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Topic Started: Jul 30 2017, 04:25 PM (95 Views)
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In all honesty, that was a little bit much. Alessio was dead. He had never known him - just a chance encounter, here - so seeing him dead came as something of a relief. He couldn't help but appreciate the others, this many days in. He figured that if he had to be killed by anyone, he may as well be killed by someone who's trying. Who was left? Nate, he guessed - his continued survival was surprising. He smiled, imagining Nate winning. Unlikely, but he'd managed to make it this far! Just full of surprises, really.

There was nothing worth taking on Alessio's corpse. He figured there couldn't be that many people left. Less than fifteen. That's a person to corpse ratio of - what - 1 to 7? If he had to die anywhere, he'd die right here.

But he could probably do that later.

((Matt Moradi continued somewhere else.))
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