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Friendship is Tragic~; Or that time Paige was certain someone has used this title before but they basic
Topic Started: Jul 4 2017, 04:38 AM (987 Views)
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Nate and Blaise share an interest in the arts, and I can see them at least being casual conversational partners when they share art classes, or possibly at art club. He'd definitely admire the confidence they have to be openly genderfluid in their environment, and he may or may not confide his sexuality in them, though it depends on whether or not Blaise can keep a secret. I feel like Nate might also run in the same general nerd social circle as Hel, but since they're both socially awkward + their interests barely overlap I don't see much beyond occasional friendless.

idk how they'd meet but Isra would sympathize w/ Jeremiah's attitudes towards school, and would def be willing to talk abt it and possibly help him thru thinking abt stuff after high school since she's also trying to sort that out for herself. But I can see Jeremiah being unwilling to do so, and Isra would back off if he wanted her to.

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