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Welcome to Vaioa,

a desert triumvirate of Hold, Weyr, and Mine. Thread's return and bandit raiding brought strife between weyr and hold, but the bandits' recent defeat has returned the region to an uneasy peace. Now, a shipwreck on a forgotten continent and the decision to settle this rediscovered land has opened up a world of opportunity to Vaioa, if only they can handle the dangers.

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Current RP Year:
12th, Turn 1269
Current Weather:
Winter has come with unseasonably chilliness and dampness. Frost covers the ground in the morning before the sun burns it off.

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Rhias and Melacyth

Caylan and Parath

J'nai and Elokith
Mai and Laeitath
Luca and Emmeth
Gwen and Eamith
Siadryn and Salbith

Karnial and Bremorth
Kirtesh and Istioth
S'dra and Echonoeth
Kari and Seliath

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Imminent Site Move - PLEASE READ

Posted by Fishy (Admin) at May 19 2018, 04:16 PM. 0 comments

Well, it's happening. Tapatalk has bought out Zetaboards as well and we are going to be forcefully "upgraded" to their "service". Unfortunately, Zetaboards does not allow database backups and so it will be a new, squeaky clean forum. We're in the process of moving to Jcink and will have links for you soon, as well as a plot to move us forward on the new host and a few upgrades we think you'll like.

We have the skeleton of the board (As well as informational topics and adoptables) moved over to the new service. It looks really, really great! We managed to archive and save (as well as move) all past hatchings so those will be available on the new board. More info is heading your way in the coming week. We advise you to back up your characters and favorite threads now, as Tapatalk is already sending out board previews and the conversion may or may not be on the near horizon.

Hatching Conditions: Basteth's Second Clutch

Posted by Esuta (Admin) at May 7 2018, 01:42 PM. 0 comments

Hatching Conditions: Spring has started slowly, with the same cooler conditions that have begun giving Pern so many problems continuing. It’ll be a clear, chilly morning when the call goes out that the eggs are wobbling, and the first egg will crack shell just before lunch. There aren’t as many holders attending as usual, so the party after the hatching will seem emptier than expected. Between the tensions over food supply and the fact it’s a month into spring and it’s just now warm enough to begin planting there are many people who are busy or just electing not to come despite invitations.

The hatching will be opened up officially a while in advance so there is time for hatching openers. These conditions will help those who wish to write an opener in advance. If you cannot attend the hatching, many people will be happy to post your openers for you. Feel free to PM a friend or an admin your opening post. Remember that you do not have to be present to Impress.

Please refer to the Hatching FAQ for further questions.

For those who are participating for the first time, here are some hints. Candidates are required to be wearing the traditional robes - it helps people know instantly where they need to be directed to. These robes are white and usually made from coarser, cheaper materials, as the Weyr goes through a lot of them. They can wear it over clothing, but most prefer not to, as it can get pretty hot on the sands. Sandals are part of the uniform, protecting the feet from actual burns but still letting most of the heat through - this is a mute symbol of how dedicated they are to getting a dragon. Bare feet are permissible, if foolhardy, but boots will be frowned upon. A rope belt is issued with the robe, but many candidates prefer to substitute their own proper belts.

A Candidate, upon hearing or being informed of the hum, should make preparations as fast as possible; there is no telling when the eggs will actually start to crack. They want to look as presentable as possible, so in addition to getting dressed, they usually will wash and put up or let down their hair, if it is long. As soon as they are ready, they progress to the Hatching Sands.

When they arrive, they greet the clutchmother, similar to the egg Touching. They are free to interact with other Candidates, but at this point, they are mostly waiting for the eggs. Traditionally, the boys stand to one side and the girls to another, but nobody will bat an eye if mixed gender groups stand together, especially if they are friends.

We'll see you at the hatching!

Hatching Date: Basteth's Second Clutch

Posted by Contrition (Admin) at Apr 28 2018, 06:00 AM. 0 comments

Hello Vaioa! It's time for a Hatching update!

  • Basteth's second clutch will be hatching on the 12th of May at 1pm PST. The hatching will be opened up a while in advance for openers and you can expect the official conditions in an upcoming update! In the meantime, please familiarize yourself with our Hatching FAQ for answers to many of your questions.

  • The egg touching will begin very soon! Be ready!

Threadfall 9!

Posted by Contrition (Admin) at Mar 17 2018, 08:00 PM. 0 comments

Hello! Our next Threadfall, Threadfall 9, will be going live on March 24, a week from today! Conditions can be found HERE if you would like to pre-write a post, but the event threads will remain open, so it is by no means necessary to pre-write if you choose to participate :)

That means that this is the last call to submit riders for injury randomization. Please PM all submissions (if you have not already done so) to VaioaAdmin no later than 11:59pm on March 23. All final randomized injuries will be posted on the morning of March 24.

Hamask's Clutch: Hatching!

Posted by Contrition (Admin) at Mar 5 2018, 01:20 PM. 0 comments

Hamask's clutch is set to hatch March 10 at 12pm PST (1pm cbox time)! If you have a candidate, now's the time to start making preparations!

News Update 2.13.18

Posted by Fishy (Admin) at Feb 13 2018, 11:07 PM. One comment

Hello friends! Just a short news post for you:

  • Green Hamask has been caught which means there will be eggs soon! Keep an eye out!

  • There is a fire lizard hatching going on in the lower caverns!

  • Threadfall is still coming up soon so there's time yet to send a PM to VaioaAdmin asking to randomize an injury. Please let us know the severity of the injury you are looking for.

  • A Weyr Council is being held to address the food crisis and all are invited to participate, no matter their rank.

  • One of our lovely queen dragons will be flying very soon – the end of February or the first week of March. Now is the time to make sure you've sent in candidate questionnaires or make changes to them. Get those male dragons ready!

  • Just as a reminder: Please inform the staff when you are going to be dropping or ONPCing a character! It helps us to keep the listings fresh and our candidate tracker accurate. You never have to apologize for a character not working out, but we need to know to keep track of things. Thank you!

News Update 1.20.18

Posted by Iradial (Admin) at Jan 20 2018, 04:51 PM. 0 comments

Hi Vaioa! It's time for some news:

  • The Weyr Council has decided. Caylan of Gray Parath is Vaioa's interim Weyrleader! They deserve a special congratulations, as they are the first Gray pair to ever hold Weyrleadership.

  • Coal Wings open positions have also been filled. Wyn of Graphite Nespeth has been promoted to Wingsecond, and Sh'ol of Graphite Hellioth has been promoted to Wingthird.

  • With all this new leadership in place, we might as well test them. It's time for an on-screen Northern Threadfall! If you have a pair you would like to receive a randomized injury, please send a PM titled Threadfall Injury to the VaioaAdmin account with the name of the rider(s) you would like injured and specify whether you prefer light, medium, or heavy injuries.

  • We are also opening sign-ups for the next firelizard hatching! If you would like your character to Impress a firelizard, please send a PM to VaioaAdmin with the name of your character(s). We may also accept walk-ins, depending on how many people sign up.

  • Speaking of hatchings—there is a wher run happening now! We'll have eggs soon, but we need some chasers first!

Weyrleader Voting

Posted by Iradial (Admin) at Jan 11 2018, 08:37 PM. 0 comments

It's time to vote for a change in leadership!

Our applicants for Weyrleader are:

How to Vote:

  • Open a PM to VaioaAdmin. All votes will be anonymous. Title it "Weyrleader Voting".

  • Make your first choice for Weyrleader. This may not be a character you are playing.

  • Make your second choice for Weyrleader. This may not be your first vote, it may be a character you are playing.

  • Hit send!

Voting will be open until Friday, January 19th, 11:59 PM PST. That gives you a little over a week to vote!

Please remember that beyond encouraging people to vote in general, we discourage public campaigning. No "vote for me"s in the cbox and no sending PM's to other folks encouraging them to vote for you. Voting is private so please don't encourage people to explain their voting choices in the box. Good luck!

Weyrleader Applications

Posted by Iradial (Admin) at Jan 2 2018, 08:02 PM. 0 comments

Hey Vaioa! Happy New Year!

Because the holidays are a crazy time, we have decided to extend the application period for Weyrleader for another week. Applications will close on January 9, at 11:59 PM PST. Please PM the name of the character you wish to submit to VaioaAdmin.

After the application period closes, the candidates will be revealed and voting will open.

Who can apply

Because this is going to be a temporary Weyrleader decided by the vote of the Weyr Council, the rules are a little different this time. This Weyrleader Stewardship position can be held by any rider with a dragon that can fly an entire Threadfall. That includes...

- Browns or larger, including female dragons
- Larger grays
- Brown-sized blues

Context - In Character

In the events following the Fort eruption, Vaioa's current Weyrleader had to step down for personal reasons. Now the Weyr Council is set to vote on who to grant temporary Weyrleadership until the Weyrwoman's dragon rises again.

Candidates are nominated by their peers, and must meet the above criteria for the Council to consider them.

Other news

- Coal Wing leadership positions are still open for applications! These will also be closed on January 9.

- There is a new Pern-wide plot! Check out this post for all the details!

Post-Eruption Famine News Post 12.24.17

Posted by Esuta (Admin) at Dec 24 2017, 04:07 PM. 0 comments

A global crisis

During the Fort eruption, massive amounts of ash were pumped into the atmosphere and blown all across the globe. This resulted in noticeably cooler global temperatures, even in warmer regions like Vaioa. A cold autumn became an early winter, one that stretched well into spring. Both early and late frosts have been extremely damaging to plants, and the cold and damp are perfect conditions for blight.

The result has been massive crop failure across a majority of the Northern continent. With stores decimated after the long winter, a crisis is beginning to emerge in the form of widespread famine. The price of food is rising. Malnutrition-related illness has spiked. Tithes have dwindled, and the quality has worsened—but not out of dissatisfaction with the weyrs. Many holders, mostly the poor, simply have nothing to give. Evictions are becoming more common as holders struggle to keep up with the demands of their lord holders.

This leaves Vaioa Weyr in a precarious position. Presently Vaioa relies on tithes for survival. Although tithes have been impacted by the food shortage, there has been enough to keep Vaioa afloat—for now. Yet the demand for tithes has engendered increasing hostility and unrest in the population. People either resent the weyr for demanding tithes during a food shortage, or they beg for aid, regarding Vaioa as a potential savior.

Vaioa Weyr is left with an impossible choice: continue tithes and risk further unrest, or put its own population at risk of starvation to provide aid to the people it has sworn to protect.

How this affects your characters

As this plot progresses, there are several ways it may affect your characters. Feel free to consider these as writing prompts.

Within Vaioa

  • Dwindling food stores. Even with the support of shipments from Cove Weyrhold, it may reach a point where all Vaioan residents are put on rations. This has not happened yet, but it is a cause for anxiety.

  • Conflicts between residents. Some may favor continuing tithes and letting holders resolve their own problems. Others may argue that the weyr has an obligation to aid the stricken communities, even if it means reducing tithes.

Outside of Vaioa

  • Your character may have family or friends who are affected by the famine.

  • Riders are more likely to be hassled when out-of-weyr, either by people who resent the tithes or people asking for aid.

  • Wherhandlers may need to spend more time on patrol, as more displaced people are traveling in search of greener pastures. Travelers may need extra protection because...

  • Robberies have increased. These are typically individuals or small bands breaking into holds or holding up single travelers or small groups on the road. These groups do not have the scale, organization or intentional violence of Terema's band, whose purpose was to sow chaos and fear. These are desperate people resorting to desperate measures, and wherhandlers should keep that in mind when engaging. (Note: Also keep our low violence rating in mind.)

  • Cold, malnutrition and the rise of displaced, traveling populations has led to an increase in disease. The common cold and influenza are more prevalent than usual. There is also particularly a dangerous fever. Its symptoms are high fever, mental confusion, body aches, and sometimes a rash on the torso and limbs. It may last up to two weeks, and it may be deadly. Any character who goes outside the Weyr is at a higher risk of falling ill.

  • General unrest. Lord holders are under similar pressure to help their citizens, and they are bound to react to it in different ways. Some have resorted to evictions. Others may pressure the weyrs for help.

As this plot progresses, we will come out with more information, more prompts, and some plot threads your characters may get involved in. Stay tuned!

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