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SOTF: Nuzlocke Comics; Everyone's invited (to die)!
Topic Started: Jan 26 2018, 12:05 AM (138 Views)
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Many of us are familiar with the Nuzlocke challenge. For those who aren't, a Nuzlocke is a self-imposed set of rules for a Pokemon playthrough, which is designed to force you to use new Pokemon and make you worry about their safety more.

The 3 mandatory rules are:
-You must nickname every Pokemon you catch, though many people do this anyway.
-You can only catch one Pokemon per area, and it must be the first one you encounter. If it faints, you get nothing. Some styles allow you to mulligan if you encounter a Pokemon you already own.
-The most important: If your Pokemon faints, it is DEAD. You must box it or release it, and never use it again. This applies to any Pokemon you use.

The original form of Nuzlocke comes from a comic about a Pokemon Ruby playthrough, which attracted lots of attention and spread the challenge all over. The comic style is also a popular way to depict your struggles. That's what this is for!

I mentioned it in chat, and a couple of people discussed wanting to draw more, and Nuzlocke comics came up. Therefore, I pose this offer: anyone interested is to create a comic of an ongoing Nuzlocke challenge they are playing. The exact style and format is up to you, and artistic expertise is not required or expected.

This is just to give Pokemon fans something to get into and to encourage them to practice drawing more if they otherwise feel unmotivated. If you want in, you don't need to make a statement or sign up or anything, just start playing and then putting up the comics once they're made.

I for one will be attempting to Nuzlocke Pokemon Black 2, and will hopefully be posting comics in the near future. Everyone else, have at!
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Posting here to remind myself to get around to this at some point.
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Mr. Danya
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I know I'd fail at a full comic but I might post a team shot or something when they all inevitably die in my Omega Ruby run.
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Oh I might stream that one day
me by naft
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I would do this on the condition that none of my Pokemon die but instead retire from battling forever and get to rest peacefully in a nice Pokemon Centre somewhere >:C


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