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Worm Mafia Fallout Thread; You needed worthy opponents
Topic Started: Aug 27 2017, 10:30 PM (238 Views)
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Well that wasn't fun at all.


In case my day one freak out needed more explanation, it was mostly because of my role. I got super skittish over trying not to look like mafia so that town wouldn't lose two people in quick succession. Being the closest role in the game to a normal town villager guy with no abilities - in fact, one with a disadvantage in regards to the team, imho - was kind of rough, and when Riki, my partner, died due to inactivity, I kind of just wanted the game to be over at that point.

I think the biggest reason that I sort of fell out of it at the end was the lack of daily vote count updates on the last dayphase. That lack of input and reminder of time made me feel like the game was already over, as did my stance as a dead man walking.

You won't have to worry about me being a shitty teammate anymore, because I've decided that this isn't really for me.

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