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Battle Royale; Private, Day 11
Topic Started: Aug 5 2017, 09:18 AM (1,500 Views)
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((Kimiko Kao continued from Takasago))

Their progress had been slow, but it wasn't something Kimiko was going to complain about. She had expected things to be slow. It didn't look like Min-Jae was capable of anything more than an excruciating painful gait.

They hadn't encountered anybody though which was both good and bad. It was good because it meant they hadn't been required to go through the risk of a fight or tense standoff, which would have had a good change of turning ugly, considering who they were and how many weapons she visibly possessed. She had the assault rifle in her hands, and the nodachi slung over her back along with her bag, but the end of the glock was also visible in her pocket while the tantō remained out of sight in her other pocket. Layers of visible and invisible protection in case anyone came to her with violence in their minds. The downside of their decision however was that it left them to wonder with no real goal or plan. It was a waste of their time and energy. Kimiko felt it was a waste of Min-Jae's energy more than hers. He could have used the time they had spent walking to rest and recuperate from his injuries. Instead they were blindly moving through corridors in the asylum.

The asylum itself was silent. It's long hallways feeling especially cavernous and deserted now that they were down to the final few. Despite Min-Jae's presence Kimiko couldn't help feeling alone. There was no fooling herself. The alliance with Min-Jae was one of convenience born from the fact they had been friends once. Kimiko was under no illusions that only one of them could leave the island alive. That was a problem for the future however.

For now they had decided to stop in the cafeteria. Kimiko had never been in the cafeteria, she had never decided to explore much of the asylum. Instead she had spent much of her time outside of it or only staying in specific rooms. Her knowledge of all the different corners of the place wasn't good.

Regardless she turned back to Min-Jae, who was further down the corridor due to his struggles with movement, and pointed at the cafeteria's large wooden door before pushing it open and entering.

As soon as she did so she saw Fiyori Senay and Alba Reyes. Kimiko hadn't seen Fiyori in all her time on the island but knew who she was from around Cochise. Alba she had seen, once at the very beginning of her time on the island. She had been there when Kimiko had killed Bradley.

They both had guns.

Kimiko looked between the two as her heartbeat began to speed up and body tensed.

What was going to happen she couldn't say for sure.

But she knew deep down that violence was the only conclusion.
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Kimiko saw Alba begin to raise her gun and dove to the side.

She wasn't quick enough.

There was a burning at the tip of her ear and she instinctively reached up to feel it. It was a ragged mess and her hand came back covered in blood. Luckily it wasn't anything life-threatening. The rest of Alba's shots slammed home into the wall where Kimiko had been standing, so things could have been much worse.

Scrambling Kimiko plucked the assault rifle off the floor and got herself up to one knee. Using the table she had taken cover behind to brace the gun she placed her sights over Alba and let loose with a burst of fire at the girl.

There was no other option.
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Fiyori started firing as all semblance of the situation being under control was destroyed. The bullets from Fiyori's gun smashed something behind Kimiko, causing a light rain of dust to fall onto her.

Their plan was to fall back into the kitchen. Kimiko had no idea of whether the room contained an exit they were planning on using to escape or if they were just falling back because there was more cover available to them.

Staying low and behind the table Kimiko moved further to the side of the room and out of Alba and Fiyori's combined fire.

She had no way of communicating with Min-Jae which put them at a disadvantage but he seemed to be using the doorway they'd entered through as cover.

Alba's sweeping arc of fire made it next to impossible for Kimiko to raise her head up and return fire.

Instead she did the opposite and dropped to her side on the floor. Taking a moment to brace the gun against her body before firing at Alba's legs.
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The hail of bullets from Alba stopped as Kimiko's own shots hit her legs. Then she saw Alba get hit by Min-Jae's shots and fall back into the kitchen.

As soon as it happened Kimiko pushed herself up into a crouch to move away from where she had been. It turned out to be a smart decision as one of the two girls returned fire. She felt a bullet graze her leg, slicing through the top layers of skin. It burned almost as badly as her ear did but she ignored it and kept moving.

Until mercifully, the cafeteria fell silent for the first time since she had entered it. The brief moment of respite allowed her to check her ear with her hand. She assumed it was bad since she could feel the blood from it running down the side of her face and her neck, it was starting to soak her shoulder as well.

She was met with a sharp and intense stabbing pain as soon as her hand touched and when she brought it back it was saturated in the crimson red of her blood. The closest approximation she could think of was if she had dipped her hand in a bowl of the fake blood people used at Halloween.

Her eyes scanned the doors that Alba had fallen through and Fiyori had shot from, she presumed it led to the kitchen.

They had retreated deeper inside.

Kimiko popped the assault rifles magazine out and tried to count how many bullets she had before deciding to just reload the whole thing, stashing the other magazine in her bag

She rested the assault rifle on the table, keeping it trained on the doors as she waited for Min-Jae to catch up with her.
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What felt like an eternity passed as Kimiko waited for any sign that Fiyori or Alba were going to try and return fire. It soon became clear that it wasn't going to happen. They were in the kitchen or they had escaped.

She shrugged in response to Min-Jae's question. She had no idea if there was a way out of the kitchen. Her first experience in the cafeteria had been the gunfight.

She turned her head to him and mouthed two words.

"No idea."

It left them in an awkward situation as they could hardly sit behind the table waiting for the announcement to tell them the status of the two girls.

They had one option that wasn't leaving the cafeteria there and then. Leaving presented its own problems as they'd potentially be leaving alive two people who wanted them dead. There was no room for uncertainty like that. Not if she intended to survive.

She took her hands off the assault rifle to quickly sign to Min-Jae.

"We need to go check, to make sure."
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Upon entering the kitchen there was nothing. No gunshots, no yells, no crying. It was almost completely silent.


Kimiko had been able to hear someone breathing. She had crept forward and rounded a block of counters.

That was when she saw Alba.

In that moment she realised what had happened.

She started to spin on her heel, eyes still focused on Alba.

Then she was engulfed.

The force of the explosion in the confined space flung her around, the assault rifle flew from her grip and then she slammed back first against a wall.

Something was lodged in her throat. She could feel it sitting just above her collar but she couldn't see it. She couldn't see anything.

Her left hand tried to reach up but she lacked the strength.

It was over.

She knew that much.

She'd failed.

She'd failed Caleb.

After everything she had been through, all of it was for nothing.

Her head was starting to feel lighter, the blood loss beginning to take effect.

She didn't know what would happen next. What was going to happen to her? Would she get to see Caleb? Her soul would move on but she didn't know what afterlife she'd be granted. After everything she had done she didn't think she'd be judged well and that truth scared her.

She mouthed an apology to her parents for them having to witness everything she had done.

To Caleb for failing to make his sacrifice worthwhile and meaningful.

And to everyone else who she had hurt, although she knew they were empty words.

Finally she bowed her head as she mouthed a prayer for herself but she knew that it was too late and she didn't deserve one.

Her thoughts started to become hazy and muddled as the pain began to subside.

She hoped she'd see Caleb.

She wanted to see him again, more than anything, so she could say she was sorry.

She blinked and closed her eyes.

When she opened them she saw nothing.

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