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Suggestion: increasing the character cap per handler; its a suggestion for staff but anyone can comment on it, be nice and dont pick fights :) or else i will end you :) seriously
Topic Started: Jul 11 2017, 10:50 PM (414 Views)
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maybe if you're lucky the random avatar will sync up to the character you're reading right now
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As one of the people doing more than three characters I personally don't really care for this too much. I feel as if the proper way versions should become bigger than they are now isn't to raise the character cap and allow the same people to add more characters - like you're suggesting - but to bring new people into the community and make it so that there's things for them to do so that they don't get bored and leave within a week. Adopting characters off - like what you're saying I'm going to have to do as opposed to something I want to do - is an ideal way to do that, since it allows people to enter pregame/the version itself without having to make a profile or go through the (recently super lengthy, no offense staff) critique process. If the cap gets raised and I only have to adopt two off, as a scenario, that means that I'm - and the people with more than three - characters are giving people less opportunities to enter the game themselves, which goes against what I was intending to do when I decided 'hey, I wanna do more than three characters.'

I do agree that V6 was small, and that ideally V7 shouldn't be small, but I think there are better ways for that issue to be solved, one that we as handlers can achieve without having to change the system.
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