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Suggestion: increasing the character cap per handler; its a suggestion for staff but anyone can comment on it, be nice and dont pick fights :) or else i will end you :) seriously
Topic Started: Jul 11 2017, 10:50 PM (415 Views)
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I like Toben's suggestion for the reasons he outlines. I also think having four gives handlers more individual security; if you choose to run a fourth, it means that it's less risky to hero, and easier to hold your hero for later. Running fewer characters in theory protects you, but in V5, three of the first four rolls hit 1-character handlers and knocked them out (though admittedly one was already inactive), and in V6 had roughly the same results.

I also agree with Yugi that raising the cap is inferior to getting new people, but I think doing that is a much more complicated and challenging solution. Internet forum RPs are less popular than in the past, and adoption has a lot of limits. If the intent there is to enable more people to play, then you'd need to hand characters who were already in play off to them, so there's still a cap. If you give them characters before the game starts, then they could still play with their own kids if they so chose.

Basically I think we should keep an eye on the potential size of V7, but I definitely think it should be considered if it looks to be much smaller than V6 (say, under 100).
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