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Friendship is Tragic~; Or that time Paige was certain someone has used this title before but they basic
Topic Started: Jul 4 2017, 04:38 AM (991 Views)
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Cleo and Keisha being secret lovers would be AMAZING, but I'd also be up for them just being friends if Keisha interviewed her for the paper or something. PARTAY. Hel and Keisha could be debate partners, bc Keisha just wants to shit on all of the conservative people who do debate.

But, Abaynesh and Cleo memory thread involving them going to watch a live WWE taping. WOOOOO! Great!

But yeah, everything sounds cool to me!

here's my v7 planning thread or whatever



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i am so in love with so many of these things!! if i don't mention something you said it's because i'm in Complete agreement

Ivy: nothing to say here I just wanted to mention I giggled at the thought of Hel cursing her non-existent soul

Dante: Dante doesn't really do hooking up because he's a Romantic™ (okay more because he's probably on the ace spectrum somewhere) but he'd totally take Blaise out somewhere. The real question is what the living hell they would talk about because there's like zero mutual points of interest there. xD So maybe that wouldn't happen after all. Or maybe it would and it would just be the Most awkward. (on Blaise's side, anyway. Dante's not smart enough for shame. :D)

And also I keep forgetting I put him on the track team?? Him and Damion would absolutely be bros. Just guys being dudes.

Axel: I am so looking forward to how this plays out in pregame. (also Cleo isn't Axel's type but the boy is a glutton for attention and flirts back when flirted with pretty much with no exception So)

Ian: Yesss. It'll be hard for Ian because he is very bad at sticking up for himself but he'll want to try his darndest to protect his friend from the Wrath of the Football Guys. He'll do his best.

Nia: TOTALLY DOWN FOR THAT MEMORY THREAD, Nia loves teaching people stuff just as much as she loves learning things, so she'd totally be down. If he's willing to learn ASL he'll be one of Nia's closest friends pretty much immediately, honestly.
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v7 kids

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Paige/EP/Plush, they/them pronouns pls thanks :3
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Cleo has been adopted off to the fabulous Somersault and Zyzzx has taken her place, come be their friend pls :3
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Blaise: Asante would appreciate their "extra" sense of fashion and would probably talk to them about it, but personality wise he would be pretty turned off by their vindictive streak, even if it was against people they mutually disliked. Similarly, while Yuri would feel much the same, she'd never turn down a game of chance, especially if Blaise is the type to throw some serious dosh around.

Blu-J: I think these two would get along pretty smoothly. Asante wouldn't mind his verbal problems at all, and would even be willing to pick up minor pieces of ASL that they could use during basketball games and passing in the halls.

If you see anything else that might be cool, let me know~
V7 relationship thread! Say hi to my kids!
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Osiris Wesley could be friends with Babs based on a similar love of languages (He speaks , and Osiris is very much the supportive friend type so he could aid her in coming out. He speaks English, Arabic, French, German, Italian and ASL so they have a shared interest that way.
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