Posted Image Posted Image C'aelir of Green Kiiviith Posted Image | | Candidate Feokai

ONPC: Th'or of Green Evareth | |sandstone searchrider Fy'kor of Blue Avimoth| | Marble wingrider E'ony and Bronze Quoth | |

Never meddle in the affairs of dragons, for thou art crunchy and good with ketchup.
Brave dragons, fly high, fly true, Gold, Bronze, Brown, Green, and Blue.
But don't forget Garnet, copper, grey, black, and graphite, too!
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Thread Murderer
I'll join in this year!
Miyaro, Grey Feliceth, Blue Fitch and Green Fliss : P'tir, Bronze Jaerth and Obsidian Spook
M'thos, Blue Sidaminth and Blue Cullie : Tr'fen, Blue Tunith and Green Chitter : F'tir and Blue Kirtoth : Kirtesh and Blue Istioth : K'thar, Green Yravith, Brown Flip and Pyrite Glint : M'ran, Brown Wrath and Green Mimic : G'rev, Green Beeklath and Blue Sky
Riza, Blue Risk and Brown Reese
Wher Candidates:
Maren and Green Whisp
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