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in all the posting of relationship threads no-one will notice that i'm gay; subforum going so fast nobody will see that i changed this subtitle
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keep running yoshi
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you told me to :/

Jonathan - I could see him and Joanne starting out on a bad footing due to his jerk-ish and stand-offish behavior in previous years of their shared high school life. He pushes her friendliness away, she gets grumpy at him for being cold and they're icy for the long haul. But come his Senior year turnabout she might be more amiable to him and soften up a bit, especially if she sees him around at the various activist causes she frequents around the school she'd chat him up and welcome the new leaf turned over. She'd unhesitatingly verbally point out when he's slipping into old habits too, maybe he finds that helpful? Ji-hyun means Gyu-ri, and Gyu-ri actually wouldn't mind his lapses of less socially amiable behavior since she's also essentially a pariah herself. They're in the choir together and they could hang out there, otherwise she occasionally is also around whenever he's doing anything with Ji-hyun.

Roxanne - Charelle might sniff out that Roxanne's using her name change to make a specific point, though she wouldn't really know nor care about the details of course. I assume Roxanne being the type of musician she is wouldn't respect the ZOOTOPIA sound so much and would hold Charelle in derision for her sound and her lack-of-effort style. Gyu-ri respects Roxanne's efforts and demeanor but not her voice (since they share a choir class). She actually wouldn't have too much of a reason to get annoyed with Roxanne. I could see the occasional 'you flubbed a note' critique in choir not going over well, though.

Ashley - As a party dude he'd probably know both Joanne and Charelle. Joanne's probably cool in his books, a bit loud and flamboyant but nothing harmful, and she usually brings her own booze and +1s so it's always more of a party whenever she shows with the Titty Brigade, so on. Charelle has probably made a pass at him but I doubt it got much farther than a date or two. Besides that she brings the party music and she's chill and easy to talk to so I imagine he's good with the sight of her, after the fact of their brief fling.

Spencer - Joanne and Spencer would probably get along. I dunno how active in his political views you intend for him to be so that might affect the degree to which they speak and interact, but at the very least they can get along well when they speak in the halls. Charelle might have him friend-ed to Snap to him about reality TV and anime (and he'd probably be way more knowledgeable than her and have to constantly keep her up to speed on stuff she forgets to pay attention to), and she might get the sense he's insecure about his sexuality or something but not be sure how to handle it cause that's too real?

Teresa - Second ho squad girl checking in (Joanne). I assume the opinion on Tanisha would essentially translate to a fellow Ariana Grande and dance loving gal! Charelle also works out pretty well here. I think they could make good casual friends on the grounds of also being video game players and TV fans in their free time, I could see them hanging outside of classes in Teresa's house or something when their schedules align, neither of them particularly stressed about deadlines and playing shooters. Charelle would also be a source of consoles to mooch off of, so ye.

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