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V6 Ninth Announcement; Written by backslash and Deamon
Topic Started: Jul 1 2017, 02:59 PM (689 Views)
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Friday, May 15, 2015: Undisclosed Location

“Got any threes?”

Christina shook her head, frowning. “Go fish.”

Shamino eyed her hand like he doubted the truth of her words, but he drew a card without voicing a complaint. Christina didn’t say anything on the matter; she liked to pretend that her coworkers were at least mature enough to not question the integrity of others, such as it was, over card games. “Pretend” was the operative word. She had seen a lot in her time with the Arthro Taskforce.

“Got any tens?” Shamino shook his head. Christina sighed and drew a card of her own, though to her surprise and pleasure it turned out to be a match. She laid her pair down with a smug grin, to Shamino’s annoyance.

It was hard to stay alert and engaged on round-the-clock duty, and as the version began to crawl towards a close, those things were more important than ever. It took some creativity (or a lot of Red Bull, if you were Lourvey) to keep from dozing off or even just zoning out and staring into space, and sometimes creativity meant children’s card games.

“Got a good pick for the pool?” Shamino asked.

It took Christina a moment to realize that he wasn’t asking about cards. “Oh, yeah.” The betting pool had started up again since passing the halfway mark. Christina hadn’t had much luck the previous two versions, but she was feeling good about this time around.

“Girl 33. Moore.”

Shamino looked a bit surprised. “Taking a risk this time, huh?”

“Sometimes it’s good to take risks. She's got the right attitude, anyway.” Betting on those who seemed like contenders on paper hadn’t served Christina as well previously, and the pattern seemed to be holding for those who had done the same this time around. Lourvey hadn’t stopped sulking since the Yazzie boy bit the bullet the previous day, and his ill humor was doubled by the fact that the death had been missed in the previous announcement, giving him false hope.

“What about you?” She asked.

He snorted. “Had money on the Harte kid. Guess how that went.”

Christina couldn’t help but chuckle a little. Better for her own chances in the long run. “Can’t win ‘em all. Speaking of which, ask for a card.”

“Got any fives?”

“Go fish.”

“Oh come on!”

Friday, May 15, 2015: Undisclosed Location

Tracen sat down and read over his notes. It had been a busy and interesting day. There has been a clerical error of some kind which had meant that a few deaths from the previous day had been missed and on top of that a few of the students had seen to removing themselves from the game either purposefully or accidentally. Regardless of how it had happened the deaths had certainly given the proceedings the kick they needed and combined with the plan they had concocted to ensure conflict in the coming days everything was looking primed for some explosive happenings down the final stretch. He couldn't keep a small grin from making its way across his face as he thought about it.

He pressed the button and began his speech for the day.

"Good morning all of you that are still alive and welcome to day ten of your adventure here! For those of you counting that's nearly two weeks! I have to say you were very busy yesterday in many interesting ways. It's always good to see such innovation and commitment to our little game and for that we thank you. But with that said we still need to go through all the events of the day so strap yourselves in!"

"We start the day off with a bit of housekeeping as it appears we missed a few deaths yesterday. Don't worry, we don't blame you. Sometimes mistakes are made and we sincerely promise you something like this will never happen again."

"With that said Maxim Kehlenbrink met his end after he tried to shoot Alessio Rigano with a fake gun. It ended well for him and by well I mean he's dead."

"Hazel Jung was stabbed by Dorothy Shelley and ran away to avoid first aid, which is an interesting way of dealing with a life-threatening wound if I'm being honest with you."

"Next up we have a double kill as Kimiko Kao made her return to our airwaves as she shot Tyler Yazzie and shortly after that Jasmine Reed bled out from a gunshot inflicted by Kimiko earlier in the day. A good days work for Miss Kao there."

"Another one of our multi-killers makes his grand return as Brendan Harte was shot with a crossbow bolt by Min-jae Parker while his back was turned. We don't care about honor here so bravo for taking the opportunity presented to you Min-Jae."

"In a bit of a slower double kill Penelope Fitzgerald was left to slowly bleed out from wounds inflicted by Dorothy Shelley, and by slowly I mean slowly. I think some of the guys started taking bets on just how long it would take."

"This next pair of kills are two we quite enjoy here. First off Scout Pfeiffer shot Bart Cappotelli as he died though Bart's body fell over a railing and landed on her crushing her to death."

Tracen pretended to stifle a snorting laugh before moving on.

"We have a string of interesting deaths for you now starting with Raina Rose who decided to take an ocean walk forgetting she wasn't a fish, crab or skeleton pirate. Following this Johnny McKay like a good dog waited for his masters return on the edge of the water, unfortunately he forgot that human bodies need to stay warm to survive and died from hypothermia."

"Melanie Beckett was next to die after she decided to test out our Danger Zone system. Don't worry everyone, it still works."

Tracen read over the next death on his list and let out a genuine laugh.

"And then there's Dorothy Shelley who after all her great work today died by choking on a piece of bread. Truly an apt metaphor for the rise and fall of people in America. I like the rest of you can't wait for some edgy university student to write an essay about her."

"We end off our bloodletting today in the right way...with a real knockdown, drag-out brawl of a fight. As Coleen Reagan was shot by Alessio Rigano and responded by stabbing him to death with the help of Jonathan Gulley. There's more to it than that but you have to see it to believe it. Well, the one of you that gets out of here should definitely track a clip down."

"Finally your danger zones for today are: The Supply Depot, the Staff Social Areas and the Staff Housing Block. These are all permanent as well so if you want a souvenir you better grab it while you can."

"Congratulations are in order of course for our Best Kill Award winner, one Min-jae Parker, for his crossbowmanship and flair for the dramatic by fading away like a ghost. You can collect your prize from the Bar, have a drink on us as well. You deserve it."

Tracen chuckled into the microphone before continuing into his closing lines.

"I'm afraid that's all I have time for today children and it's a shame that our time is coming to an end. I am becoming ever so fond of you all and how you've decided to play this little game of ours. It warms my heart. I'll speak to you again next time!"


Weather: The sky is remains overcast as the clouds darken. The temperature meanwhile has steadily risen back to 50 degrees f, 10 degrees C and the wind has died down. The moon remains in the waning crescent stage.

Here are your rolls for this cycle:

1. Serena Waters (Seth Crimson)
2. Caedyn Miller (Empress Plush)
3. Jordan Green (Randomness)
4. Keith Bauer (bacon)
5. Clarice Halwood (Violent-Medic)

Here is the timer for cards:

Posted Image

And the one for deaths:

Posted Image

Finally, congratulations to MK Kilmarnock for the death of Coleen Reagan, which won this month's BDA. The quote nomination thread will follow shortly.

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