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Waiting for the End; Es ist ein Garten des Blutes
Topic Started: Jun 4 2017, 10:37 AM (1,599 Views)
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They left. He was alone. He was in pain. It was night, but the fire in his hair made him feel warmer, in a not-so-good way.

The Prospector was lying with his cheek on the sand, looking at the ground, touching his wound, as if that would stop it.


I need somebody's...


Not just anybody's...

Someone will save him...hopefully. Someone always did. He couldn't die. He never died. Someone will heal him. Help.

He had not chosen to be abducted. He had not chosen his family. He had not chosen his friends. He had not chosen them to die. He had not chosen shit.

Going to the trip was the worst mistake. It would have not fixed his loneliness. Let's be honest, if they had not been abducted, all of the other people would have joked and have fun. And Al? Al would have just played with his rubik's cube. Then he would come back at home and just be unsatisfied.

I am too young. I just lived 17 years...

Alessio's heart beat harder. Alessio tried to recall his first memories of his life. He was four years old.

Toys. Some toys, he could recall toys. A floor.

As he watched the sand, he recalled his parents and him walking on the beach. He will never do that again. He will never see the beach of Italy again. He will never swim.

God, what was he doing. Why did he recall that? That did not help. It made more tears flood out of his eyes. He recalled his first moments, and he is going to experience his last moments.

It's over.

He could feel the pain and numbness in his body. In some minutes he won't. He won't be able to touch anything. He won't feel anything, won't see anything.

He will not. Remember. Anything.

All of Al's life's knowledge, experience will be gone. That freaked Alessio out. But everyone else is dead, too. Everyone in his class was dead.

A generation dies.

Every night on the island he worried about this. The whole day he wished it could be stopped. But it was inevitable.

But perhaps Penelope, Raina, Johnny and Lili could stop it. Who knows? Hopefully. Save people, stop death.

Alessio was scared. Man the fuck up. Man the fuck up. Don't be selfish, you're not the only one.


It did not help that he was not the only one who had to be scared about this. He was not the first one to worry about it, he won't be the last. Vanessa and Michael, his friends, his enemies. They all experienced the same thing Al does now. And everybody else in the world, too.

But that does not make Alessio feel better. Not at all.






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