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Topic Started: Jul 11 2017, 12:14 PM (318 Views)
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"Hm, to be completely honest with you - I'd try to stay inside for the moment. The wind's calmer now, but I don't like how the skies look"

Fiyori looked over to the wall. She would have pretended there was a window for her to look out. There was one, somewhere, where she could do so but that wasn't the particular spot where Fiyori looked at right then.

She knew how the weather was.

"We're kinda unused to it, but I feel like we might be surprised by rain or thunderstorms."
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"Okay. We can stay inside," Alba said. "There's plenty of places to check. I'll be sure not to run into any rooms either."

Alba stepped away from the wall and over to Brendan's bag. She crouched on the ground and reached in, pulling Brendan's gun out. She had to think about survival. Nearly everyone was gone, and Alba had to make sure she and the decent people left could last as long as they could. Alba put the gun in the back of her pants. She then searched through and found some extra bullets to put in her other sweatshirt pocket.

"So, I guess we should go," she said, moving some extra food and water into one of her other bags. "We've only got so much daylight left."

Alba walked to the doorway, and peered out. No one was out there. There was no Jae to shoot at her right now, but there were no guarantees. She turned back and looked over at Brendan's body on the bed. If she could, she'd return at least one more time before this all ended. That would be a good goal for tomorrow night.

With that, Alba stepped out into the hall.

((Alba Reyes continued elsewhere))
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Fiyori lingered for a few more moments. She watched Alba leave, only to halt for a moment and return her attention to Brendan.

But only for a moment, and then she was gone.

Fiyori chuckled, and set after her. She, too, halted in the frame. But she did not look back.

Tears ran down her cheeks.

[[Fiyori Senay, continued elsewhere]]
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