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Suggestion: increasing the character cap per handler; its a suggestion for staff but anyone can comment on it, be nice and dont pick fights :) or else i will end you :) seriously
Topic Started: Jul 11 2017, 10:50 PM (416 Views)
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So, it was discussed in the discord chat multiple time and I decided to make an actual suggestion thread about it because it sounds to me like a good idea. I want to suggest the character cap from 3 characters per handler to 4 characters per handler because we are fewer handlers and a lot of people are planning to have 5 characters in pregame.

I think it's important to discuss the pro's and the con's. For example, V6 is the smallest version yet and if the tendency continues, V7 can probably the next shortest one because we have fewer handlers than in the past version. However, in V4, there was over 200 kids which was, what I assume from commentaries from staff, were a pain to handle due to the sheer amount of managing it involved.

So yeah.

My question is what is you guys' opinions on the matter: should the number of characters per handler need to increase?

Personally, I think we should because a lot of people are planning to pregame with a lot more character than they can bring to the island which would obviously lead to adoptions (which are nice) but can potentially leave kids behind for meanwhile. So hum, that's all.
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