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I'll draw your character when I'm bored; for free
Topic Started: Jul 2 2017, 09:23 AM (7,595 Views)
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Your pictures are rock, btw. I'll ask for Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn Greene
At 5'10" and 168 pounds, Kaitlyn Robin Greene is a noticeably tall and sturdy-looking girl, but her body is top-heavy, tapering somewhat as you move down. She has broad shoulders and a thick chest, but her hips are narrow enough to prevent her body from having a boxy shape overall. Her arms and legs are similar. She's developed pronounced thigh muscles from roller derby, but always had skinny calves, and while her hands and size 9 feet would never be considered dainty, they are smaller than average for her height. Kaitlyn is fair-skinned owing to her Scottish-German heritage, and while she's not outright pale, she's more likely to burn than tan in the Arizona sun, and so uses sunscreen liberally.

Kaitlyn's hair is straight, thick, and plain, a light brown shade without natural highlights. It falls a couple inches past her shoulders, and is either tied in a ponytail or parted on the right and pushed behind her ears. She'll occasionally spray it and try pushing it back or coming up with more complicated styles, but usually finds that too much work.

Kaitlyn would not be considered conventionally attractive. She has an oval-shaped face that's prone to flushing and redness, with a high forehead, a fairly significant jawline, and a notably flat, rectangular nose that has at least avoided being broken. Her eyes are large and a bright bluish-green that she'd consider her best feature. She'll use some foundation to keep her cheeks from flushing too much, but otherwise eschews most makeup, and wears a simple pair of stud earrings.

Kaitlyn dresses plainly and doesn't spend much on clothes, jewelry, or accessories. She wears a thin silver chain around her neck, and dresses mostly in T-shirts, sleeveless tops, or casual blouses with shorts, chinos or jeans. She abhors heels that make her taller than she is already and wears sandals or flat runners like Keds and Vans depending on the weather. Her sense of color is similarly muted, and she sticks to faded shades of blue, green and grey for the most part when deciding what to wear. On the day of the field trip she wore a faded blue polo shirt with khaki shorts and her dark grey Vans.

G058: Kaitlyn Greene aka Katy Buried - Horse Tranquilizer and Syringe
She Knew She'd Found Freedom - Questions - Fools - Barons - Opportunities - Sideshows - Dawns - Gulches

G038: Deanna Hull - Replica Freddy Glove - DECEASED
From Sea to Sky -Smoke--Sun--Tiki--Nine--Repeat--Talk--Now--Drift--Hunger--Valley--Fall--Rust--Paper--Heart--Sky-
B023: Jesse Jennings - Riz Action Figure - DECEASED
From Vision to Glory -Vision--Summon--Time--Plan--Length--Sleep--Cause-

B006: Ricky Fortino - Trowel - DECEASED
B022: Imraan Al-Hariq - Remington 870 - DECEASED
G036: Carly Jean Dooley - VASE D: - DECEASED
G077: Andrea Raymer - Gunpowder - ?????
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