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Staff Responsibility/Accountability
Topic Started: May 30 2017, 02:31 PM (3,193 Views)
Grim Wolf
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I'm not sure I'm qualified to weigh in on this discussion in the slightest, but nevertheless, here I am.

(pretty sure that's what they're going to write on my epitaph)

This is in way a full view of my thoughts, just what I had time to write before I had to go

This is actually one of those things where I don't think it matters whether or not the letter of the law has been violated or upheld. I'm obviously unaware of the full situation--has Ciel filed another appeal that has not been granted? Is there an appeal currently under debate, and we're just debating a point of policy?--and clearly Ciel had received previous warnings about their activity. I completely understand that staff may feel obligated to enforce their disciplinary measures here or risk seeming toothless in the face of other kinds of disruptive behavior, be it inactivity or inappropriate comments or any number of potential problems.

But the fact is that none of us would even be aware of the problems at play here if there wasn't someone bringing them to our attention who was aware of the internal rules and policies that govern staff behavior, having written them, and that's a very precarious position to put non-staffers in. We have to have trust in staff, just like Murder says. It's great that Murder is here to point out the issue with this particular circumstance and explain and elaborate, but really, even without his presence pointing out all the little issues, this would still be a frustrating move on staff's part. Within their rights? Possibly, since they make the rules. Within the spirit of fair play and building a solid community of handlers all playing by the same rules and working together to tell stories? I don't think so.

Ultimately, the rules of the site are designed to produce the most positive and effective play of the central game as possible. Now, I confess that I've always been of the opinion that rules should be bent and broken as needed to deal with unusual circumstances. I'd rather err on the side of leniency than stringency across the board (little pun for you guys there). Now, obviously if you erred on the side of leniency here, it would only be fair for Ciel to be warned that there would be no additional leniency--that any activity warnings, even ones sent in mid-post, would be full and binding and subject only to the most rigorous of appeals. But it's my opinion that, even without the points of procedure and fairness Murder brings up, cutting Ciel a little slack here is the only action that makes SOTF a better community. The rules should always serve the site, not the other way around.
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