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Topic Started: Aug 19 2017, 02:52 PM (514 Views)
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Heather is musically-inclined, so she's probably run into both Isra and Floyd at one point or another. I think Isra's band rivals the one Heather's in, but Isra personally doesn't care much for it so it all depends on how Heather treats that rivalry. Floyd is...trickier. He might've come across Heather's work and tried to be all buddy-buddy, and share his awkward but earnest anime-themed rap music. This also depends on how Heather takes that.

Now, onto FOOTBAAAAAALL. Teddy and Akiem have probably run into each other wearing Tennessee Titans jerseys and gushed about sports, and on top of that, their interests in history/anthropology overlap somewhat. Teddy has a somewhat abrasive demeanor but he's trying his best to curb it, and maybe befriending someone as mild-mannered as Akiem would help them with that. As long as Akiem's not transphobic, they should get along fine!

The same goes for Robert, actually. If he isn't a bigot, he and Teddy can bond over tabletop gaming and possily MMOs, if that's his thing.

Robert also may or may not have made Floyd cry once.

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Altan Ochir might be a good friend of Heather Klein's, as they are both interested in Art and Wrestling (Although Altan specializes in Bokh/Mongolian Wrestling), and the fact that Ajira is significantly shorter than her and much quieter.
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