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Play With Me
Topic Started: Oct 26 2017, 02:12 AM (533 Views)
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Oct 30 2017, 12:25 AM
** Vivi and Dante could appreciate the beauty of humans together! She's definitely the type to bring other people into her shennanery, though, and has probably dragged him into a couple late night lake swims and such because everything is more fun with a buddy! Ivy and Vivi probably aren't even on one another's radar, Vivi likely gets a bad vibe from her and would steer clear, while Vivi's complete unabashed tendency to be completely herself regardless would make Ivy's bullying pointless because it wouldn't effect her. I could see her being tangentially friendly with Nia, but I feel like Nia would get all she needed from Vivi in just one hang out and likely wouldn't seek out her friendship. Vivi's very personable and friendly and she might try and get Artem out of his shell? He could maybe have a crush on her from afar, but I don't he'd flirt with her, so she'd be unaware of it.

** Beth would be considerate of his feelings, but would politely decline Dante. Maybe if she had time, but, she doesn't. All her sorries, though. I actually think her and Ian are a decent fit, though she'd want him to break out from under the Sports Bros thumbs. I don't think they'd be super close, but she would make sure to say hello to him and talk to him any time they saw one another!
im down for All of this. yeah tbh Ivy gets big time bored when people dont react to her bullying and just stops caring. i am especially SUPER down with Vivi tryin to get Artem out of his headspace bc he def has the capacity to be down for Some Shit if you can get him to stop stressing for five minutes
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I can definitely see Erika Stieglitz and Vivi getting along, as they're both into the hippie stuff and Erika likes to spend most of her time around "good vibes only" sorts of people. I could see Vivi putting up the idea of doing shrooms together and Erika slowly but surely getting sold on it; that could be a really interesting pregame thread to write. :D

I could also see Henry Sparks being attracted to Beth, and maybe getting up the courage to ask her out - but he didn't, for one reason or another. Maybe he was attracted to her maturity and no-bullshit persona, but didn't see any hope in doing so and wrote the idea off in his head. If they've ever hung out he's probably seen the same kind of intensity in her that he sees in himself, and probably thinks he "gets" her.
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I could see Beth being the kind of person who would have noticed that Victor was having trouble with some of his classes, and offered to help tutor him. He'd probably be embarrassed, but he's a nurturer himself, and he's desperate to turn his grades around, so he'd be okay with it. I could see them bonding over their shared work ethic and unique home situations.
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Altan Ochir might be friends with Vivi just on the basis of being in the Art Club together, as well as Altan's tendencies for daydreaming.
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