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Rules (Read please)
Obey the following rules to ensure a comfortable atmosphere within the forum's and to avoid your ass getting kicked by the mighty moderators!

#1 - No spam! This means the following:

No double posting. Use the Edit button if you want to add something to your latest reply or wait for someone else to reply before you post again. If your new post is unrelated to the previous one and there has passed more than a week since your latest reply, double posting is allowed.

No single-word posts. Avoid posts/replies that only contain a single word or nothing but a smiley. These rarely contribute to a discussion.

No off-topic posts. Stay on the topic of whatever is being discussed. Do not post unrelated stuff.

#2 - No flaming of other members! Everyone has a right to say their opinion; do not peck or insult any members. Joke-insults can be tolerated, but only when both members are aware of the fact that it's just for fun. All in all - avoid insulting.

#3 - No racism. Do not express any kind of racism! Wether it is because of a member's nationality, religion or the colour of their skin.

#4 - Political subjects should be discussed in a cool atmosphere. Everone has different opinions and there must be room for them all. Do not get emotional and do not go personal in such discussions. No need to start flame-wars.

#5 - Avoid too much swearing. We have young members too, and swearing should be kept to a minimum.

#6 - Proper English, without too much txt! We want to have nice and clean posts, where everyone can actually read what is written!

#7 - Fear the moderators and the administrators

Admins and mods can:
Lock, move, delete, edit threads/replies
and lower post count, ban, warn

-Lord Sunnycool
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