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Mass Effect Mafia Fallout Thread
Topic Started: Jun 22 2017, 06:39 PM (1,374 Views)
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I have a lot of sleep-addled and barely coherent thoughts to say about how this game went down, mostly to do with how the game was played rather than the actual setup (although every scum safeclaim being a Townie was kind of a big giveaway but that's a minor thing so I digress).

Look, I get being excited to play Mafia and nail scum, I really do. But there's enthusiastic and then there's STRANGLING THE GAME TO DEATH WITH YOUR HUNDREDS OF POSTS. This isn't just a personal bugbear, I feel it's something that's actively harming the games. I touched on this briefly back in Day 2 but if your first day has several thousand posts, it effectively ices out half the lurkers from the discussion because they have no time to read and catch up (as was what happened to me even though I was scum and not really reading anyway, but my point still remains) and hands complete control of the game to a small handful of people, which in a game of 20+ people is a very bad move. What happens when they're all town and Mafia kills them all? Not only do the town become reliant on them to provide discussion and move the game along when it really should be /everybody/, the lurkers aren't given room to breathe in the first 2-3 days because every time someone chimes in with a post they're immediately read because they have only 10% of the posts that you do. This is an actively discouraging move to make in a game where it's really easy to get knocked off for misdemeanors. I know in the current meta it's essential to analyze everything and provide reads on command for every single post but it needs to happen in a way that doesn't lend itself to the game being spearheaded by a select few people. Because once those people are gone, poof, the game is dead, as is what happened in this game.

Town was extremely lucky that the ones posting the several hundred posts were actually town, but what if scum was among them? What if after zetsu died they then took control of the game? Or better yet, what about what actually happened this game and the last remaining person who posted several hundred times on the first day dies and the game falls into a coma? It's not just a town safety thing, it's a game health thing. What would have happened if frogue didn't take the reigns on the final day? I probably could have slipped a few days further in even though I'm being actively scummy.

I'm not saying don't post at all or don't provide reads. I'm just saying learn brevity or learn to get all your points across in one post, and then let other people contribute to the discussion rather than having it amongst the 2-3 people who are online all the time. Mafia is a democracy, not an oligarchy.

[/tired rant]

That being said, everything else I thought was pretty good! Apart from the safeclaim mishap I thought the flavour was pretty good and it was pretty well-balanced considering the size of the game and the mafia itself.
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