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Battle Royale Fanfiction Thread
Topic Started: May 8 2018, 06:28 PM (72 Views)
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Are you bored of reading SOTF? Want to get inspiration for your SOTF stories? Want to read a good story? In this thread you can get recommendations for good Battle Royale fanfictions and you can discuss about battle royale fanfics.

I wanted to give shoutouts to some incredible pieces of writing. All of them except one exception only include original characters and thus could be cool standalones - no required knowledge about battle royale is required. So here we go.

  • Okay, let us begin with the big one. The classic Battle Royale fanfiction. The big boss. The original. The one that even inspired some SOTF-users in the early days.

    72 Hours, the legendary Battle Royale fanfic that started them all. It is an incredible classic about an American Version of a Program with intriguing plot lines, memorable characters and lots of suspense. It also has a sequel I still wait to be finished to this day...

  • Next up we have The United States Raising Hand Program! Out of all fanfictions in this list this one has captured the spirit of 72 Hours the most. So if you liked 72 Hours, you should definitely check this one out. It really has memorable characters and feels like a good spiritual successor to 72 Hours. I sadly could not find time to finish reading it, but it really is a good piece of fiction

  • Now the next one is called Run and has one of the silliest premises. It's an AU where movie!Kiriyama (the one who signed up voluntarily) won the Battle Royale and signed up for another one - in the US of course - and thus a romance story between Kiriyama and our main heroine begins. Silly, right? A love story fanfiction between an American highschool girl and a psychopath who voluntarily murders people? That only sounds like it can be trash right? No, surprisingly it is a well written Battle Royale fanfiction with cool characters and a thrilling romance. Props for executing this totally crazy idea of doing a twilight-esque love story with Kiriyama out of all people? Go read it if you're intrigued.

    I have not finished reading this one yet, but the chapters I have read were really interesting and well-written and set up good plots.

  • Next one is An Alien Perspective. Another story with a concept I don't really am a fan of: An american exchange student is in Japan and whoops, his class was in a Battle Royale. Sucks to be you.

    But holy moly, despite this, it really is a great story. Not only is it very thrilling, but the author also put much effort it and researched lots of facts and really kept me on my toes. I really loved each and every single character in this story - all of them are characterised perfectly, the scenes were great, the variety of the characters was great and the scenes were badass.

    Check it out, if you want inspiration for great SOTF scenes.

  • How could I have not this one on my list? SOTF V0!! Megami's unfinished story about Sydney Morvan's version. There's not much I need to say about this one.

  • Last, but definitely not least - my absolute favourite Battle Royale fanfiction.

    Drumroll please...

    Battle of Benjamin Hall!

    Why this one? What makes this my absolute favourite battle royale fanfiction? Why is it in my opinion the best Battle Royale?

    Because it is not a Battle Royale at all.

    It does not feel like Battle Royale, Hunger Games, Future Diary, SOTF - not even like Evo. And yet it still has the premise of students being forced to kill each other. But it is the most unique story of them all as it does not follow the steps of every other story in this list with the students fighting each other in an arena and immediatelly slaughtering each other. It is far better than that.

    Read about how the students bind together since the beginning of the game, read about how paranoia, mistrust and the mystery about the circumstances about why they were trapped. Read about the different characters and their position in their society.

    It's not a Battle Royale story. It's a fantastic standalone. It's a thriller, a mystery novel, with amazing characters and plot twists. Find out yourself. I recommend it to absolutely everyone.

    It's not a battle royale to me. It feels like a mystery, a thriller.

    Go read this one! It's absolutely great. Seriously. I cannot express how thrilling the experience is to read the story.

I hope this and the synopsis of the story's in the fanfic synopsis section got you interested!

Have you ever read a Battle Royale fanfic? If so, what are your opinions on them? I know some of us already have written one - if you want, you can share them in this thread as well.

What do you think about the stories on my list? Don't shy away from reading one of these masterpieces if you have time and want to be thrilled.
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