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Roll Credits; Oneshot
Topic Started: May 21 2017, 07:44 PM (188 Views)
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((Audrey Reyes continued from And Now That I Am Here, I Am No Longer Here))

Audrey woke up alone. It wasn't too much of a surprise, she supposed. She had reflected on how she and Asuka weren't quite on the same page no matter how they tried to "get" each other. Maybe she spoke of Alvaro too much for Asuka's taste. Whatever. Just another thing to compartmentalize.

Audrey went back to sleep alone, until she woke again to the sound of a voice belonging to someone who wasn't really in the room with her. She didn't care much about what he had to say; all her anger and grief were stored neatly where they belonged in her brain, and frankly, she wasn't sure who she had left to lose. Asuka hadn't died since leaving her, and she guessed that was good. That other girl who had killed Alvaro hadn't died either, and she guessed that might have been good too. The hole in her heart was too big already for her to keep tearing it open dwelling on these things.

Audrey didn't think she had given up; she just didn't feel motivated. She didn't want to go outside, or see any other people anymore. She didn't want to fight.

She wanted to go back to sleep, and she nearly managed it, letting the voice on the speakers fade into background noise and then stop completely. Only, just a second after it stopped and she began to think that she might get to rest some more, her collar emitted a high-pitched beep. Audrey froze.

And then it beeped again and kept going, faster and faster, and she leapt up out of the chair, and what a way to realize that you still had it in you to not just give up and die. Compartmentalize this, why don't you.

Her foot snagged on one of the chair's restraints, tripping her and sending her face-first into the dirty water pooling on the floor. She came up gasping and didn't bother grabbing her bag as she scrambled back to her feet and stumbled towards the door. It was heavy, and Audrey had to throw all her weight against it just to get it to creak open, but she just managed to squeeze through.

She made it a few steps closer to freedom before her collar went off.

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