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Friendship is Tragic~; Or that time Paige was certain someone has used this title before but they basic
Topic Started: Jul 4 2017, 04:38 AM (1,000 Views)
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Well, starting with the obvious, Keith doesn't like Cleo because... Keith. Though her being handicapped and athletic would make him back down somewhat, seeing as how he has some respect for determination like that. By himself, he'd be gruff and avoid her, with his friends he'd join in with any jeering or stuff, but his heart wouldn't be into it like with other people.

Chloe and Blaise would have one thing in common - Chloe is half-french herself, but Blaise's traits are otherwise the eptiome of what Chloe would consider "nonsense": Extrememly dedicated to appearence? Check. Gambling? (Chloe is a maths wizz and knows how probability works.) Check. Impulsive and having a short attention span? Check. Inconsistent and arbitrary? Check. Unreasonable (through vindictiveness)? Check. Flighty and unwilling to commit to a relationship? Check. Thinks themself too good to communicate clearly? Check. Yeah, Chloe wouldn't like them, though in general she'd not go further than being cold and snippy when in their presence. She'd still help them if asked and feel sorry for them if they get in a pickle, but both with a "cluck" from her tongue of dissproval and an almost audible "I told you so, or would have if you'd bothered to listen".

I'm guessing Blaise woudn't appreciate that condescension.
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