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Summertree; What day is it? She's tired.
Topic Started: Jun 25 2017, 10:49 AM (267 Views)
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Null sheen.
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((Enzo continued from Run))

Too slow. They were too slow.

The second Coleen managed to give Enzo the slip, that was what they were dreading. Maybe it had caught them off guard, maybe it was that they'd tripped. Maybe it was that when gunshots split the air, they panicked further, got turned around, couldn't properly identify which direction they were coming from.

Maybe it was any number of those things.

By the time it all finished choking them up, slowing them down, and drowning them with worry, they'd fallen far, far behind.

And when they moved on again, from one dead body then another, then another, knowing that it didn't damn well matter how fast they were now, that dread swallowed them whole.

Enzo burst through the chapel's doors, slick with sweat, gasping for air. They'd long since given up calling Coleen's name, saving their strength and breath for running as fast as they could.

And they knew it was her the second they laid eyes upon her body.

Enzo collapsed.

"Fucking—damn it! God—"

They punched the floor.


Another punch.


They howled it out, a rending screech from the pit of the stomach and the depths of pain.

Every time. Every fucking time.

They found Cameron, they let her die.

They found Vanessa. They let her leave. She died.

They found Coleen. They let her out of sight. She died.

Every fucking person they'd set out to watch over, every person they'd promised BB and Brady they'd keep safe, Enzo had let die.

What good were they? Everything Enzo touched got killed. And here they still were, doing what, exactly? Keeping on keeping on? Hoping that somehow it would all be turned around at the eleventh hour?

The cavalry wasn't coming. The cavalry had never been coming.

Enzo fell back onto their butt, head ringing, chest pounding fit to burst. They couldn't feel their hand, and were dimly aware of the blood streaming from smashed knuckles.

They couldn't bring themselves to cry. They definitely couldn't bring themselves to look at Coleen.

What good were they?

It was a long, long time before Enzo moved again.

((Enzo continued elsewhere))
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