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Topic Started: Jul 4 2017, 10:54 AM (105 Views)
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Null sheen.
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((Enzo continued from Empyrean))

They fell twice, scrambling after Coleen.

She was fast. How the hell was she so fast? She'd gotten a headstart, but she wasn't an athlete.

Panic slowed them down, made them clumsy, made their ears play tricks on them and messed with usually fleet feet.

The first time was a trip. Just clumsy, just stupid, thinking they saw something out of the edge of their eye, trying to turn too fast and winding up skidding on a muddy patch, wiping out. No injuries, a streak of dirt all the way down their body.

Slowed though. Too slow.

The second time.

Gunshots. Enzo started, tripped over their own feet, crashed painfully to the floor chest first, landed on something hard, right in the ribs.

The pain was superficial. They knew, they knew who that gunfire was.


((Enzo continued elsewhere))
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