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Club/Team Masterpost; bc this seems like something that should exist
Topic Started: Oct 19 2017, 08:43 PM (2,912 Views)
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okay so people are individually keeping track of what teams and clubs exist and who's on them and I figured it'd probably be helpful to have one topic to keep track of that stuff? so this topic will keep track of all the teams and clubs that exist at George Hunter, who's in them, and who's handling them. (if you have any idea what position your character plays on their sports team, or what instrument they play in band, or anything of that nature, lemme know and I'll note that too)

I don't wanna step on anyone's toes so I'm not gonna add anyone unless they ask or post in this thread but just post your stuff here or hit me up on Discord or whatever and I'll put your kids on the list <3 I'll add teams and stuff as we go I just listed the ones that I remembered off the top of my head and I'm an idiot

note that this is for pregame planning only! it's not official or binding for pregame or anything, it's just for the purposes of people figuring out who their kids might wanna be friends with :p

Athletic Teams

Non-Athletic Teams

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Katja is on the girl's basketball team, shooting guard. Might be starting position.
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Aleksandra Prudius is on the women's basketball team.

Tony Acardi is a member of the culinary arts/cooking club
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Jeff Greene is on the football team, Mackenzie Baker is in drama club, and Sarah Burnhart is in the archery club.
V7 Kids
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Lucas Abernathy is on drama, and after consideration Sierra Cook is on the archery club with Blastinus' Sarah.
V7 Charcters
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tech crew needs to be up there and Angie is part of it
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Wyatt Carter is the scariest OLB on the football team.

Cheridene Williams is power forward on women's basketball.

Edit: Screw it, Justin Greene (no relation to Jeff) is in choir.
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Ned is in anime and drama club.

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Keisha's on the Debate Team, School Newspaper as a reporter, the Volleyball Team as a wing spiker, and is also a Cheerleader.

Put Adele on the Swim Team, specializing in breaststroke, and choir.

Kelly is on the Archery Team, and the Volunteering Club or something. Also head of yearbook or smth?

Janie is on the Student Council!

This might be updated later, idk.

here's my v7 planning thread or whatever



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Dean Puchero was the running back for the football team a while back. He still makes it to pretty much every game and a good number of training sessions.

Garren Mortimer is, to everyone's disgust, a member of the anime club.

Boyd Adkinson is a member of the basketball team, position currently undecided.


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Asante is on the basketball team, Center.

Yuri is on the Student Council, I dunno if we're doing elections for treasurer or whatever but she'd do that.
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Emeka is part of literature club, debate team and any activism club there might be.

Katrina is in school choir and dance team.

Tanisha is in dance team.
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Myles Roux is in the film club and receives peer tutoring if you're noting tutors.

Andy Silverman is on the boys' basketball team as shooting guard.

Dolly Upton is part of the choir as a soprano singer.

Astor might be in a volunteer/activism club.

Mercy Ames is a cheerleader and a member of the writing club and art club.
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Max is on debate team, and he's on the baseball team as Shortstop [SS].

Lucas is in any creative writing club there might be, as well as photography and/or art clubs.

Violet is in school orchestra/band [Violin].
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Cleo Braithwaite is involved with the school cycling team if one exists.

Blaise d'Aramitz will start a fashion club if you heathens don't have one already. They're also part of informal groups around the school that play card games for fun and profit together.

Helena "Hel" Fury is on the debate team and part of the anime club.

Jeremiah "Blu-J" Widdlestone is also part of the school's ASL Club should one exist.

Damion Riccardo Maradona Reyes is part of the debate club and student council.

Finally Barbara "Babs" Mulaney is part of the school book club :3
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