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in all the posting of relationship threads no-one will notice that i'm gay; subforum going so fast nobody will see that i changed this subtitle
Topic Started: Jun 29 2017, 07:46 PM (1,287 Views)
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In all my pregame planning posts, I have stared from time to time at your wall of characters, and I have wondered to myself, "How am I going to tackle this?" For a while, this has meant "I won't," but now, I feel the time has come...

The time has come!

The social justice aspect of Jonathan is probably more than enough to turn Max off, if it means what he likely thinks it means. In addition, he likely recalls Jonathan's more reclusive and bitter self in decent enough clarity to feel like he knows what Jonathan's true character is like. Jerks staying off of other jerks turf, possibly. Violet probably attempted to be nice to him at some point, and it probably depends on how that was received how she feels about him. Lucas probably stays away from this guy.

Violet and Roxanne are both musicians, and I feel like they'd know each other from the music department if nothing else. Lucas is a photographer as well, so it's possible that if a chance encounter was in their favor they'd bond over their photography and art. Would Roxanne be on debate team, or by argumentative do you mean confrontational? If the latter, then Max doesn't get along with her at all. He probably sees her efforts to stir things up as destructive and contrary to the spirit of dialectic. If the former, however, his opinion might be a little more favorable, though likely not by much.

Ashley is most likely on the baseball team with Max! I feel like this would be camaraderie enough for the two to be on decent terms, though Max is likely to, on some level, resent their fortune coming from pure chance rather than from hard work. Lucas stays away from him, and Violet has neutral opinions on him, offering the same level of kindness as she does to everyone else.

I can see Lucas and Spencer being good friends, though! Still not best friend level, as you've mentioned that Spencer doesn't quite have anyone he can consider that close, but at the very least Lucas is supportive of who Spencer is and probably joins him in pursuits of writing and some level of activism. Violet is kind to him as well, and probably regards him as relatively harmless. For Max, the political acitivism and homosexuality, however, along with his tendency to be alone, probably has him pegged down as an archetypal "Beta Male" leading to Max straying far away from him.

Max is a decently attractive person, but if Teresa tried to put the moves on him, he'd more than likely decline in a somewhat scathing way. I see opportunity for a memory of some kind here, so I won't say too much, but this encounter if it happened probably would leave a bad taste in Max's mouth. It's probably off putting to Lucas as well, on a level of him not being able to live up to that standard or do anything with it. I'm guessing Teresa doesn't listen to the same kind of music as Violet, but video games might be something they bond over, though tenuously, as the aforementioned social butterfly nature probably would make Violet feel, on some level contrary to her usual self, like she was being used.

I'll PM you about Yuko at some point in the near future.
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