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MK's kids need friends/enemies; Oh shit son there are now three of them!
Topic Started: Jun 29 2017, 06:18 PM (925 Views)
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So, I think Henry is going to be in an odd position in relation to Wyatt. While he's a terminal dilettante and shows up at pretty much every remotely-nerdy club once in awhile, or at least hangs with those outfits constantly to feel more involved, his interactions there are pretty short-lived and superficial. It might not be enough to draw the focus of the big man's ire. (Depends on how you have this bullying going down.)

On the other hand, he might be able to hit something off with Justin, but it would be rocky because of Henry's propensity toward jealousy and general insecurity.

Cleopatra might make weaksauce token efforts to stand up to Stereotypical Football Bully if she catches him in the act and would probably get along usually with Justin (Usually for Cleo equals flat-out great for most others. But quite a few folks find her kind of a mildly irritating brownnoser as well, so probably is the operative word here...)
2015: V6 Incident
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