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MK's kids need friends/enemies; Oh shit son there are now three of them!
Topic Started: Jun 29 2017, 06:18 PM (927 Views)
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Cleo probably thinks Wyatt's kind of an ass and needs to calm down with the bullying, but also probably respects him as an athlete and has enough of her own milder verbal bullying baggage that I doubt it escalates farther than rolling her eyes at his antics, so they could get along. On the other hand she would think Justin is fucking adorable and probably Boyfriend Material, so she likely flirts with him a lot unless they were/are a thing at some point or he were to tell her in pretty blunt terms he's not interested. I'd be down for plotting out a relationship if you're looking for someone for him, though.

Y'know despite the fact that they probably mutually dislike each other, I don't feel like there'd be much open conflict between Blaise and Wyatt? They run in different circles and Blaise considers school and nerdy shit beneath them, so while they're not exactly sending each other warm Christmas cards it's probably more of a social coldness than outright hostility. They wouldn't really take notice of Justin either, they'd be of the opinion that he's a good artist but anyone with a fall back isn't serious and thus not worth keeping tabs on.

Oh gods Hel has definitely caught some bullying from Wyatt. Prominent member of the debate team, huuuuge fukn nerd to the point of streaming and probably being heavily involved with the anime club, real witchy chick with some interesting thoughts on philosophy...pretty much the only thing that *might* save her is that unless she's around friends, on stream, or in a round she's pretty quiet and loathes attention. Probably likes Justin and is friendly with him. How's he get along with other musicians? She's a bassist in a totally different genre(gotta check with Z but I'm pretty sure we're still doing a punk band) but they could be jam buddies if he's down.

Jeremiah could get Wyatt's eye because...well, dude's blue. From the understanding I'm getting though Wyatt's bullying is pretty targeted rather than arbitrary towards anyone different, and fuck, man, Jeremiah doesn't even know what he's interested in and he's a pretty boring target since he tends to ghost at school. I dunno if this would be a factor for or against Wyatt leaving him alone, but his shitty family circumstances and tendency of getting passed from home to home is probably pretty well known, so totally up to you which way that falls. I think he likes to listen to Justin sing but tends to stay in the background and is afraid to approach him.
Damian and Wyatt are gonna fight. He doesn't like other bullies and especially tends to get in the face of other athletes. If things were to get physical Wyatt would absolutely kick his ass, but consequences are not his strong suit XD I don't think there'd be much between him and Justin.

Babs has a lot of textbook(hur hur) interests to set Wyatt off, but she's very very quiet and tends to let her sisters have the social spotlight. I feel like there would be little if any animosity between them just by virtue of him not knowing she exists in the first place. She'd really, really like Justin though, Babs is super auditory and would find his singing relaxing. I think they could be friends and maybe even mutual tutors? She's really good at non-visual learning styles and could help him explore that as an avenue around his dyslexia, and he could help her with her musical aspirations that are just utterly hopeless on her own.
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