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Relationship shit, fiends, enemies, totem spirits etc.; Since no one else is doing it
Topic Started: Jun 29 2017, 05:27 PM (888 Views)
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Abaynesh is a rlly big wrestling fan, so I could totally see her bonding with Aliya and supporting her on her ~journey~, although she isn't a party person. Also, she only really watches WWE, and not much of the indies. Her family does own like the only East African restaurant in town, altho it's more of a family business.

Keisha loves to PARTAY, so I could def see her seeing Aliya around, and maybe Forrest. She's also fairly religious, so maybe she knows Bret???

Kelly would probably like to talk with Forrest about animals.

here's my v7 planning thread or whatever



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What is up my dude, how did I miss these wonderful kids this long?

Here's ideas;
Aliya! She does wrestling! Heather does too, but she thinks pro wrestling is dumb, assuming you mean "WWE and the like" when you say "pro wrestling", as she's more on the visually unimpressive grappling end of the spectrum with no real love for kayfabe. She's also a bit abrasive as a result of poor anger management, she's working on improving but if they've known each other particularly long then there could be bad blood from back when.

Forrest! Not much to say for real life, but her online music persona may have encountered Heather's one, very different styles by the looks of things but remixes and mashups are well within Heather's realm so there's a good chance?

And Bret! Football! Akiem plays defensive tackle and is super tolerant of the boys who will be boys, he's very much a peacemaker who avoids social conflict like nobody's business. Like with other mean jock types, I don't see him being BFFs with Akiem but you gotta have love for your teammates.
V7 Ideas

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Kids and stuff incoming:

Aliya- I'm gonna go ahead and guess Ivy doesn't like her for one reason or another, and the feeling's probably mutual. Axel might've run into her at parties, doubt they really know each other. And Dante has absolutely flirted with her at one point or another because that's what he does, up to you how that went.

Forrest- Same thing re: Dante, because Dante. Axel definitely knows her and has probably hit on her too at some point since she's totally his type, maybe they had a thing that fell apart? He wouldn't really be bitter or anything about it though, he's not any better at holding relationships together. Ivy probably just ignores her, though she's aware of her since party circles.

Bret- Ian's on the football team too, so they're probably bros. Ivy actually probably likes him quite a bit. Whether they actually have a relationship or they're just kinda in the same social strata is up to you.
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Billy Trevino is a fan of video games and drug-filled parties, so he would get along with Forrest very well.

He would also not like Bret at all.
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hello how are things I once was a bump man

Aliya and Cammy can be relaxed and happy-go-lucky together; Cammy's down to chill with anyone who's down to chill with her. As fellow contact sport people, Sachi and Aliya would probably be friends.

Forrest and Catherine would probably be gamer friends; despite her outwardly aloof personality, Catherine would want to reach out to others who share her interests, and she would super respect Forrest for being able to speedrun games (this would also be how Catherine is in the gamer Discord which is absolutely backwards but you know).
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Osiris Wesley would be glad for another Muslim in the year, and despite being fairly quiet, Altan is an active member of Wrestling Club, although he specializes in Bokh (Mongolian Wrestling) rather than the American style.
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Aliya and Danny C. both work at The Blue House, and I think with their personalities they'd get on like a house on fire. I also enjoy the conflict of her wanting to follow her dream and suffering for it, whilst Danny is reluctant to follow his but is coasting by as a result.
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