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Rules - read please
The White Counsil is a community where we should all have a good time. We have therefore, some rules, which must be obeyed by all of our members to contain the nice atmosphere in our community.

#1 - No spam! This means the following:
No doubleposting (posting a new reply when the last is your own.
No single-posting (don't post a single word)
Nothing off-topic
Donít bring up old topics

#2 - No flaming

#3 - No racsism

#4 - Use a "nice language". Crap, and damn etc. are allowed, but Fuck and worse are not.

#5 - Proper English, without too much txt

The Moderators and the Administrators are here to safe keep the counsil and make sure that the rules are obeyed.
Note that these members can lower post counts, edit posts, move posts, pin/unpin, close topics, warn and ban members who do not keep the rules.í

Just make sure that the rules are obeyed and there are some exceptions, although we should all try to keep it all clean and nice!
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