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A New Alignment Thread For A New Version
Topic Started: Feb 15 2018, 02:52 PM (208 Views)
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Wait, what's that? Yes, it's true. I'm starting an alignment thread for V7 Pregame, and also any past characters you want to apply it to. However, because I freaking hate typical alignment threads, I went ahead and rewrote the system to be more applicable to SOTF, replacing the traditional axes (Lawful/Chaotic and Good/Evil) with stuff a little bit more relevant to teenagers in a death game.

The first axis of my new alignment system is Selfish/Selfless. This relates to how your character treats others, particularly those with whom they have no major relationship.

A Selfish character is a character who is willing to cause harm or setbacks to others in order to get what they want. For a Selfish character, their own desires outweigh those of others, especially those who they don't have any particular connection to. A Selfish character won't think much of helping themselves to somebody else's food (if they think they can get away with it, and if they don't have some personal compunction preventing that sort of action), to cheating off someone else's test without that person's permission, to lying and trying to wiggle their ways out of trouble. Selfish characters absolutely can (and almost always do) have people they care about and are close to. They may be willing to sacrifice these people's interests for their own, but they also may not. Prioritizing those you care about at the active and direct expense of others is also a Selfish action. Needless to say, in almost all circumstances, actively playing is Selfish behavior.

A Selfless character is one who will act for the benefit of others, even those they aren't necessarily close to, and even when doing so causes a degree of difficulty of inconvenience for themselves. A Selfless character is committed to helping, and likely views any consequences of doing so as outweighed by the positive results for others. A Selfless character is likely to intervene if they spot bullying going on (even at the risk of turning the bully's attention onto themselves), lend or give a classmate money in a pinch (knowing they may well not be repaid) or take on extra work in group projects. Selfless characters still can have enemies, and they aren't saints--everyone has bad moments, and most people have those they just can't gel with. For Selfless characters, however, these things are uncommon, and on the whole they tend to be pleasant people to be around.

A Neutral character is one who does not go out of their way to help others but also is unwilling to throw them under the bus. A Neutral character will probably be willing to lend a hand if it doesn't cost them anything, but if it would mean putting their own desires on the back-burner then they'll likely decline. At the same time, a Neutral character will usually suppress the urge to take advantage of others, though they may well be tempted or have occasional slip ups. A neutral character may well act more selflessly with those they care about or more selfishly with those they dislike, but on the whole their attitude towards the masses is fairly live and let live. Misfortunes are sad, but just as the Neutral character doesn't inflict them casually, so too is it not their responsibility to fix.

The second axis of this system categorizes characters as Improvisers/Planners. These categories distinguish how your character goes about their life, how they pursue their goals and in what circumstances they feel most comfortable.

Improvisers value adaptability and flexibility. They're most comfortable in mutable situations, when they can adjust on the fly to match developments. An Improviser may well make plans, even often or compulsively--they just won't be good at sticking to them, discarding or rewriting them the second something goes even mildly awry. An Improviser forced into a group presentation will probably want to wing it, to divide the work according to strengths or interests as they manifest over the course of the project. They're the ones who will go off-script when giving a speech.

Planners value structure and stability. They're most comfortable in situations where they know what's going on and what the possible outcomes are, and where they have at least a solid idea of how to navigate to get what they want. A Planner does not necessarily write down lists or steps of how they want to approach anything (though they might), but they like to think a few steps ahead, and tend to bring that mentality even to evolving situations, attempting to find a way to parse them and sort them into sensible fashion. A Planner forced into a group presentation will likely want to divide the work in clear fashion, to write out (and maybe even rehearse) the presentation, and to stick to that unless there's a good reason not to which is addressed in the proper fashion. This, of course, does not mean their work will necessarily be better than that of an improviser--many too-prepared projects lose any sense of the dynamic.

Neutral characters don't have a strong preference one way or the other. They're comfortable in the middle, with a certain distaste for either extreme. A Neutral character may make plans and stick to them when possible, but when a plan falls through or a major change develops, they won't stress about abandoning the plan (though they may well be stressed by the circumstances that led to that abandonment). At the same time, they're not completely okay with being left to float, and may well become unsettled if forced to wing it for an extended period of time, feeling themselves unmoored.

As is typical for alignment systems, this shakes out into nine categories, as follows:

Selfish Improvisers are guided by desire and whim. They can be moody and temperamental, or calm and collected, but you never know quite what to expect from them and they can discard or sabotage others with almost no warning--because they themselves are often not really expecting it (or at least the specifics of it) until right before it happens. Selfish Improvisers can often be prone to fits of pique or vindictiveness, and will usually act on such as soon as possible, where a Selfish Planner might take a more slow-burn approach.

Selfish Neutral characters seek to have their wants met, and aren't too bothered by the particulars. If they see a great opportunity suddenly open up, they'll take it without too much second guessing. If they think putting in some long-term work is the best means to their end, they'll do that too. This casualness about how they seek their desires extends to those who might be caught up in the process. They may well not want to hurt people, but they'll hurt people to pursue their wants.

Selfish Planners are all about getting what they want, and feel the best way to do so is to know both what they want and how they're going to get it. They work ahead, and that can make it especially painful for those caught up in the crossfire--a Selfish Planner's betrayal or harm is anything but casual, though it may well not be personal. Where a Selfish Improviser may manipulate someone and then seize an opportunity to leverage that to their advantage, a Selfish Planner probably began the manipulation with the end already in mind.

Neutral Improvisers are, at heart, free spirits. Guided by their moods and the situations they find themselves in, they strive to make their own path, one they enjoy and one which doesn't cut too wide a swath of destruction but one which also may ruffle some feathers. Neutral Improvisers aren't casual about hurting others--they don't try to do so in most cases, and they certainly learn from it if they inadvertently do--but they're also not about to put their own urges second in order to help some stranger achieve their own ends.

Double Neutral characters are those who more or less mind their own business. They actually are in many ways the most flexible and the least likely to get into trouble; a Double Neutral character isn't going to sacrifice the wants of others for their own, or their own for the wants of others, and they're content to approach their life in whatever way is best. They can look into the future, but they can also live in the moment, valuing what's important to them while also setting themselves up to continue doing well.

Neutral Planners are those who take the long view. They aren't willing to treat others as tools, but they're not about to make themselves into tools for others. Instead, they see a considered and measured pursuit of their goals as the best way to achieve them, replacing the convenience of using others with the convenience of a considered approach focused on turning what they most desire into an inevitable eventuality. If you know what you want, and know how best to approach it, and follow through, how can you possibly fail?

Selfless Improvisers just can't help themselves when they see someone in need of a hand. They may want to put themselves first, but their consciences tend to be quick and powerful, and before they know it they're going out of their way to solve whatever situation they happened to stumble upon. They may not have the patience to make an active campaign of it, and foresight is not necessarily among their strong suits, but they make up for this by being the first to step up when things start to go sideways.

Selfless Neutral characters are more than anything else focused on others. Sometimes that means doing some advance footwork, and sometimes it means going to bat for someone at a moment's notice. Either is fine, though neither is really quite natural for the Selfless Neutral; rather, what is natural is looking out for those who need someone to look out for them, and then doing their level best to help those in need of it in the most efficient and effective fashion.

Selfless Planners want the best for everyone, and think that it's something worth devoting actual time and attention to. They're forward-thinking, and they act in ways to help out those around them. They're the sort to spend their own money to bring extra pencils for a test, to set up a shared project to take the lion's share of the work to help out a classmate who doesn't understand it--or, better, to block out a weekend to help get that classmate up to snuff on the subject in question.

I was gonna put my characters into the system but this took way longer than I expected to write up so someone else can go first.
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Sierra Cook: Neutral Improviser

Lucas Abernathy: Selfless Planner
V7 Charcters
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Connor Lorenzen: Neutral Planner

Ross Miller: Double Neutral

Morgan Dragosavich: Neutral Improviser

Claude, who's not arrived yet, will be a Selfless Planner.
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Myles Roux: Selfish Neutral

Dolly Upton: Neutral Planner

Andy Silverman: Neutral Improvisor

Mercy Ames: Double Neutral leaning slightly selfish I guess?

Astor Maradona: Selfless Improvisor

Siyanda Nagi: Neutral Planner, also leaning selfish
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Toby is Double Neutral, leaning Selfless

Paloma is Selfish Improviser

Carmen (to be revealed soon tm) is Selfless Improviser

Katja (name probably different on submission) is Neutral Planner, leaning Selfless
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Wyatt is a selfish improviser.

Cheridene is true neutral.
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whee i love alt alignment systems

Dante Valerio: Selfless Improviser

Ivy Langley: Selfish Neutral

Nia Karahalios: Neutral Planner w/ some selfish leanings

Axel Fontaine: Selfish Improviser

Artem Fyodorov: Double Neutral leaning toward planner but too disorganized for it lmao

Zen Alicea Feliciano: Selfless Improviser

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Alexander Brooke: Neutral Planner

Abraham Watanabe: Selfish Improviser

Chris Bright: Selfless Improviser

bonus v6:

Asha Sur: Selfless Neutral

Cass Prince: Double Neutral

Harold Porter: Selfless Planner

bonus bonus v5:

Michael Mitchellson: Neutral Improvisers

Daniel Whitten: Selfless Neutral

Alice Gilman: Selfish Planner
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Now That's What I Call An Alignment Chart! I really like it though, it seems to be a much more natural fit for SOTF than the more arbitrary morality based ones!

Charelle Chernyshyova: Selfish Improviser
Joanne Coleman: Neutral Neutral
Beryl Mahelona: Neutral Improviser
Ramsey Cortez: Neutral Planner
Demetri Futscher: Neutral Neutral
Gyu-ri Christensen: Selfless Neutral
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Gene Steward: Selfish Improviser
Forrest Doe: Selfish Improviser

Alessio Rigano: Selfish Improviser
Conrad Harrod: Selfish Improviser
Darius Van Dyke: Selfish Improviser

Lance Adams 2.0: Selfless Planner
Blaine Eno 2.0: Selfish Improviser

Stan Astley: Selfish Improviser
Mick Sexsmith: Selfish Improviser

I think you guys know what my V7 kids will be like.
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Violet Schmidt: Selfless Improviser.

Lucas Diaz: Selfish Neutral.

Max Rudolph: Neutral Planner

Lili Williams: Neutral Improviser

Arthur Bernstein: Double Neutral

Cybil Price: Selfish Planner

Kitty Gittchall (SC2): Selfish Improviser
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Helena Fury: Selfless Improvisor
Blaise D'Aramitz: Selfish Improvisor
Jeremiah Widdlestone: Selfish Planner
Damiyn Maradona Reyes: Selfless Neutral
Weaver Breeze; Selfless Planner
Babs Mulaney: Double Neutral
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Camilla Bell: Neutral Planner

Meilin Zhou: Selfless Neutral
V7 Wayward Children

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Alison Bernheisel - Selfish Planner

Nate Malaqui - Neutral Planner

Teddy Nunes-White - Neutral Improviser

Robin Mireles - Selfish Neutral

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